“I believe that citizens of Texas know the real Craig James, and the truth will put this matter to rest.”

Turns out Craig James is a multi-tasker.  Now that son Adam’s career is done at Texas Tech, dad’s got time to save the country and go after the publisher of Mike Leach’s book.

It’s all about the troof.  Or at least Craig’s version of that.

The legal document filed earlier this month lists 27 grounds James believes the authors used to mislead the general public and make defamatory statements against him.

The document states, “It is believed the publishers … would have conducted a fact-check investigation into the veracity of the allegations concerning Craig James prior to publishing the books. It is also believed that the publishers may have interviewed various witnesses concerning the author’s allegations and statements.”

There are only about two chapters in “Swing Your Sword” addressing James, Liggett said, and the claims are based on deposition testimony and public records.

“Everything in ‘Swing Your Sword’ is true,” he said.

Lanning isn’t surprised either.

All the claims made against James are statements he gave in depositions and sworn testimony, Lanning explained.

Can you think of anybody else who ran for the Senate while pursuing a defamation case?  It’s gonna be fun to watch.



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19 responses to ““I believe that citizens of Texas know the real Craig James, and the truth will put this matter to rest.”

  1. heyberto

    My fear? Craigy J. doesn’t get elected and returns to ESPN.


    • We can always hope that he thoroughly shows his ass during the campaign and loses in such embarrassing fashion that ESPN doesn’t want him back.

      That would require ESPN to acquire some scruples, of course, but it could happen.


  2. Keese

    Seriously. Craig James fits the mold of a politician. Let’s see: taking money under the table (check!), abusing his position to get what he wants (check!), unscrupulous tactics to remain at said position (check!), general idiot in his supposed field of expertise (check!), self directed wrecking ball (check!)

    He will fit right in with the Republicans and Democrats


  3. Hogbody Spradlin

    Craig might be one of those folks who are impossible to defame.


  4. Lrgk9

    Exactly Hogbody! Since it has to be false to be defamatory…


    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Also, I am reminded of the following saying when thinking of Craig James: “Never wrestle with a pig–you both get dirty and the pig likes it.”


    • Hogbody Spradlin

      LRG: true, but I was thinking that a person’s reputation must be a little above the gutter for defamation to do any damage.


  5. Next!!! As long as he does not run in the state of Georgia.


  6. Anonymous

    I believe you have to show tangible damages to sue for defamation/slander. Since he wasn’t fired from ESPN or anything, he’d have no grounds to sue Leach over.

    Is anyone else thinking James is running for Senate only to be able to sue Leach?


  7. 79dawg

    Anonymous, you are partially correct. Public figures – which Craig James almost certainly qualifies as – have to show actual malice by the person making the statement as well as actual damages to recover for defamation. Non-public figures do not have to show either malice or actual damages.

    It is really hard to imagine what is scarier – that James might join the United States Senate, or that he might come back to ESPN. If it is possible for either of those institutions to become even more discredited than they already are, I have no doubt Craig will be able to do so!


  8. But the book did not say that CRAIG JAMES KILLED 5 HOOKERS WHILE AT SMU.


    • AP

      This is what people should be concerned with. How can a man be a sitting senator when dead hookers litter the DFW metroplex, five of which belonged to Craig James himself?


  9. Cojones

    Humerus bunch of posts. Legal too!


  10. Rebar

    So the author defamed him by quoting his own testimony through depositions? Wouldn’t he also have to sue himself?