Two totally irrelevant items

You guys know I rarely leave the college football reservation here – music excepted – but I stumbled across a couple of things that for some reason, really stuck with me.  So, I thought, why not share?

If you’re only here for the pigskin, feel free to skip.  My feelings won’t be hurt.

Prepare to have your life changed forever:

  • Former President John Tyler, born 1790, has two living grandchildren.  He is also the only deceased President who is not officially mourned.
  • Watch Wolf Blitzer, whom I can’t stand, get destroyed on Celebrity Jeopardy.  (And check out the big brain on Andy Richter.)

I’m through now.


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25 responses to “Two totally irrelevant items

  1. Nate

    That Jeopardy clip was only a snide insult away from being an SNL skit. Suck it Wolf.


  2. Macallanlover

    I read that story on Tyler yesterday and was blown away by it. Think of the span of history within two generations of that family, George Washington until today….and they aren’t really that old! Damn, and this was over a hundred years before Viagra. Says something about marrying younger women, very inspiring.


    • Mayor Of Dawgtown

      Everyone should read the synopsis on President John Tyler on Wikipedia. He seems to have been a principled man who was a strict constructionist and states rights advocate as Senator and as President when those attributes fell out of favor. Moreover, as a son of the South like Robert E. Lee, he chose to support his beloved home state of Virginia when it voted to secede from the Union. That made former President Tyler unacceptable to the intelligentsia and, therefore, fair game for posthumous disparagement. The fact is he was the single person most responsible for bringing Texas into the United States. He also was the chair of a committee that attempted, unfortunately without avail, to broker a deal to avoid the Civil War. A lifelong public servant who served in Congress, the Virginia State Legislature and as Vice-President and President of the United States John Tyler is is a person to be admired.


  3. simpl_matter

    Suck it Trebek


  4. AthensHomerDawg

    Goodness! Wolf studied at Johns Hopkins and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Maybe Jeopardy is just not his game.

    Ya’ know Bethlehem is only a mile and a half from Jerusalem.
    just sayin’.


  5. Edawg

    I’ve always thought Wolf wasn’t very bright. I guess this proves it.

    Just so everyone knows, the questions on Celebrity Jeopardy are much easier than regular Jeopardy. That makes his negative total look that much worse. I mean, for cyring out loud, a supposed news journalist got stomped, STOMPED, by 2 actors on Celebrity Jeopardy. That’s pathetic.


  6. Dog in Fla

    Not only is Wolf Blitzer a bad Celebrity Jeopardy player, it’s also open to debate as to whether Wolf Blitzer has the ability to care for others


  7. TimRankine

    Watch Wolf get owned in a different setting, before his CNN days.


    • AthensHomerDawg

      Wolf was in over his head with Finklestein. He probably felt the same way Finklestein did when he(NF) was at odds with Alan Dershowitz.


  8. Normaltown Mike

    Tippecanoe and Tyler too!


  9. More actors are known to have higher IQ than the rest of us, including the media types.


  10. UGA70

    Thanks for bringing this forward, history is indeed fascinating. Speaking of music as you do from time to time, I just listened to a band named Alabama Shakes and thought you may want to check them out on YouTube.


  11. Scott

    Speaking of irrelevant posts, The Onion had the funniest take on Joe Pa’s passing.,27125/