Broken crayon

Another talking point shattered.

Although I can’t figure out what would be tempting about that job in the first place…


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  1. Debby Balcer

    I have seen “fans” wishing he took it. I don’t understand how anyone wants him to go. UGA give the man a raise.

  2. James s

    The reason he might have done it, is to get out under Richts shadow to show people he is his own man. Glad he stayed.

  3. Lrgk9

    He got the job too early, before he was well seasoned.
    He has now grown into the job.

    Deserves a big raise.

  4. heyberto

    That’s not even a lateral move.

    • Russ

      That’s what I thought, too.

      • heyberto

        And I mean no disrespect to VT as a school or even a football program, but Off Coordinator in the SEC is way more valuable to your resume, than the same in the ACC. If UGA were the competitive equivalent of MSU or Kentucky, then maybe I’d revise that statement, but when you’re at a school that’s as competitive as UGA has been (particularly of late) you don’t jump ship to the ACC unless it’s just about money and UGA isn’t going to match. I don’t think that applies to Bobo. His next job will be a head coaching job.

  5. TxDawg

    I agree that move would not have made much sense for CMB. Perhaps if VT had tacked head coach in waiting onto the job title, but everyone knows that job belongs to Bud Foster the minute Frank retires.

    As stated by Debby, he is deserving of a raise.

  6. AthensHomerDawg

    Well goodness gracias Hijo de Sancho…. has it come full circle? So the crayon meme is shot and your hue and cry about the big hole that Garner is gonna leave is what???? Not so much? How many recruits did Mr. Thanksgiving Dinner cost us anyway? Still wanna talk about soccer? Start a soccer blog … call it what Jorts and Hominy.

    • Vinny76

      What does this mean?

      • Rick

        Don’t know, but I’d like to see this comment on a plaque, pronto. I’m thinking displayed on the base of a statue of Gary Busey, finger thrust confidently skyward.

        • Lrgk9

          A veritible granfaloon of a post…

        • Cojones

          And that’s one funny comment, Rick.

          Never heard of rothflmao? It’s great chronic grown on the western slopes of China’s Longdong Province and smuggled in using Fing Stretched Scooters (egg-shaped tires).

        • AthensHomerDawg

          It was a message to Hijo. I don’t think he has the pull here to post a warning to AHD and demand me to accept his warning on a blog that isn’t even his because I “disrespected him” there. Do you due diligence next time Hijo.
          Hijo this one is for you. “Proceed sir!”

          It’s off season…. its colorful.๐Ÿ˜‰ I think the Falcons missed again! And Fox may need a crayon but you won’t hear Hijo say it. Y is that?????

          • Debby Balcer

            Falcons won.

          • You are showing an immense inability you have to comprehend what you read. Why are you cluttering up the Senator’s blog with this crap?

          • And just so there’s no confusion, and while I’d rather not do this here, you’re pissant ways seem to require doing this somewhere other than the places you clearly know I write.

            It wasn’t a “warning” and said explicitly as much. But that just seems to go hand in hand with your perpetual reading comprehension issue. The system on SBN works that way, and if you have a problem with it, you can contact them. The Senator’s site doesn’t warrant your petty bitching and you continue to prove exactly what I said it was with your “Hijo” stupidty.

            As for the crayon nonsense, if you had any reading comprehension skills, you might be capable of recognizing the author of the “crayon meme” as you like to call it. But that would illustrate a level of intelligence you have repeatedly proven you lack. Which goes right in line with your complete inability to comprehend what I’d said regarding Coach Garner too. But hey, you’ve got your narrative, why deviate that even when reality shows otherwise. Same story, different verse on Fox, reading comprehension and your complete lack of it.

            But have fun farting in to the wind. Maybe someday you get over this obsession, because it can’t be healthy.

  7. RynoRedhawk

    Only thing I can think of is if Beemer were to name him Coach in Waiting.
    But that would be a huge slap in the face to Coach Foster.

