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Just say no, Todd.

It’s well-known that Grantham’s contract doesn’t contain a buyout provision in the event the coach elects to go back to the NFL as a defensive coordinator.  Apparently in Chip Towers’ mind that means any time a NFL defensive coordinator position opens up, Grantham is automatically in the mix unless he issues a specific denial.  Silence is offensive.

I am not making this up.

At this point, we can’t be sure. Since Grantham’s contract allows him to leave UGA without penalty for an NFL coordinator’s job (or a head coach’s job), we can only assume he’d be interested any such position. And, again, he’s not saying anything. So until the Eagles or Saints hire someone, or Grantham speaks up, we can’t be sure whether Grantham is actually up for those jobs or not.

UGA Athletic Director Greg McGarity said both Thursday and Friday that contact between Grantham and any other teams has not been disclosed to him, as is contractually required from Grantham. [Emphasis added.]  Grantham has a two years left on a three-year contract with Georgia that pays him $825,000 a year. Including bonuses from this past season, Grantham will have made about $1 million this past year. So one would think he’d be careful not to violate the terms therein.

Of course, Grantham could solve the NFL mystery with a single statement, but none has been forthcoming. And none of the reasons for his silence are very flattering, in my opinion.

You know what happens when you assume, Chip.  Maybe Grantham’s next contract should contain a requirement that he disclose his plans to you as well as McGarity.


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