Playoff tidbits

A few playoff-related odds and ends probably not worth full-blown posts on their own:

  • Yeah, this piece is a little over the top on the jealousy end, but there is something unfair about asking student-athletes to play another game without anything being delivered in return.
  • From a Syracuse blogger, this may be the most devious justification for an expanded playoff I’ve read:  “But college football would be smart to put itself in a situation where the team that gets “snubbed” is as far away from No. 1 as possible.”  Jim Boeheim would be proud.
  • There are all kinds of traditions associated with bowls.  Some of ’em even cost us money.
  • It’s tempting to see Nebraska’s Harvey Perlman as college football’s Don Quixote on the subject of the plus-one.  But keep in mind he’s the sole Big Ten representative sitting on the Presidential Oversight Committee.


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4 responses to “Playoff tidbits

  1. Cojones

    Thanks for Sean Keeley’s (Syracuse blogger) article. You knew he went down the road I’m on, but his deductions stand to be perceived better than mine. Looks like the football world, devious justifications and all, has a parallel lane outside gtp.

    For all who consider that too many games would be by unprepared athletes (unprepared for the longer haul) think of the number of games they play each senior’s year and with star studded teams playing before college and the NFL. For argument’s sake, I concede that you can pile on too many games, but consider they are going straight to the NFL that plays 16 games plus league playoffs each year. Might as well get prepared for that at this level since the champ teams will send a lot of players to the NFL. I think they are in good shape to play 3 more games, but think the players should be consulted for input as to how they think they may fare.


    • Cojones

      And the paradign for NFL playoffs doesn’t match the excitement of achievement by college football players. You can throw the loyalty of a college experience in there as well. It’s different and much more exciting. Achievement also comes from the SEC teams we beat and, Tech, just for good-old-fashioned hate.



    I stopped giving a damn about Syracuse when they pussed out and dropped “men” from Orange.


  3. Macallanlover

    Unfair to ask them to play another game, a national title game that could give them more exposure on a huge stage to NFL teams that might pay them millions? Reminds me of small minds who ask for overtime when being asked to attend a company award dinner. Yes, there are people who look for every conceivable way to milk more out of each single life situation, others look at the pure joy of being good at a game that should be thrilling, and fun.