The riddle of Georgia’s offense, in two charts

Per Steele, Georgia returns the 17th best percentage of offensive yardage in the nation… and the 110th best number of returning career offensive line starts.

Figure out which matters more, and you’ve probably got a decent handle on Georgia’s chances for success this year.


UPDATE:  Steele adds some context about Georgia’s returning yardage.



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14 responses to “The riddle of Georgia’s offense, in two charts

  1. Dawgfan Will

    Re: Career offensive line starts



  2. Red Blackman

    After years of studying the effect of OL starts on Georgia’s offensive production………..meh, who cares.

    We need real OT’s…….not converted guards

    We need guards that are mean, nasty drive blocking animals that don’t stop punishing folks until the whistle blows.

    We need a TE that is capable of crushing a LB and putting his head on a swivel for the entire game.

    We need Aaron Murray to be the model of consistency and poise.


  3. Macallanlover

    Right on. Returning starters have not proven a reliable indicator the past several seasons, we have been ineffective every year.


  4. Jason

    O-Line has not been good in a while even when there was experience. Also, its not like the new guys are just going to roll over. There will be growing pains but that’s part of it. Players leave every year and everyone always worries however it’s not like these guys have never played football before. I bet some of them turn out to be pretty good


  5. OV

    UGA put enough points on the board to beat Boise, SC, and Mich St, just couldn’t get enough defensive stops. LSU was just an overmatch, they won in all 3 phases: special teams mistakes, off turnovers and lousy defense.

    Defense needs to step up in those 3 o 4 big games per year.

    I blame Grantham.


  6. OV

    2011 was easy to analyze, no riddles.

    When we held the opposition to 30 points or less, we went 10-0.
    When we gave up 30 points or more, we went 0-4.


    • Macallanlover

      Way too simplistic. You may want to see how those teams got to 30+ points in those losses. Wasn’t the defense that gave those games away. Not excusing the drive at the end of the MSU loss,, but turnovers and STs were the culprits….along with an OL that didn’t allow us to run the clock in key situations.


  7. OV

    O-Line being among the 13 most inexperienced lines in the nation, is indicative of less wins this upcoming season, according to Garbin, close to a 90% chance we lose more games because of this than 2011.


  8. A lot of points being blamed on the defense is from interception gifts from the offense. Also, offense in those losses of 2011 had a lot of fast 3 and out due to poor offensive management resulting essentially to no rest for the defense.


  9. shane#1

    We won’t know until they snap their chin straps in September. All the stats in the world don’t matter. There was not a lot of game experience in 2007.


  10. E dawg

    We have to run the ball keep d rested for their jail breaks and all will be well.