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Home games, Greg McGarity just wants to pump… (clap)… you up!

Dawg fans, if you can’t have a better home schedule, at least you’ll be able to bring your iPad to Sanford Stadium to play with when you get bored.

… Georgia’s McGarity says he thinks the next big trend will be in technology, as schools tailor their new facilities around the iPad generation’s needs and incorporate increased fan connectivity into their game-day experiences.

“That’s the challenge all schools face in whatever they design for the future — keeping up with the kids and what’s important to baby boomers like me,” McGarity said. “You have to make sure you’re ahead of the curve as much as you can possibly be.”

And that means, like an amusement park, the power programs will continue to build more and more new attractions every year.

Anything to take your mind off the home team’s 40-point lead in the third quarter against Directional State A&M, I guess.

How many season tickets do you think this’ll sell?



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Why I don’t follow recruiting closely.

This is the most Michael Carvell tweet ever.


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“Everything is still on the table.”

Don’t tell me you’re surprised by this.  The idea that the commissioners, who hit the brick wall that we saw coming, are now going to turn this over to the presidents for resolution is high comedy.  Bernie can always use another opportunity to threaten the Big Ten on exactly how it’s gonna be.

I must say that Andy Staples’ faith is touching.

The commissioners will meet again next week in Chicago. That meeting probably will unfold in a fashion similar to Wednesday’s conclave. Barring a miracle, don’t expect any grand pronouncements or puffs of smoke next week, either. At some point this summer, the commissioners and university presidents will put their heads together, hammer out an agreement and push the sport forward.

If you have any doubts, simply repeat after me.

They aren’t that stupid.

Hey, stop laughing.  He’s serious… I think.  And if by “that stupid”, he means they won’t walk away from bidding out the title game, he’s also right.  As to the rest, well, yeah, they are.

And while we’re on the topic of stupid, I think it best to just leave this alone.


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At Alabama, they have staff for this.

Evidently Greg McGarity’s reorganization of Mark Richt’s job responsibilities has given the man more time to stop and smell the roses, so to speak.


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Friday morning buffet

Just like George Costanza, the buffet is back, baby!

  • Sonny Dykes doesn’t think Ole Miss and Mississippi State have better players than his Louisiana Tech team.
  • Here’s something I did not know:  in 1989, the American Football Coaches Wives Association was created to provide “camaraderie, support, information and service.”
  • Patrick Garbin points out something I think most of us suspected – Phil Steele isn’t that hot a predictor of how teams fare nationally.  (Although Steele’s been better on calling the SEC East’s pecking order.)
  • I’d love to hear Jimmy Sexton explain the difference between college and pro coaches contracts.
  • Sometimes, I wonder if I’m missing something.
  • “No offense,” he said, “but this will be perfect for the bathroom.”  I’m not sure if that’s a metaphor for something, but it probably ought to be.
  • Here’s a follow up on that story about the Memphis player who’s overcome reading challenges to be on the verge of earning a degree.
  • Mark Emmert isn’t worried about a “splintering of the NCAA”.  Blissful ignorance or informed opinion?  You tell me.
  • TAMU’s Kevin Sumlin talks about transitioning to the big, bad, fast SEC.
  • Brian Fremeau thinks three teams in the SEC East have a shot at a national title this season.
  • How do schools pay for improvements to their athletic facilities?  Kristi Dosh counts the ways.


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