A brief recrootin’ post

It’s pretty apparent that I don’t get into the weeds at GTP when it comes to recruiting.  I simply don’t have the time or the energy that sites like LHB do (and do well, by the way).  But I know it’s the time of the year when many are curious what’s going to happen, or want to offer their two cents about that, so here’s a post for you.

To get things going, here are a few items to chew over:

  • In terms of addressing needs, Chip Towers thinks the hay is already in the barn for Mark Richt.
  • CFN agrees.  (Let’s revisit that offensive line situation in a few months, okay?)
  • A Georgia legislator makes a funny about Chester Brown’s plight.
  • MaconDawg makes a few projections about some of the targets still out there.

So share with us – your hopes, your dreams, your tears, your fears.  What do you think is in store for the Dawgs on the recruiting front in the next few days?


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  1. Eric

    The Dawgs will close with a bang. Signing day should be fun. However, after signing day, we’ll never hear half of these kids’ names ever again! Here’s to hoping that a couple of these kids go on to have an impact next year like Crowell, Mitchell, & Conley.

  2. heyberto

    The only question I have about the Chester Brown situation, is can they not sign players from foreign countries? Is there not some way around it from the standpoint that he’s a foreign student? I guess you have to have documentation wherever you’re from.. so I’m assuming he’d need a birth certificate either way?

    • If you’re here on a student visa, you can qualify for a scholly.

      Chester’s problem is that he’s claiming US citizenship, but can’t prove it.

      • heyberto

        Gotcha. Thank you sir.

      • So is “Chester Brown” like ‘Barrack Obama’?, i woluld hope not; but he can’t show a legal birth cert., either and he managed to get into “The Biggest Team Of All”…

        • gastr1

          You are an absolute idiot. Come out from your cloud of delusion.

        • adam


          • Funny 2 me 2; Adam; but that is what they keep saying, and i’ve not seen anything anywhere that can make people know he has a legitimate 1, so if U have; post a copy of it here and show it 2 a lot of the media & 4 a lot of us idiot Americans around about 2 C. BTW, saw a few more 2day that said they would like 2 see 1; but we R only talking on here about ‘Chester Brown’, and not about ‘Barrack Obama’; aren’t we? But would still like 2 C 1 on him no matter where it was at; So; gastri, maybe i should come out of “My Cloud Of Delusion”; but 1st. U need 2 show me where I am in 1 at !!!..

  3. UGAfoo

    “Give me your tired, your poor,
    Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
    The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
    Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,
    I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”

  4. my prediction for recrootin is the same as always, we’ll get a top ten class, then the natting nabobs will bitch that if we have such great recroots how come Richt can’t win the big one? The obvious answer will remain the same and it is because the other top ten teams are LUS,Bama, Da gators and other random SEC schools. Nuffin changes but for some,almost inexplicable reason, I think this team has turned a corner and I have faith

  5. I don’t want to even get started on poor Chester… Thanks for the link, Blutarsky.

  6. Juan

    I don’t understand the people who are confused by or opposed to the Chester Brown situation.

    Do you not understand the meaning of the word ILLEGAL?

    • You ever break a traffic law? That’s ILLEGAL. This is a policy. I’m unaware of the Board of Regents’ power to pass laws.

      I can only speak for myself, but if you look at the numbers, the BOR policy strikes me as overkill, particularly when what you’re dealing with are kids who are trying to make something better of themselves.

      • Macallanlover

        Sorry, I feel badly for Chester Brown, he seems like a good kid whose parents cut some corners many years ago, but to compare driving without a seat belt, or doing 80 on a restricted access interstate to a problem the size of illegal immigration is just so wrong. You cannot selectively choose which laws you will choose to uphold or follow. And it isn’t just political, the cost of illegal immigration to this country involves massive economic damage, and certain security risks.

        • First of all, the only reason I made the comparison, such as it is, was because of the use of the word “ILLEGAL”. If it’s that cut and dried, then breaking a law is breaking a law.

          But beyond that, Mac, Chester didn’t break the law. He’s run afoul of a policy. In my mind that’s less than a law.

          As for your use of the term “massive”, that’s way out of sync with the number of people actually affected by this policy. UGA estimated a total of four out of 35,000.

          • AthensHomerDawg

            Not to be at odds with you Senator… I read “And it isn’t just political, the cost of illegal immigration to this country involves massive economic damage, and certain security risks.” that Mac was referring to the entire country with respect to “the cost of illegal immigration”.

            • If he’s making Chester the poster boy for the cost of illegal immigration, then I’m okay with my interpretation.

