The end of an era

So much for the Wild Elf Formation.

Seriously, Thomas proved himself to be a ferocious blocker last season.  There are a few of his former teammates who could take his effort in that department to heart.

Best of luck to you, Carlton.


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27 responses to “The end of an era

  1. Rival

    I guess this mean writers will have to dial back their mention of RB depth as a positive.


  2. charlottedawg

    Best of luck Carlton, we’ll always remember the Auburn game. Guy might’ve been undersized but still a DGD. Although, hopefully our running backs are so good we won’t miss him at all.


  3. shane#1

    Oh crap, there goes UGA’s running game between the tackles!


  4. GoDawgs

    thats strange, cause he was in class today…


  5. Bubs

    Won’t be missed. Sounds harsh and maybe it is, but honestly, he won’t be missed unless the plague hits all of our other RBs.


  6. A good blocker. Not a full time every down back but a DGD.
    When healthy he could run between the tackles as well & as sucessfully as any of the other backs.
    Again, It was execution (blocking) not play calling.that was the problem.


    • Cojones

      You hit it. You need only look at Ore for success of a small back. Thomas and Harton both have the goods to perform well behind a line that can open a quick hole. Reappearance from behind a big line is a great advantage for a runner when he is picked up late by the D.

      Hope he heads for the Valdosta State Blazers.


  7. JasonC

    A week ago, I posted on LHB that K.Marshall had a better chance of significantly affecting Thomas’ playing time than Crowell’s because they are both smaller, speed guys.

    I wonder if Thomas can still play this season if he transfers- FCS maybe?


  8. Mayor of Dawgtown

    Where’s he going? Anyone?…..Bueller?


  9. Harrogate

    DGD and best of luck. Will always remember the Auburn game. He had a few great runs in him, and as a little guy he seemed utterly fearless to throw a stiff block or lower his head and run into (over?) bigger LBs or Safeties.


  10. 69Dawg

    Never understood the lack of love for CT. He just did what was asked of him and to a great extend did it well. He was probably the best back to run between the tackles because the holes were so small only he could get through them.

    DGD sorry to see him go.


  11. Dog in Nam

    thanks for a job well done Carlton….always played hard and fearlessly….a tough man….best wishes at your new school and in everything you do


  12. StirBaby's ManPiece

    If he had gotten half the opportunity Samuel has, and were effectively utilized in space, we’d be talking about how excited we are for his Senior season. Instead he rode the pine.

    The most obnoxious waste of his talent was trotting Logan Grey out to fair catch punt after punt for two full years, when he was ideally suited as a returner.

    I’ve never seen a more exciting highschool highlight tape than Carlton Thomas’s. Additionally, he came from one of the recruiting hotbeds in Florida – I fear that messing his career up, as our position coaches and coordinators did, might have subtle but longer term negative implications in the Pahokee/Glades region of Florida. I hope I’m wrong…

    He should have been granted some of the opportunities that Ealey, C. King and ESPECIALLY Samuel were given.

    Not sure what category he fits in: K. Tripp, D. Ware? Underutilized, but never asked to play out of position. As a fan a frustrating career to see so mis-used.


  13. Spike

    ManPiece.. He was from Frostproof, Fl., not the Glades. I wouldn’t go so far as to say Frostproof is a recruiting hot bed. But CT is a DGD who played hard.


    • Comin' Down The Track

      I’m not sure I agree with the not-a-hot-bed thing. My school used to play Frostproof in basketball, and I went to a 1-A Private school in Lakeland, FL. Now, Frostproof used to smoke us, but they were no Lakeland, Kathleen or Lake Gibson High Schools (all in Lakeland and all 4-A or 5-A football factory high schools that churn out FBS players).

      Polk county being the largest county in the state with the cities Lakeland and Frostproof being in the same county (about an hour and a half apart (counties are huge in Florida)), an argument could be made that Frostproof is, at least, near a recruiting hotbed.


  14. TomReagan

    He had a bit of trouble off the field, but from what I understand it was for things that guys like Bill Stanfill and Jake Scott made a part of their daily lives. What good is being a college football player if you can’t sneak a girl or three into your room after hours?

    On the field, he stuck his head in there and fought, and he did what the coaches asked of him. There’s nothing more you can ask out of a player than that.

    I hate to see a guy like him miss out on what could be a great final season, but these boys have much more going on in their lives than playing for a football team. Good luck to him.


  15. WarD Eagle

    I heard he was transferring to AU, but couldn’t be stopped and ended up in Baton Rouge.


  16. Spike

    Track.. Ok. Maybe Frostproof is NEAR a hot bed IF you consider the Lakeland-Bartow-Polk City-Auburndale area as such. But it is not near the Pahokee area is my point. I’ve been to Frostproof. It is hot there. Just not a hotbed of recruiting.


    • Comin' Down The Track

      Fair enough, Spike, and you’re right, the Glades thing was way off. Like I said, Polk County is enormous. I was just pontificating on whether or not the coaching staff was trying to slip in the side door of the county by starting in Frostproof hoping to get in on some of that sweet Lakeland High nectar which has long been a Gator stronghold (Wayne Peace, Chris Rainey, etc.).


  17. Spike

    Track.. Fair enough. You gotta like the “Dreadnaught” nickname!


  18. Russ

    Damn good Dawg. Best of luck to him wherever he winds up. I loved watching him stone a blitzing LB.