Stop it, you’re making them blush!

In reaction to last week’s rout of Auburn, Chris Low moves Aaron Murray into the second spot for SEC Offensive Player of the Year and calls Jarvis Jones “the SEC’s pre-eminent big-play defender”.


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27 responses to “Stop it, you’re making them blush!

  1. Go Dawgs!

    Jarvis Jones is my favorite Bulldog, bar none.

  2. Russ

    If we win out going into the SECCG, the rush to jump on our bandwagon will be overwhelming. Not that I disagree.

    BTW, Jarvis Jones is a man.

  3. Comin' Down The Track

    It’s just difficult to fathom that there are still some among us who are not happy that we a re on a winning streak. So much, do they wish to cling to the “Fire Mark Richt!!!!11!!” meme that they have forgotten the team for which they (once) cheer(ed).

    • W Cobb Dawg

      What’s getting old is the daily mocking meme about fellow Dawg fans, and insinuating they aren’t happy with results. Frankly, I give CMR’s critics a lot of credit for our current situation. They had valid concerns, and when they spoke up it pushed CMR (& staff) to work harder and smarter. He’s improved recruiting and made tough choices – like replacing Willie, Jancek, Fabris & Van Halanger – those a just a couple examples. I appreciate fans who demand accountability and high standards.

      • ScoutDawg

        I blame BOBO.

      • Zero Point Zero

        End the madness. Lean back and enjoy the ride. I only want to see crazy shit from Dawg Vent the rest of the year. The rest of you need to chill.

        • Comin' Down The Track

          That’s exactly what I told a fellow the other day who still refuses to acknowledge that this team is reversing its recent course. His new blame game is the schedule. I was preparing to admit to being wrong after the Sakerlina game, as I am sure that a lot of us were; however sadly, but thankfully, something changed for the better.
          Now I don’t expect to hear a lot of mea culpas, but I also don’t expect to hear any rationalizations for a freaking winning streak.

      • Macallanlover

        I am not going to mock those who want to join in by fully supporting the Dawgs’ program, so to that extent I am in agreement that gloating and continually bearting people for past actions is the wrong tact too take. But there is NO way people who constantly berated our coaches/players at a time they needed support should be praised. I feel those fans made the turn around more difficult, emabarrassed the program by making us a laughing stock among better fanbases, and fanned the flames of media sharks looking for storylines. Please don’t think you are responsible for anything positive during this. Welcome back, but let’s give credit to those who continued to band together until all the pieces were back in place. And for those who still committed to us despite the mean-spirited attacks where “fans/realists” even stated they couldn’t understand why anyone would send their sons to play for such lousy coaches.

        I am all for not looking back, and am thankful we seem to be coming out of the downturn of the past 2 years. That was a tough attack to survive because it was thrown in everyone’s face daily….multiple times. All programs have ups and downs, even those doing the most crowing right now. Things look upbeat for us the next 2-3 years with the talent and coaches we have on board, but we will hit bumps again. All programs (OU, USC, Bama, TN, Notre Dame, Michigan,Texas, etc.) hit these type of slides as CFB is cyclical. I cannot think of a single exception.

        I suggest everyone keep a sense of perspective and look beyond the immediate. We should trust a man who has represented our program extremely well, is about to win, or tie, for the East title for the 5th time in 11 years of coaching. This includes the initial year, and took place in the most successful period of SEC football in history. He has twice as many SEC titles as Bama during that period, a winning record against every rival except UF, and is undefeated against Les Miles (in my book) since the refs absolutley stole that game from us. He deserves better fan support than he got, so don’t come back and act arrogant and uppity. You were a part of a bad group of fans who should take your place beside us, and behind the staff/team quietly. There is a way to express concern about the program is a constructive, not destructive, manner. You weren’t one of the worst, but you did your share of piling on. Just because someone won or lost the Civil War didn’t mean there wasn’t a time for coming together; same with this. It will go down easier if both sides look forward, not backward.