              • Macallanlover

                Of course not, I said earlier I wish we could have Chester, and am sorry for his circumstances. I am very in tune with the financial crisis we currently face, and the totality of illegal immigration plays a “massive” role in that, and is growing. No one illegal is responsible, nor significant to that but to embrace an exception of the law because he is an athlete is hypocritical and shallow. I won’t go there over any athlete or person. And this isn’t a political party issue, blame is on both sides of the aisle, it is an American problem.

                As bad a campaign as McCain ran in 2008, this one issue could have given him a chance. Nor did W didn’t handle it the way he should have either during his 8 years. Now both parties are pandering to the Hispanic voters while the issue grows worse. There were damned good reasons why we established immigration laws in this country, and we are paying a huge price for not enforcing them. As the world economic crisis continues to escalate, not having having strong enforcement of immigration laws becomes an even bigger problem. As the US (golden goose) becomes weaker, we are less able to help any needy people whether they are in the US or foreign countries.

                • Sorry to pile on a somewhat political topic, but “the cost of illegal immigration to this country involves massive economic damage” is simply not true.
                  A great article on this very subject when it comes to higher education:
                  One of the only negative areas that I have seen any real numbers are when it comes to the effect illegal immigrants have on the wages of the uneducated workforce.
                  I personally welcome those who come here for a better life, doing jobs that most European Americans think they are too good for (take a look at what happened with our crops here in GA this year), and then there is the fact that their forefathers were actually here thousands of years before ours.

                  • AthensHomerDawg

                    I disagree with some of that …. but I am glad you posted it and I’m glad that as a whole the Dawg fan base is pretty well informed. We will agree to disagree and thanks Senator. This is a great blog.
                    Just sayin’😉

                  • Macallanlover

                    I am sorry, you missed the point. This statement was not about “higher education” or it’s value. While Chester Brown’s plight can be put into this narrow a focus, the illegal immigration problem encompasses so much more. Figures that I have seen from 5+ years ago (it is worse now) show the economic cost to be well over $300 billion per year in the US. No need debating the actual number because everyone can come up with different numbers. or project some fantasy sunshine into the goodness that comes out of helping the needy. Bottom line, we cannot take all the world’s refugees regardless of how noble the cause.

                    I was amused that the article you sent was from a “higher education” source, Amazingly they found investing in higher education was a good expenditure. Guess we should look for a continuation of 8-10% annual increases in college costs in a world that is struggling to make ends meet. I would recommend agricultural schools for the new HS graduates, being able to feed your family is easier if you know how to grow your own food.

                    I don’t know how to link things on computers but suggest everyone go to the wimp.com website and find the gumball video presentation and get some information about the impact of uncontrolled immigration. Sorry I cannot give you the exact path but it is well worth the time for all to see.

      • Juan

        ILLEGAL immigrant

    • Comin' Down The Track

      There’s no self-preservation in that.

    • Dog in Fla

      This should simplify the launch of procedures

      • NRBQ

        But Boortz is a LIBERTARIAN!

        You’re a good little GOP’er, Mac: “sheep, Leftist, libbies, Utopia, socialist.”

        All the talking points? Yes.

        • Macallanlover

          As usual NRBQ, you have your facts all mixed up. Like Boortz, I have never been a Republican, just a good American who has always worked hard and never sold out my values. Where do you stand, sir? And who do you stand with? Think I will take my team and keep working, you go occupy something.

          I will stick with the conservatives, some of whom are the Libertarians, some are republicans, many are Independents like me….not a Party man myself. I blame much of the divisiveness on the party system. I don’t even think the party names should be allowed on ballots. We should vote for the people who will represent us, not the party they must serve. Voters who cannot find the person the want to vote for because it isn’t listed by party….well, let’s just say our government might improve. So when you call me a name, get it right, because you don’t know me.

          No one party speaks for me, I am fiscally conservative but range from conservative, to moderate, to liberal on certain social issues. One has to vote for the person who most represents their preferences, not adopt everything a party tells them they must support all of their platform.

  7. stoopnagle


    I’m glad Earl spent all of the state’s time and energy on such a huge problem.

    • adam

      So far, anti-immigration laws have done 2 things:
      1) hurt innocent, hard-working people who are trying to better themselves
      2) cost (not save!) the state and the country quite a bit of money

      People scapegoating illegal aliens with the current economic situation are incredibly ignorant. That couldn’t be further from the truth. I wonder if any of the people who are so passionately fighting for more strict policies can name one specific way in which they’ve been negative affected. Not the generic “it’s wasting my tax money!”, “it’s illegal!”, or “it’s hurting the economy” (wrong) arguments either. You can’t choose where your tax money goes anyway and tax money is being spent on many, many worse things than educating illegal immigrants. We should be taking these kids (who often out-work their American peers), sending them to college (on scholarship if they earn them) and giving them an easy path to citizenship.

