Our long director of on-campus recruiting nightmare is over.

Georgia hires a former high school coach to do the grunt work.

The interesting part of the job search was the apparent change in direction it took.

… The job has been open since last season. At first, Georgia seemed on the verge of hiring someone from the recruiting media: Analysts such as Jamie Newberg (Scout.com), Chad Simmons (Scout.com), Kipp Adams (ESPN.com) and Jake Rowe (Rivals.com) were among those who applied to UGA, according to records provided by the school.

But athletics director Greg McGarity changed the direction of the search, with head coach Mark Richt’s agreement, and a month later Jones was hired.

Anyway, welcome aboard, Daryl Jones.  I’m glad to see the position filled.


UPDATE:  Note this in passing as a comparison.

Maybe I shouldn’t be as interested in the change of direction as I should be in why it took Georgia so long to go in any direction.



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17 responses to “Our long director of on-campus recruiting nightmare is over.

  1. DawgGoneIt

    I hope he was able to count to 85 during the interview.


  2. Normaltown Mike

    I hope we don’t read next week that CMR took this guy for a ride on his motorcycle and wrecked.


  3. Bevo

    This should have happened a long time ago, but hopefully the right hire was made. I also hope this guy gets all the support staff and resources he needs to do the job right.

    The first two comments above are great, by the way.


    • dawgfan17

      When we were looking for a DC the process was drawn out and there were lots of complaints about what took so long. That seemed to work out well. I don’t know how this will turn out but I would rather time be taken to get things right than rushing things and getting them wrong.


  4. shane#1

    So, this guy can recruit better than a long legged blond female exactly how? If I was 18 again and a hot recruiting target I would be wondering who the new coach would be and where that blond went. I have no desire to be that age again, I barely survived the first go’round.


  5. William

    this move seems like a deliberate step at getting yourself rooted deeper in to the GA highschool scene. This guy is known through out the state by several other HS coaches and is porbably known by quite a few recruits. He has coached Under Armor games and probably has a good feel for the pulse of the Peach State scene. He might even be able to help in oepning new pieplines into other HS that UGA doesn’t ordinarly get into. No way to tell, but I consider it at least very intresting and hope this pans out well.


  6. Mayor of Dawgtown

    I think it is a great hire. (Hope that doesn’t jinx him.)


  7. Scorpio Jones, III

    Seems like we had a former high school coach of some repute in this job at some point before…forget his name.
    Maybe the change in direction was a result of the folks who applied.
    Jamie Newberg? So being a recruiting guru is not all that, huh?


  8. David

    As much as we all love to follow recruiting and hang on Jamie Newburg’s every word, I trust this guy to evaluate HS talent more than some of these recruiting gurus who are just a bunch of fans who found a niche profession in a field they love. Looks like a good hire. GO DAWGS!


  9. Ginny

    I’m sure this has already been mentioned somewhere, but this is the kind of hire I’d like to see Mark Fox make.


  10. Cojones

    Looks like this “new direction” hire is meeting with fan approval. Kinda like it myself.