Mama tried.

You know, it’s funny how every one of Mitch Mustain’s college coaches seemed to have their minds made up on another kid at quarterback.  And if anyone wavered on that front, well, somebody had Mitch’s back:

“Mitch came in after our last game wanting a release,” Nutt said. “I told him no. I believed if Mitch was patient, he could have regained his confidence.”

According to Nutt, after the meeting, he received a call from Beck Campbell, Mustain’s mother.

“Beck called me …and demanded I let Mitch transfer,” Nutt said. “There wasn’t much left I could do.”

And now Mustain wants to join the Marines.  Good luck with that, sport.


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  1. Lrgk9

    The Marines will either fix him or run him off, and that right quick.

    But hey – he’ll be safe from momma while he’s there.

  2. TennesseeDawg

    He’s going to tryout with the Georgia Force before the Marine Corp currently working at a car dealership in Bentonville and he says he wouldn’t have changed a thing.

    • Gravidy

      Isn’t that one of the most irritating cliches in society today? I wish I had a nickel for every time I heard some pinhead say that he had no regrets about the choices he made which put him in his current regrettable situation. Apparently, regret isn’t cool.

      Oh yeah…and you kids get offa my lawn!

  3. Brandon

    Marines won’t give a damn about what Mama thinks. If he gets killed though she’s sure to become the next Cindy Sheehan though.

    • W Cobb Dawg

      That’s a rotten way to talk about a mom who’s endured the ultimate sacrifice.

      • Siskey

        I agree W Cobb Dawg. I doubt he will gain admittance to OCS due to the him admitting that he was a drug dealer albeit an unsuccessful one.

  4. Dog in Fla

    The Marines? Gus was like, shut up.

    “Her e-mail to Broyles was much more civil in tone than her correspondence with Mustain, but did refer to the “child-like behavior” of Mustain, then-offensive coordinator Gus Malzahn and other team members from Springdale.”

  5. KornDawg

    My first night on Parris Island was quite memorable. We were only in receiving, we didn’t even have all of our equipment and didn’t know who our training Drill Instructors would be, but it was still quite a culture shock for a bunch of eighteen year-olds. The most memorable part was when the Drill Instructors that were babysitting us that night asked if there was anyone that wanted to go home. The guys that said they wanted to leave were then told to go into the head. All we heard in the squad bay was a bunch of yelling and screaming, and then the guys that went into the head came back out into the squad bay. None of them were sent home. I know things are different in boot camp now then they were 20 years ago, but I don’t think Mitch’s mom will have much influence if he wants to transfer out of the USMC.

    • AlphaDawg

      It’ been 22 years for me. But it’s not much different now, the biggest difference is the last week or so. On my second stint all my Marines were Crucible Marines, bunch of good kids My 1st night on the Island was a blur I remember the yellow foot prints and some guy at forming puking into his tray at our 1st breakfast in the 3rd Btl chow hall. He was sitting next to me and he didn’t eat and I lost my appetite too.

      Does he have a degree? If he goes the ‘O’ route, it could be a fucking disaster. Privileged petulant children make piss poor leaders. But it might do him good to get off momma’s teat.

      • KornDawg

        I was 2nd Battalion in Sept. of ’90. It’s my recollection that the 3rd Battalion recruits never got to eat, anyway. I heard many stories of recruits being told to smell their food and then to throw it out. That was one thing they never messed with for us, the food. We even got steak and birthday cake on the Marine Corps birthday, even though we weren’t yet Marines.

        • AlphaDawg

          I spent a whole lot of time in those Sand Pits next to the 3rd Btl Chow hall. They were fucking huge. You cold fit a whole plt in one. We lucked out about 2 week into Bootcamp, our chow hall shut down for maintence(sp) and we had to march over to 2nd btl everyday, and got to see a few WM’s.

          • AlphaDawg

            Thinking about it now, it wasn’t lucky. It sucked, the WMs were about the nastiest females i’ve ever seen. And God help the poor soul who calls a Female DI Sir. They were bitches through and through.

            • KornDawg

              During mess and maintenance week I actually had to eat in the WM chow hall. It was like a little restaurant, not a cafeteria like the men’s chow halls. Never had any interaction with the female DI’s, though. Funny how we still remember stuff like this 20 years later. I live about 2.5 hours from Parris Island and I’ve considered going down there for a graduation many times, just to see the place again. Never got around to it, though.

  6. Will Trane

    As a former combat Marine officer and series training officer at Parris Island Mustain had better get in all the attention he can from “Mama”. He will get that call home and then…well, his heart, soul, and ass will belong to the Marine Corps. I’d like to strap a radio on his back, full gear load, weapon, then run his little mama’s butt up and down the power line trail at Quantico for awhile. And then ask him if he would like to call Mama. Drill Instructors always liked those mama’ s boys. Do you know how long it takes for a Drill Instructor to go thru a platoon and identify them. Faster than a 7.62 round coming out the end of barrel. Semper Fi!

  7. Mayor of Dawgtown

    FWIW, joining the Marines appears to be another mistake being made by Mustain–another in a long line of ’em.

  8. Cojones

    Who are all these Jar Heads on here? You Pain Masters are just the ticket for such a bright boy like Mustain. Nutt was the victim here.

    True Officer material knows to serve in the Army and at the Country Club of the Army initially. Besides the regular O club and the Field O club, we had a junior Officer’s Club that had the best nightclub in a large, dry, Texas city. They served the only mixed drinks within 80 miles which did a lot as a chick magnet. Yes, sir, The Raven Room brings back memories that made me plumb ashamed of that good life while you jar heads were slugging it out with your pugel sticks at Parris Island. Rightfully so. The unit was rumored to have the most Medal of Honor recipients of any unit in the Army, mostly posthumously. You Jar Heads may have gotten to see some of my partying fun-loving fellow Officers if you went to ‘Nam. They were the ones flying the helicopters with the Red Cross insignia on the sides.

  9. Cojones

    Also, Mustain was selling lisdexamphetamine dimesylate. Sounds like it’s used to treat lexdicsia.