      I’m not sure people realize how difficult it has become to legally enter the country and become a citizen.

  8. charlottedawg

    I don’t know how much i agree with the sentiment that the the hay is in the barn. Georgia only has 16 commits and only 3 o linemen out of the 6 it wanted hence why we’re doing things like offering a gt commit. We can finish with a bang but to completely address all our big needs (o line lookin’ at you) we would for most of the guys on our board especially the o linemen to sign with us.

    • Scott W.

      Other than not hearing about, it what proves that it is not happening? Signing day is Wednesday.

    • Bevo

      This is a fair point. On the o-line, there’s still some hay missing. Additionally, this class needs to contribute to overall depth — WR, OLB, S, CB, etc — at already solid positions. I think we understand the difference between our program and top programs in terms of depth.

      In order to consider this a successful class, we are going to have to make some hay on signing day. Georgia typically doesn’t have much on the line at this point in January, but hopefully we finish strong.

    • Macallanlover

      I agree, I don’t care if we have to dig into the JUCO pool again, we need OL help, and we need it this year. Not signing at least 22+ would be a mistake, imo. I am all in favor of leaving a few spots for EEs next January, but we need some talent and depth with OL and DB players.

  9. heyberto

    Speaking of recruiting, the Antonio Crawford vs. Paul Johnson is getting pretty hilarious. This time, PJ doesn’t close the door, just says that it may be closed. Ah, the gift that keeps on giving… http://blogs.ajc.com/recruiting/2012/01/26/florida-db-talks-with-paul-johnson-risks-losing-georgia-tech-scholarship-if-he-visits-miami-this-weekend/

  10. Will Trane

    Did the Senator tell the AJC the remedy would be a student visa for an athletic scholarship? Exactly what is the law and what was in the passed bill?
    And what keeps the AD at UGA from working through this for a resolution?
    Is this the issue or not. Just beginning to wonder. Most of this story is coming from the AJC. Have not heard much from Admissions or AD. And perhaps they are limited but they could explain the application of the law.

    • Did the Senator tell the AJC the remedy would be a student visa for an athletic scholarship?

      The Senator most assuredly did not.

      Chester is claiming US citizenship. There’s no student visa option.

      • adam

        It’s funny… On my applications, all I had to do to prove I was a US citizen was check a little box.

        I don’t have a copy of my birth certificate. I suppose my parents have it.

        What I’m wondering is… If my parents lost my birth certificate somehow… Surely they could just request a new one. Why can’t Chester’s parents get him a birth certificate if he’s a US citizen? Surely he has one if he was born in a US hospital. I suppose it’s possible that Chester was born at home, but a midwife or someone would’ve been there. There should be SOME kind of documentation somewhere.

        • W Cobb Dawg

          I feel bad for Chester, especially since he had his commitment date tattooed on his arm. Of course his momma has a tattoo with his name, birth date, weight (13.4 lbs), blood type, doctor’s name, and hospital name & address – which is the custom in Samoa. But the state of Georgia doesn’t accept tattoos as legal birth certificates.

        • I saw a documentory once of a girl whom no one knew she was preggie, so when she went into labor a little early she just went into the bathroom had the baby wrapped it up (alive then) in rags & old papers, cleaned up the bathroom real good carried it out, buried it, (she told it never cried any more) covered up the grave site with dirt & trash & went about her business.. She developed complications and some one in family took her to Dr., so thus her secret was out after several days.. The moral of this story Adam, is that one could suppose a baby could be born without any one present except the mother; or anyone accountable that is..

  11. Will Trane

    O line. What will the situation at center now that the former 3 year starter is gone? This is the key position for me next season. A solid starter and back-up.

  12. ben

    Can Chester just say, ‘Oh yeah, I forgot, I’m not a US citizen. It’s time to apply for student visa.’?

  13. Skeptic Dawg

    Other than feeling bad for Chester, I fail to see why everyone is getting bent over this issue. The larger issue should be that the Dawgs are likely to leave scholarships on the table this year.

  14. TomReagan

    My dream is that our offensive line depth and spacing throughout the program will allow us to recruit the high upside tackles that will need 2 or 3 years to develop as opposed to looking for guys who are ready to play as soon as possible.

    In other words, I dream of the day when the staff would have the option of taking a class with nothing but Xavier Ward types and not worry that we could destroy our line situation if they didn’t pan out.

    • Bevo

      Agreed. Unfortunately, this dream remains a dream. Our OL might be better next season, but we’re still going to be limited by the usual problems. If injuries bite, it will be worse than dicey.

