Washington State, you’ll never be on Thursday Night Football again.

To quote Spencer Hall:  Suck it, Craig James.  And let me add, you, too, ESPN.

By the way, the Pirate is walking in to a good situation in one big regard.  Washington State is ninth in the country in passing offense.


UPDATE:  Get ready, Ted Roof.

What do you think the odds are that Auburn bails out of that?


UPDATE #2:  This is rich.


UPDATE #3:  Maybe somebody in Montana caught my header.


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26 responses to “Washington State, you’ll never be on Thursday Night Football again.

  1. Go Dawgs!

    Wow! Sorry, Ole Miss.

    Could be a good fit for the Leach, if he can figure out a way to recruit athletes to Pullman. Washington State is the Texas Tech of the Pac 12 as far as I can tell… give it a few years, and it could get wacky out there.


    • Macallanlover

      It has always been “wacky” on that coast….and not all of it due to “tobaccy” either. Imo, UCLA is again the fool. (Heard today that UCLA doesn’t have a single practice facility field with 100 yards, inside, or out. Now that is a commitment to being a basketball school.)


      • The Lone Stranger

        And if they are indeed a hoops school then what can you make of them being summarily dismantled by MTSU, 86-66, and toting a 3-4 record around? At least they got by Chaminade.


    • Baron de Coubterin

      Leach is officially the craziest sumbitch football coach ‘Merica.

      His agent must have had good intel that he was not going to land any other coaching gig at a BCS school or he REALLY is a pirate and just masquerades as a football coach.

      How else can you explain leaving the Southern most tip of Florida (“America’s Wang” but they prefer The Sunshine State) for the Palouse (“America’s Upper Right Pectoral”)? Seriously the high temperature there this week is 39. The RECORD ALL TIME LOW in Key West is 41. Even though Key West is remote and at the end of a long highway with bridges over miles of ocean – it at least get cruise ships. It has tourism and CNN looks in on Key West’s New Year’s Eve celebration. Plus it has a history with Hemingway and stuff. Even a man’s man like Hemingway never thought about living in that stretch of 160 miles NORTH of the Oregon Trail and no one watches their New Year’s Eve celebration because everyone is already in bed by midnight since they have to get up and do whatever they do in the Palouse which probably is not much fun.

      Leach must decide to coach in desolate places so he can concoct his air attack battleplans without fear of the authorities spying on him so he can surprise his opponents with his strategies. It allows his swarming hordes of players to maraud and pillage his enemies universities before hustling off to their secret hideout.


  2. X-Dawg

    “He didn’t make it to the Alamo Bowl in his final season, as he’d been fired by ESPN analyst Craig James*.”
    “* This is not exactly what happened, but it’s closer to the documented truth than anything alleged by James or his son.”

    Ha, Ha!


  3. Dog in Fla

    “What do you think the odds are that Auburn bails out of that?”

    All-in if Kristi has anything to say about it. The Tiger-Cougar catfight is not big enough for two offensive geniuses.


  4. Smitty

    Maybe he will siphon some talent away from Boise at this remote outpost.


  5. SouthGa Dawg

    Big timers such as UCLA and ASU would never hire Leach due to being blackballed by ESPN. I will miss him snorting, coughing, and clearing his throat on his radio show although he did have good insight and called it like it was.


    • Bulldog Bry

      And stuttering. Good Lord, that man stuttered a lot. Plus you could actually hear him spitting in the spit cup.


    • Hayduke

      It sometimes took him a bit of effort to get an idea across on the radio! Lol. I am going to miss that show, he did a fantastic job with it. I always thought of Leach as a gimmicky (but interesting) offensive coach while at TT. Through the radio show though, he showed that his coaching philosophy, player discipline, and graduation rates were the real deal. As a Chapel Hill resident, I was seriously hoping the Heels would scoop him up and shake up the vanilla ACC. Congrats Coach, will miss your daily insight!


  6. Dog in Fla

    “miss him snorting, coughing, and clearing his throat on his radio show”

    Insight and analysis cogent but when it comes to the important stuff like snorting, coughing and clearing his throat, Mike’s nowhere near man enough to be compared to the generalissimo of sports-radio sound effects, Pat Dye.


  7. I wonder if Washington State realizes they just got a whole lot better. Go get’em pirate.


  8. Cojones

    Nice to see him go to work again and I hope the settlement he gets is bigger than the WSU share of ESPN football revenues.

    Yeah, they will give CJ’s son an office job after they remodel the janitor’s closet and take the light bulb out.


  9. Lrgk9

    Nice to see the Dread Pirate Leach back on the High Seas.


  10. Ausdawg85

    Mike Bobo sleeps easier tonight!


  11. G Marmalard

    Good for wazzu. I used to live in Spokane and the Palouse is beautiful rolling hills. Farm country with great pheasant hunting. Really is pretty. I always liked eastern wa and wazzu. Definitely a nice place and not leftist coast at all like Seattle/ udub


  12. Just glad he’s not in the SEC…