Tampa talk

Aaron Murray and Mark Richt from the first day of bowl practice:

Nothing particularly earth shattering there, but there does seem to be a sense that they’re in a better place than they were a year ago.  (Duh.)

By the way, you can get an idea of why Richt was complaining (“A lot of windows over there too, you know…”) about all the buildings overlooking the practice field.


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    Almost 8 and I’m first?
    I think Georgia’s running game may take a huge step up against MSU. It’s scary to think that , after a long layoff, the offense would depend on the pinpoint accuracy of Murray’s arm. Imagine if he had bad day and there was not running game. That’s the worst case scenario to me. The best case is Murray picks up where he left off during the season, Crowell has a breakout game and RS looks like the back he was in the fourth quarter against the Gayters….and the defense continues in it’s junkyardedness!


  2. Jose Gaspar

    Paterno has also complained about practicing at the Univ. of Tampa before past Outback Bowls for the same reason. It’s a beautiful little stadium with a great view, but yes, it opens up to much of downtown Tampa, hence the nice view.

    The buoldings are pretty far away though, and the idea of someone sneaking into an office and watching a team run counter plays through binoculars and gaining an advantage is pretty far-fetched. Football coaches are paranoid by nature I suppose.


    • The advantage only comes if you’ve got new wrinkles. Otherwise, they aren’t seeing anything they can’t already get on game film throughout the year.


      • Griff

        Of course seeing how ass clowns like you think our coaching staff is incompetent I guess we don’t need to worry about “new wrinkles”.


  3. fuelk2

    MSU has a top 15 run defense. When you have that stat and play top 15 rushing offenses in 4 of your 13 games, that’s getting it done. They may have something to say about how effective our run game is.


  4. Spike

    “..Junkyardedness..” Nice. A Lexicon entry to be sure.


  5. Comin' Down The Track

    I totally went to soccer camp and also played a high school match against Tampa Prep on that field, or pitch, if you will.


  6. Will Trane

    Tampa talk…you mean Malcolm Mitchell. Like to see this Valdosta High School Wildcat have a great game.


  7. Cojones

    Gilliard remains as my bust-ass player. Too bad he isn’t quite up to snuff. He and Herrera are like forgotten heroes getting us through that 10-win streak. They hit like Greg Blue unleashed. Saw them tackle at the line as often as open field and they both bring it Bulldog style. Enjoy watching those two as much as anyone on the field.

    Hey, let’s get this game on. What do tou say, Dawg fans?


  8. shane#1

    So CMR is paranoid abut tall buildings? Does he see the black choppers too? Don’t worry coach, I’ll save you a seat in the bunker.


    • Cojones

      Nah. The black choppers are near me looking for my mj crop. They have it on stealth and I have to keep my good ear up when crawling around at night. They would catch me before they find the bushes since they are as squat as marigolds after frequent trimming. If they look for these plants by using plant shape, they are out of luck. This would be a cure for building-window spy paranoia. Trick’um as to what they may be looking at. Run double backfield handoffs with a halfback pass all week and then run Foth and Boo up the middle all day during the game.


  9. Skeeter

    Ate at Outback today to show support. At least that’s my excuse for ordering the big steak and jumbo draft.