      • Skeptic Dawg

        This is exactly why the coaching staff can not leave scholarships on the table this year. If recruit A appears dicey, move on to recruit B, C or D until the numbers are filled.

  15. charlottedawg

    @ skeptic dawg: great point about not using up all scholarships avaliable. Not signing every recruit possible is nothing short of self imposed sanctions. EVERY slot needs to be filled even in years when your roster is stacked (which right now it’s not).At the very least you’d rather have a guy on your bench than playing against you.

    • Except the rumor is that Georgia wants to keep some slots open this year because the in-state 2013 class is so strong that Richt wants as many as five coming in as EEs in Jan 2013.

      • Skeptic Dawg

        That sounds great in theory. However, this program needs to build depth now. By leaving offers in your pocket, you are playing shorthanded. Given that this program does not over sign, one could argue that the Dawgs are already behind the 8 ball. Add that “next year” is never a given for anyone, why tie one hand behind your back?

      • Keese

        28/25 rule would limit to 3 early enrollees if at 25 limit correct?

  16. Will Trane

    Senator, I’m sorry. I was thinking about those guys who journey across the state to Atlanta for about 40 days to pass legislation. I can remember that some from high school days at the youth assembly.

    Baseball. Hear the AD / Board are planning on some renovations. The best thing those guys can do is put Chad Holbrook in the dugout. Amazed how USC has done since he joined their staff in 08 from UNC. And of baseball at the MLB level I would like to see Gordon Beckham at 2B at Camden Yards.

    Please accept my deepest aplogoy again Senator. If you would run I’d vote for you and I would not think we’d these kind of issues.

    • shane#1

      Well, the Senator has a law degree so a jaunt in the ATL is not out of the question. I certainly don’t see how he could hurt anything as a lawmaker for THIS state. How about it Senator, care to throw your hat in the ring?

  17. Cojones

    Can’t you just see the naming gifts we would be given if Chester enrolled and played in his first year :”Chester the Molester”(insensitive, but funny considering who he is molesting as SEC linemen), “Browned by Chester”, etc. But if he had a visa and applied for citizenship, we could call him “The Alien” until he raises his hand.

  18. Just Chuck

    Admission to UGA is pretty competitive. In banning aliens are we saying if you were born here, you aren’t as good as those who were born elsewhere?

    • Biggus Rickus

      That depends on whether or not the University applies racial preferences to admissions, which I assume they do despite their official policy of doing so being ruled unconstitutional.

      • Spence

        Why would you assume that then? Have you been on UGAs campus? Do you know how few minorities are there? Let’s just say the football team is not representative.

        • Biggus Rickus

          I am aware of that fact. However, I also know that it’s gospel in academia that racial diversity provides a certain je ne sais quois to education, so I suspect they factor race into admission decisions.

          • adam

            That is simply not true. Race hasn’t been a part of UGA’s undergraduate admissions process for a little over a decade.

  19. W Cobb Dawg

    Not sure how to gauge our recruiting efforts this year. I thought the staff was a bit lazy for the 2nd half of 2011 – had me concerned whether we’d even hit 20 recruits. But now I’m pretty psyched about how they’re working overtime to close strong. Although we only have 16 verbal commits as I write, I expect at least 23 signed letters of intent on Wednesday evening.

  20. I wanna Red Cup

    I wouldn’t put much stock in MaconDawg’s projections since he doesn’t know where Boykin went to high school. Fayette County and not Tucker.

  21. For Chesters’ Parents;

    Mr/Mrs. Brown; I can say for certain that all you need to do to get Chesters’ legal BC is to go to the County or Parrish Courthouse in the County he was born, you need to take only 3 legal documents, more might not hurt in case his jurisdiction may not take some of them; namely:- 1- Holy Bible(one with family records in it.) 2- Insurance Papers- with his name and/or parents name, their & his date of birth, 3- School records, a witness(someone present { old enough to be knowledgeable of the birth]. There are others that are acceptable, such as Baptisimal Records, any Court records, etc. If there really is no valid copy as she knows of, she can call the local “Clerk Of Court” and get exactly what she will need to have to take with her to get it. She will probably have to pay a fee to get it; i don’t really know about that. The reason i know this is it happened to me. I went to a small 2 room School til 10 y/o, transferred to another County, but not State when my mother died & i was entering the 5th. grade i went to live with my sister who was already married and she took me in and had to do all that stuff, or part of it. She took my Dad’s Bible, had my School records, and she was 16 y/o when i was born, so that was all she needed. It should not be too hard for him to get one if he truly does not have one; but cannot fathom that he does not have one nor never had one; ‘LOST IT’ maybe, but “NEVER”??… NO WAY…