Swingin’ for the fences

This would be funny if it weren’t so…

… ah, hell, who am I kidding here?  Those are hilarious.

We’re about to find out what kind of price tag a good defensive coordinator puts on taking a job with a sinking ship.


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29 responses to “Swingin’ for the fences

  1. Go Dawgs!

    I sincerely hope that the offer to Chavis either came in person or over videoconference so that he could show his middle fingers to the Vols after the way he and the rest of that staff were shown the door by mental midget Mike Hamilton, who promptly ran Chavis’ alma mater into the ground.


  2. Brian Dawg

    I wonder if Willie two thumbs will get a call?


  3. stoopnagle

    Don’t we already know? $750k, right?

    Oh, wait, Mark Richt is still around.



    • Bevo

      I was thinking along the same lines… Similar statements could have been made around the time of the Grantham hire. But — thankfully — the reality is so different. Tennessee is so far off track and unstable it’s almost tragic.

      The job in Orange just keeps looking worse. And worse…


  4. Bard Parker

    Jeez SOD only makes 1.8 million. Wilcox was making 600k.


  5. William

    I actually heard they were in talks with Kevin Steele over at :We Just Got 70 Hung On Us!” Clempson.


  6. Willie Martinez

    Hey, I’m interested. Who do I call?


  7. 202dawg

    Wasn’t BFV with the Jags, then at GaSo before he went to then the Falcons?


  8. Out of topic but after all that has been said and done with, I am just glad I am not a Clemson fan.



      There’s a lot of people disclaiming Clemson today. I’m telling you, orange is a disease. Clemson, Auburn, Tennessee, and Florida all make Georgia’s situation seem serene.


      • Macallanlover

        Don’t forget Tex-ass. they have screwed up a conference, a can’t miss program with locked in Top3 recruiting, and still Mr. February keeps his job.


    • stoopnagle

      It would be nice to be in this guy’s shoes come opening day in 2013:


  9. pantslesspatdye

    They should have kept Chuck Smith – best part of that staff last year


  10. No One Knows You're a Dawg

    Van Gorder may be available if the Falcons don’t beat the Giants this weekend.


    • Doug

      Even if he is, though, he’s made it pretty clear through a number of his career decisions that his ultimate goals lie in the NFL. Even if he did somehow get canned after this season (which I don’t think will happen), he’d take a position job at another NFL team before he got on board with the mess that’s currently happening in Knoxville.


  11. dawgtrain-2011

    Randy shannon 3 years @ 1 million / yr.


  12. Bright Idea

    Tommy Spangler was Derek’s DC at LaTech but UT brass would not let Dooley bring him so he remains at LaTech. I bet he would now turn them down.


  13. AusDawg85

    Jerry Sandusky has time, and could use the money. I here he’s good with kids….

    /too soon?