The Birmingham News’ 66th annual Spring SEC Football Preview

It’s out.  Some of it’s not very surprising – the conference’s SIDs love them some Alabama and LSU…

and think Georgia and South Carolina are going to duke it out in the East.

But some of the names on the first and second preseason All-SEC teams are a little more interesting.  Alabama has three first team picks – all on offense.  Abry Jones makes the list; John Jenkins doesn’t.  Zac Stacy makes first team ahead of Knile Davis and Da’Rick Rogers does the same ahead of his teammate Justin Hunter.  Dismukes got plenty of accolades from his freshman year, but there are plenty of good centers in the conference this year.

And Clowney not only makes first team, but is named the best defensive lineman in the SEC.  Couple that with Lattimore as the leading Heisman candidate and you have to say that the OBC has benefited greatly from demographics, although you have to give him credit for stepping up the Gamecocks’ recruiting success.  A decade ago, I doubt either kid is wearing garnet and black.


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15 responses to “The Birmingham News’ 66th annual Spring SEC Football Preview

  1. The other other Doug

    Clowney would have been a Semihole. For some reason Bobby Bowden could recruit the Low Country.


  2. gatorhater27

    Clowney is not from the Low Country.


  3. Greg

    We play the bottom 4 and 5 of the bottom 6. Sad that we have to rely on the schedule to make us a slight favorite in the East. Better take advantage of it because it doesn’t get any better than this in the SEC. That said, screw Spurrier – what can’t he understand about a ROTATING schedule?


    • Rhino

      Makes me wonder just when Spurrier is going to retire… if he’s so desperate to try and have rules changed so he can get a championship to Cock land. How sweet would it be to be the ones to deny him at the end of his career- bookend to the one Mr. Stanfill and company denied him during his playing days.


  4. Heathbar09

    If I am reading those correctly, the west coaches think Alabama and Georgia will win their respective divisions, while the east coaches think that LSU and So. Carolina will win their divisions.


  5. 81Dog

    I find it hard to believe Lattimore is going to come back from a midseason ACL tear last year and pick right up where he left off this year. Best of luck to him, but S Carolina is going to ruin him if they arent careful.


  6. Demographics have nothing to do with it. SC has always produced these kinds of talents. A.J. Green ring a bell? The problem was that we didn’t land these players until very recently. Or if we did, it was because they were character risks that other programs were wary of, and who usually bombed when they got on campus. Lattimore and Clowney would have been playing for Tenn., Georgia, FSU, Auburn, etc., in the old days. We could go on and on about all the dominant talents who went on the NFL from SC but who chose against the Gamecocks for an out-of-state school on signing day.


    • I should add that it definitely is true that the state has had a couple of very good crops over the past few years, but again, this isn’t too far out of the ordinary.


    • Demographics have nothing to do with it? How many five star recruits from outside the state has Spurrier signed?


      • You’re misreading me. (And I might be misreading you.) I took you to be saying that Spurrier has been lucky to fall into unnaturally good in-state recruiting classes (maybe not what you’re saying?), and I’m saying that SC has had many good in-state recruiting classes, but that Carolina has rarely been able to capitalize on them for various reasons. One of Spurrier’s greatest successes at Carolina has been locking down in-state recruiting. It’s always been there, but it used to be split between Clemson and out-of-state powers.

        Also, don’t look now, but Spurrier’s staff is killing it in Georgia. Can’t recall many times prior to the last cycle when Carolina could come into GA and beat UGA for a recruit.