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There’s game prep. And then there’s game prep.

Check out what Washington brought to today’s practice in preparation for this week’s game at LSU.


Sure would have loved to have seen the Washington players’ faces when they came to practice and caught that.



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Blame Bobo? Not Mark Richt.

For any of you laboring under the illusion that one day Mark Richt is going to wake up, see the light, escort Mike Bobo out of Athens and hire A Real Offensive Coordinator, this article is going to come as a body blow of a reality check.

“The bottom line is we still believe in having a fullback in the game, running the ball and having the play-action pass that comes along with it,” Richt said.

Richt is never going to apply for admission to HP’s Gang of Six, sports fans.

“I’ve coached offensive football long enough to know that whatever you do, if you execute it well, then you’re going to move the ball and you’re going to score points. You’ve got to do what you believe in, and you’ve got to do what you think best suits your personnel. That’s really the main reason why we do it that way.

“It’s sound, fundamental football, and I think the more that people spread the field, the less that they’re able to handle some of the power running game that some people will bring.”

That is the sound of a man who’s awfully sure of what he wants to do on offense.  Regardless of who his coordinator may be.


UPDATE:  Jon Gruden and Matt Stafford don’t blame Bobo either.

“Our system here is similar to what we did at Georgia; a lot of the same concepts and just how we go about it,” Stafford said. “Being under center and being able to play in a pro-style offense in college benefited me a lot. That was a big part of my decision to come to Georgia.”

Stafford said he stays in close touch with Bobo, exchanging text messages weekly and talking football over the phone.

“I love him as a play-caller and as a coach,” Stafford said. “I had him in his first couple of years [as play-caller] and I think he’s gotten better every year. I watched them last year and I thought they were moving the ball great. Obviously Aaron had a great year. I’m excited to see what they can do this year.”


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“I’m feeling pretty comfortable we can get a few guys back that weren’t able to play this last game.”

I know that Richt comment was made in the context of the availability of Georgia’s injured players for this Saturday’s SEC opener, but I’d like to use it as an opportunity to riff on it to a related point – the length of the Ogletree suspension.

Obviously, Vasser and Commings aren’t playing and for the record, I think Rambo will be successful in his appeal such that his suspension will be cut to two games.  Ogletree is the mystery.  I’m optimistic that he plays, but there’s no guarantee of that.

Anyway, Richt’s coyness on the matter has opened him up to some frustration from the media, which is understandable.  But after watching the Buffalo game, I get what Richt is up to.  Georgia’s ability to police the middle of the field – covering the underneath throws to the tight end, the delayed quarterback runs, for example – is much stronger with Ogletree than without.  That’s not to say that Missouri’s coaches are idiots who can’t factor that into their game planning; of course they’re not.  But their ability to rely on those types of plays will be affected by Georgia’s choice of personnel.  And that’s not something they’ll know with absolute certainty until game time.

I don’t want to make too much of this.  For all I know, Richt’s gamesmanship could be mooted because either Missouri’s offense is good enough that it doesn’t matter who’s playing inside linebacker or Ogletree unfortunately isn’t allowed to suit up.  But in the meantime, if being tight-lipped gives Richt an edge, no matter how slight, why not?


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Show them the money.

I don’t know if you caught the news, but the plaintiffs in the O’Bannon suit have filed a motion asking the court to expand the scope of the claim dramatically.

… O’Bannon seeks a judge’s permission to expand the class action to include current D-I football and men’s basketball players. O’Bannon does not ask that current players be paid while in college. Instead, he wants a temporary trust set up for monies generated by the licensing and sale of their names, images and likenesses. Players could access those trusts at the completion of their collegiate careers. A star college quarterback like USC senior Matt Barkley, for instance, generates significant monies for USC and the Pac-12 Conference. Under O’Bannon’s proposed trust, when Barkley finishes his time at USC, he would receive money for four years’ use of his name, image and likeness. Under an economic formula proposed by O’Bannon, players would receive half of the NCAA’s broadcasting revenue and one-third of video game revenue, with the remainder of revenue staying with the NCAA, conferences and colleges.

I’m skeptical the judge will go along with this, but I can’t say this argument in particular doesn’t resonate.

… O’Bannon also dismisses the series of documents student-athletes are required to sign as part of their participation in college sports. These forms require student-athletes to accept the NCAA’s use of their name, image and licensing. If a player refuses to sign these forms, he will be deemed ineligible to play, which could jeopardize his athletic scholarship and ability to afford college. O’Bannon repudiates these forms as “contracts of adhesion” or unenforceable no-choice contracts.

Does anyone think any current football/basketball stars are likely to join O’Bannon’s suit?  It sure would be interesting if that happened.

No, that’s not a site ad.  It’s just a reminder.


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Fabris Invitational news

Congrats to monteithdawg, who managed to win the week one pool on the tiebreaker.  Yours truly is squarely in the middle of the pack with a mediocre 4-point week.  Which again is a good illustration of why I don’t bet on college football.

Week 2 picks are up, by the way.  All of this week’s games are on Saturday, so you’ve got plenty of time.


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Still Chantastic

It looks like Georgia Tech may have to reset a few of its 2012 goals.  Tough noogies.  But at least the Jackets have spiffy new unis!

Mark Bradley haz a sad.

StingTalk is its usual self.

Joe at Coaches Hot Seat Blog puts the blame for last night’s loss where it belongs – which is not on Tevin Washington’s shoulders.


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Musical palate cleanser: “… earned himself a vacation.”

For some reason, Missouri has elected to keep Sheldon Richardson away from the media.  So this golden oldie from 1970 goes out to you, Sheldon:

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