Name that caption, who peed in your cornflakes edition

Two not-so-happy campers:

(Dale Zanine/US Presswire)

Oh, and I’m taking “we blame Bobo” off the table here.  Other than that, have at it in the comments.


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50 responses to “Name that caption, who peed in your cornflakes edition

  1. Dorothy Mantooth

    You mean we can’t blame Bobo anymore?

  2. Jrod1229

    Shocker Alert!!! Rambo gambled and got burned

  3. JasonC

    At the announcement that Penn Wagers will work all of UGA’s games in the 2012 season.

  4. The other other Doug

    Damn you Honey Badger!!! We should have given a $hit!!!!!!!!

  5. Beard Dawg

    “Seriously, 13 months? I thought he said 13 minutes. Damnit.”

  6. bulldogbry

    Can you believe they’re keeping SOD another year? Me neither.

  7. Brian Dawg

    Why are there so many troopers guarding Coach Franklin?

  8. Bard Parker

    Michael Adams decided to stay

  9. Can #79 stay onside? Get ready, defense!

  10. Irishdawg

    Lou Holtz is reporting from our sideline this game? Damn, we didn’t bring rain gear.

  11. onceadawg

    I thought for sure THAT field goal would go in.

  12. Bubs

    Coaches, do your best impersonation of all our opponents faces in 2012. Perfect.

  13. Bogey Dawg

    what does it take to get a contract extension around here!

  14. bulldogbry

    McGarity send you a Christmas card? Me neither.

  15. Uglydawg

    “If he looks over here, give him the choke sign”.

  16. DawgGoneIt

    Cerberus plans the fate of the Dawg’s opponents this season.

  17. William

    I still see a few a few offensive players standing! We are extremely dissappointed in you guys!

  18. mwo

    They painted Russ’s ass white again?

  19. DCDawg

    Can you think of a good play call for 3rd and 56?

  20. Spike

    Hre’s looking at you, kid.

  21. You smell it too? Yeah, it was me. But since we’re on national TV, don’t look my way in disgust, Ok?

  22. DCDawg

    What stinks? Those guys in orange really do have issues with personal hygiene! I thought SOD was joking…wow…he’s not funny at all.

  23. MGW

    “Oh well, His will be done.”

    “Mother fucker!”

  24. hassan

    “Todd, you ever coach a kicker before? Care to give it a shot? I got nothin’ else to try.”

  25. RP

    I told you we should practice kickoff coverage.

  26. I told you so Mark. It is still Bobo’s fault. LOL

  27. Raleigh St. Clair

    Grantham: “I wonder why I decided to come to a school that effectively places itself on probation. Maybe it’s a good thig McGarity is dragging ass on my contract extension.”

  28. AusDawg85

    Richt: “Ok, we ran some clock with that Thomas dive play on 3rd & 15”

    Grantham: “Damn, Our guys have gotta hold our 1 point lead for the entire 2nd half again?”

  29. stoopnagle

    Did somebody say that we’re in Jacksonville? I knew it was a little muggy in here.

  30. Normaltown Mike

    The sign said “McRib is back”, how can you be sold out?

  31. Bulldog Joe

    Grantham: “Another second half collapse. When will you finally allow us to recruit as much depth as our competition and stop giving so many of our players the week off?”

    Richt: “13 months.”

  32. DCB Dawg

    (after watching another Special Teams meltdown):
    “Well, that sucks.”
    “Yeah, that really sucks.”

  33. Joe Nails

    Bryan Evans has another year of eligibilty?

  34. ugamelt

    “Psssst…Grantham, don’t believe that senator. This is totally Bobo’s fault!”

  35. Dawg19

    (Richt): “Todd, the next time I allow the players to talk me into different uniforms, just kick me straight in the balls…thanks.”

  36. cousin eddie

    UGA Head Coach Mark Richt and Deffensive Coordinator Todd Grantham look on in disgust as President Adams administers a drug test during a TV intermission.

  37. Go Dawgs!

    “Coach, if I’ve told them once, I’ve told them a thousand times… WAIT TO BUY YOUR WEED WHEN YOU GET THERE.”

  38. Slaw Dawg

    “ANOTHER TV time out?”

  39. raintdog

    “If you’ll let me call the offense too, I’ll get the GD job done Mark!”

  40. S.E. Dawg

    Damn Todd, here comes that Franklin guy again. Don’t worry Mark, I’m going to get all in his shit. When it’s all over he’ll come running to you like a wet chicken.

  41. Aligator

    What the #@^*?!?!?!?!?

  42. jdon6

    hes a Defensive lineman? running a touchdown? are you kidding me?