Finally, smack talk

Russell Shepard throws down.

Hey, I like it.  I doubt he felt the need to call out every Ole Miss player.


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25 responses to “Finally, smack talk

  1. Umich

    I’ll be in new orleans watching this game. Can’t wait.


  2. TennesseeDawg

    He’s probably right. I’m just hoping the Dawgs can keep it close.


  3. All Russell Shepard remembers about his last game against Georgia was being scraped off the Sanford Stadium turf after Reshad Jones absolutely lit him up.


  4. BigEZ

    This is the same guy that said he would eventually win the heisman when he was in high school if I remember correctly


  5. JasonC

    Honestly, most of the LSU fans have been reasonable, it’s the Carolina fans, pundits and some others that have talked more smack.


    • KornDawg

      2010 Carolina fan: We won the East! You didn’t! Let’s hang a banner in the stadium!
      2011 Carolina fan: We didn’t want to go to Atlanta, we’re healing up to win our school record 11th game this year. Have fun getting murdered by LSU. We’ve beaten you 2 whole years in a row! We own UGA!
      Whatever, they’re the most shit-talkingest fanbase in CFB.


  6. ScooBoo

    Dang, he even underlined the tag word, so he must be serious.


  7. Will Trane

    Paul Finebaum simply hates Georgia. Thinks the Dawgs should be “raking leaves”.

    Do not think Crowell will play much. Anytime you see a player with his peers and he is the only player in the Dome walk-thru that has a cell phone in hand is not a good sign. Crowell is a real team player. Over the last half of the season what has been his production. Find a TB Dawgs during the recruiting season. Just like Da’Rick Rogers…another over-hyped high school player who is simply not talented or man enough to play in the SEC.


  8. Turd Ferguson

    Please let Tree catch this poor soul on a crossing route today …


  9. CoachSpurlock

    It’s ALL OVER NOW….Carl from ATHF has named Georgia his “Stone Cold Lock of the Century, of the Week”! Put that in your synthetic weed pipe and smoke it Sheppard


  10. Mike Cooley

    I really haven’t heard much from the LSU camp. Sheppard is a good player but not as good as he thinks he is. As trash talk goes, it has been pretty mild. Most of the trash that I have heard personally has been from spurned lamecock and gator fans. Florida is in denial right now about just how bad a shape they are in. They’re stunned. I have a gator buddy who has spent the last couple of weeks acting as Florida didn’t want to win the east this year because it wouldn’t be a “quality accomplishment.” You just have to laugh at that stuff. I guarantee you that if they had won the east, they wouldn’t be apologizing to anybody about the east being down. the lamecock fans? Do we really care what those people think? They’re ridiculous. They think they’re a national program now.


    • DarrrenRovelll

      I actually have heard more smack from Bama fans than LSU fans. I guess they are insecure about what a possible UGA victory will mean for them? A lot of Bama fans seem downright offended that UGA’s defense could even be mentioned in the same breath as Bama. Plus even though UGA’s offense has consistently outperformed Bama this year, it is sacrilege to suggest UGA will put up more points than the Tide.

      I think Bama fans believe it is their destiny to defeat LSU in the BCS game and anything that might possibly derail it should be considered a personal affront to any member of the Crimson Tide fan base.


  11. ChicagoDawg

    I typically don’t get too spun up about media narratives and “disrespect” of GA. However, the opening segment Gameday discussion was over the top. The guys were riffing about the game and LSU and ultimately came to the conclusion that “LSU is playing against perfection today rather than the opponent.” Wow, this has gone completely over the top with LSU now basically being turned into the ’85 Bears. The nameless “opponent” is irrelevant and it is about degrees of excellence — “chasing perfection”.


    • did you really expect anything different from the same crew (entire ESPN organization, for that matter) that was the biggest mouthpiece in ’07 screaming that you can’t have a team in the championship game if they don’t win their conference? These hypocrites either have a boner for LSU or a serious slight against UGA cause its impossible to follow their reasoning into any thing considered logical and coherent. Maybe, they’re still pissed off from their “gameday” experience from the UT game many years ago where they bitched and moaned about everything. I don’t know but I can assure you from this GA fan that the feeling is very mutual!


  12. Bill M.

    really worried about Russell’s 14 catches for 190 yards this year. Love when non-impact players are talking trash.


  13. Cojones

    Geaux, Dawgs! Flush LS Lieux!