You know you’re pretty good looking… for an SEC East team.

Even some of the guys who pitched in on last year’s SECCG shellacking think the East is stepping up this season.

Certainly, LSU has taken notice of how much tougher its schedule now looks with apparent improvement of the Gators and Gamecocks.

“The SEC is as strong as ever. The last few years it was in the West. This year, we have teams executing on both sides. That’s how it should be,” said LSU offensive lineman Josh Dworaczyk, whose six years (including two redshirt years) at LSU have spanned most of the SEC’s streak of national titles. “This year, it looks like the East is as strong as ever.”

LSU defensive end Barkevious Mingo was a major part of the Tigers squad that blew out the Bulldogs in the second half of last season’s SEC title game. He said he would be surprised to see the winner of the West win that contest by more than four touchdowns this December.

“It definitely will be a real game in Atlanta,” Mingo said. “You have Florida, South Carolina, Georgia. Those teams are pretty good — really good, not pretty good.”

We’ll know soon enough if they’re right.  After Towson tonight, LSU faces Florida and South Carolina in the following two weeks.



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3 responses to “You know you’re pretty good looking… for an SEC East team.

  1. ScoutDawg

    People forget for some reason the Easts’ historical strength. Welcome, hopefully, to the regression to the mean.


    • Macallanlover

      Tell it, Brother! The East has won more titles and has never been close to being a patsy. This is all drummed up by a media who has the mind span of 30 minutes, a team looking for respectability (Arky), and a bunch of whining SC fans led by their whiney, sniffling HC. Arkansas lost to every above average team they faced last year, and folded again this year. They still play defense like they are in the old Big 12, never had they had a championship defense in the 20 years they have been in the SEC. SC is damned lucky they have Arky as an every year rival instead of Auburn. Since when does SC have the creds to set the conversation on CFB? STFU.


  2. E dawg

    We will win this year , no bs , no jinx, we have it together finally.