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It’s not like you’ve got anything better to watch today.

Munsonless, but wonderful.

Thirty-plus years later, it still amazes me seeing fans on the field celebrating with the players during a game.


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Georgia and Steele’s Power Ratings

Phil Steele uses a mysterious set of nine power ratings to come up with his list of top forty schools each season.  He describes one of those in his mags, but we don’t know his method for the rest.  However, he has posted a list of all the schools which show out on them, in terms of all that project to no worse than one-loss seasons.

Georgia projects as one of his nine teams which could go undefeated.  You’d have to think that power rating has something to do with scheduling, as Steele doesn’t list Alabama as one of those nine schools.

What most of his power ratings indicate, though, is an 11-1 season for the Dawgs, with the sole loss coming in Jacksonville – and that loss costing Georgia the SEC East title.  That makes me curious, though.  11-1 in the SEC is a season good enough for a BCS game; with no SECCG, would that suffice to make Georgia fans happy about the direction of the program?  What do you guys think?

(By the way, if Tennessee goes 11-1 this year, I’ll have to perform a random, senseless act here at the blog as penance for all the aspersions I’ve cast SOD’s way.  Don’t make me debase myself like that, Vols.  Please.)



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Playoff tidbits

A few playoff-related odds and ends probably not worth full-blown posts on their own:

  • Yeah, this piece is a little over the top on the jealousy end, but there is something unfair about asking student-athletes to play another game without anything being delivered in return.
  • From a Syracuse blogger, this may be the most devious justification for an expanded playoff I’ve read:  “But college football would be smart to put itself in a situation where the team that gets “snubbed” is as far away from No. 1 as possible.”  Jim Boeheim would be proud.
  • There are all kinds of traditions associated with bowls.  Some of ’em even cost us money.
  • It’s tempting to see Nebraska’s Harvey Perlman as college football’s Don Quixote on the subject of the plus-one.  But keep in mind he’s the sole Big Ten representative sitting on the Presidential Oversight Committee.


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“A man working outdoors… feels more like a man… drinking a bottle of suds.”

It works in the movies, doesn’t it?


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