  8. Irishdawg

    Georgia’s offense us going to ring teams up next year. Va Tech’s is going to look like a herd of starving mountain goats. Yeah, no surprise he’s staying.

  9. Skeptic Dawg

    I have been a member of the Bash Bobo tribe, and I am glad to see him getting offers. He produced big this season with 2 stellar RB’s at his side. I still believe he has held this offense back at times in the past (mainly Richt though). He will not leave Athens on his own accord. The guy loves Athens and UGA (and rightfully so), he has a truck load of kids, and he is paid relatively well. Bobo is here to stay as long a Richt is here. I enjoyed this season and a ton of that is due to the job Bobo did. “Pay that man his money.” GATA.

    • W Cobb Dawg

      I am also a recovering Bobo basher. Agree he had a great year and deserves all the praise he’s getting. He has come a long way the past two seasons.

  10. Go Dawgs!

    Man. It looks like a lot of y’all are commenting drunk tonight!

    Georgia fans are like a nagging wife… they remember every fault, even years later. Mike Bobo had one… ONE bad game this year. He didn’t have an answer for South Carolina. Otherwise, he has been brilliant. I am not surprised that an offensively challenged team came calling. The only appealing thing about VT would be a chance to see easier defenses and to prove that he’s his own man and not just Richt’s surrogate. That said, he is in a good place. He is at home and comfortable. It is going to have to be a big move up in the world for Mike to want to leave UGA. He has a team that might be competing for titles next year. His stock could be even higher next year. Pay the man.

    • Rick

      To be more specific, I would say he didn’t have an answer for Jadeveon Clowney and Devin Whatshisname. Other than that, best offensive season in the history of the program.

  11. What fresh hell is this?

    Nice Rounders reference SD. I even found myself reading that with a bizarre Russian accent.

  12. Brandon

    If the shootout losses and games where the defense buries us in the first quarter return next year, I am sure the Bobo bashing will too, damn shame but we’ve got a lot of morons though and their Bobo hatred runs deep.

  13. Jax

    So Va Tech thinks they can steal the dean of our business school and our offensive coordinator. Let me ask you something Hokies, why on earth would you think any of our coaches would leave Athens for your two-bit college town and has-been football program? As for Sumichrast, he’s going home to what will be his final job, good luck Robert.

  14. Cousin Eddie

    Beamer offered the job as a favor to Richt. This is the easiest way for Bobo to get paid. A few yrs ago Richt offered Foster the UGA DC job (a 4-3 guy while wanting a 3-4 guy) so Beamer could get Foster a nice raise. Just my consp. theory. Bobo, Richt and Beamer all new he wouldnt go just like Foster wasn’t coming to UGA.
    Or am i crazy

    • Russ

      One of the more interesting conspiracy theories out there. I give you an A for originality. Plus, it sort of makes a strange sense.

      • Cojones

        I’ll have to give it a “B” when comparing with Republican Conspiracies. If you read some during the election, you would know what I mean, right AHD?

        • Cousin Eddie

          Beamer use the UGA offer to get his DC a well deserved raise. At the time the talking heads would mention his low pay relative to other ACC coordinators.
          Richt needed help because Adams hates that coaches make more than some teachers so he would not be so easy to talk into a raise, i see McG needing approval for a bog jump in pay. Aren’t Richt and Beamer friends. I remember a story about Mrs. Beamer being in the hospital close by and the Richts visiting often.
          Mot saying Bobo isn’t deserving and he would be an upgrade to what VT had this yr.

        • Normaltown Mike

          9/11 was an inside job because Bush held hands with King Abdullah, no?

          • AthensHomerDawg

            Your up Cojones……

            • Cojones

              That’s a GOP conspiracy? That would probably be correct. That’s where the goode ones arise.

              Has everyone sobered up yet or are yall just gettin’ tuned up for the Inauguration?

  15. What did they do, offer him a million dollars? How else would you even propose swapping Athens for Blacksburg, with a straight face anyway?

  16. I am also a former CMR brasher, but not any more, he had a excellent 2012 season as OC, pay up UGA!