      • Cojones

        There was an article yesterday that took the point question of fan criticism to task. The author reflected my views as to the giant egos that think by complaining and hounding , coaches listen to them such that when change happens, the fans beat their chest as if they brought it about. Nothing could be further from the truth. Change is brought by those in charge and certainly in Richt’s case, not by yammering wildly about fake “stats” conjured up only in the fan’s mind. The fans become so obsessed in their zeal that when change is made by the coach they actually feel as if coaches read their horse manure and respond because of the hooey. In their minds . these fans can’t even give the coach credit for running his program.

        The author went on to say that this becomes a defensive mechanism for these fans to crawl back on the bandwagon without losing face and having to admit they were wrong. He further said that these fans continue to try to save face by switching targets with the same onerous arguments they used on their initial target.

        Me, I think most of them are interlopers who don’t give a damn about the Dawgs and are trying to create dissention at critical times. If they aren’t outsiders , then what do we call them? Halffans? Knothole fans? Dumb with visions of grandeur? Would the fans on here who have endured slights and epithets from these individuals while defending the coaches and the team help me with a good name for these people? Yes, those who openly apologized to the fan base and admitted wrongheadedness are invited to join in a tag name for the holdouts who have switched erroneously to Bobo.

        • Macallanlover

          Yes, I didn’t see yours until now. Great points. I honestly have seen several here, and in person, that really wanted UGA to continue struggling/losing just so they could hoist a victory flag. I seriously don’t get, or like, a person like that ever being allowed back in the foxhole. But I also recognize there are many who simply got carried away with expressing their concerns and put themselves out on a limb where there was never a good ending. Those guys have learned a lesson in wanting to be a part of assisting in supporting the program when future problems occur. I certainly hope they come back smarter and are not just fair weather fans. We have a lot of public rebuilding to do, and recruiting season is upon us. I can’t think of a lot of needs, but some immediate OL, RB, and kicking help, plus layering on some talent across the board is at the top of my list. Following up last year’s bountiful harvest will insure some very happy fall evenings over the net few years.

    • Dawg Vent

      I assume you mean me. Well, here’s one for the road:

      FIRE MARK RICHT!!!!!!1!

  4. Are we ever sure they really Dawg fans?????

  5. stoopnagle

    Wow. That’s high praise, for certain.

  6. HahiraDawg

    We have yet to fully see the capacity to be a/the, “pre-eminent big-play defender” that Alex Ogletree can be. He is a beast too and having both of them on the field with stable, experienced, more mature lbs at the other two spots…then you’re gonna see JJ & AO just dominate in ways rarely seen.

  7. This “Richt O Phille?) thinks that what comments I make & what comments Others make has little or no influence with what the Coaches say or do in Practice or In the Games. I certainly feel that I have no input regarding the decisions of any of the Dawg Coaches. Neither does the AJC writers ?.

  8. Cojones

    Is there anyone on this blog that follows ESPN television frequently enough to say if they have noted and lauded UGAs team and coaches for the Auburn game and for the comeback? Went on there for the highlights Sat after the game and when they came to the SEC they decided to switch to more drawnout dialogue about Penn St who they continue to agonize over. I noted Holtz not saying a word for 5 mins(long time for live tv.) and it was a 4-man panel. Turned it off when it was evident they weren’t going to give college game highlights anymore and that was ostensively the name of the program.

    • OKDawg

      I was out of work sick Monday and Tuesday of this week, so I absorbed more television in 48 hours than any human being ever should. I did catch a few compliments thrown our way by the WWL – particularly the fellas on PTI, Van Pelt on SportsCenter, even Herbstreit cautioning that UGA could easily upset LSU in the SECCG and completely blow up the BCS this year.

    • ugalestat1

      I saw Herbstreit say that UGA is the hottest team in the nation peaking at the right time and that CMR and staff should be commended for the turnaround.