Our broadcast partner thinks it would be a good idea if…

We’re being promised quality product on the SEC Network.  The question is, if they’re sincere about that, how do they deliver it?  You can probably guess the answer:

The key for getting good games on the network: Balanced scheduling. One source said the league plans to avoid stacking games – in other words, four marquee football games one week, only one or two the next. Spreading the wealth over a 14-week will be imperative.

Naturally, a nine-game league football schedule could help with this. And maybe the SEC will go that route eventually.

If you don’t think ESPN and CBS are pounding Slive on close to a daily basis about this, you’re dreaming.  I still think this is coming down to a math issue for the conference ADs:  TV revenue versus loss of revenue from a seventh home game.  But if the projection of $28 million per team turns out to be accurate, there’s plenty coming in to make up for the ticket revenue loss.



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  1. Dog in Fla

    Disney Sprinkles Fairy Dust on people other than N1CK to prepare for launch of New SEC Network N1NE-Game League Football Schedule.



    9 SEC games is not good for UGA, FL AND SC.


    • cube

      Why? We’ll still have 3 out-of-conference slots to squeeze in the Tech game.


    • Cojones

      Lot to think about in that statement, PTC.


      • PTC DAWG

        Well, our other SEC Rivals will play 3 double directional schools. ALL at home mind you.


        • As if Tech has proven any more difficult than that over the years?

          Personally, I think we go to 9 games once the network starts and current OOC obligations begin to expire. They’ll want the extra product to increase revenue from the new network, combined with all the basketball, baseball, and other sports that can fill hours in the winter, spring, and summer.


        • cube

          I’d be willing to bet that Saban will still want to play in Atlanta/Dallas every year.


      • Dog in Fla

        Which can only mean that getting a win each season against a Genius is easier than getting a win each season against a Jimbo or a Dabo.


    • Macallanlover

      Why PTC? Nine SEC games is good for all of CFB, especially UGA fans. Heck, 10 is even better. (perhaps we could negotiate an automatic spot in the playoffs for the winner of any power conference that plays 10, or more, conference games!) Garbage games should be banned for all teams nationally, but the chance to pick up another SEC game is precious. It especially is better for us because SC has an advantage with traditionally weak Arkansas as their Western opponent each year while we have to play Auburn who is not only better than Arky year-in and year-out, but will cheat more than any other team in the conference and spare no effort in covering it up while their entire administration and fanbase seems willing to cheer them on. Nice place to send your kids to get prepared for life.

      If we want a “trophy” you can buy them at any reputable sportings goods place, the “crystal ball” is only $25K. Let’s play football and stop letting the process keep us from putting a better product on the field. I really don’t think there is much question where the best CFB is played so why waste Saturdays on Division 2 and directional schools. Love this September schedule, you can be proud of coming out of the gate playing quality opponents and kicking their tails.


  3. paul

    I believe Slive is holding the line on this for now so he still has at least one card to play when the SEC inevitably wants to renegotiate the contract a few years down the road. He has to have something the networks want or he has no leverage. It would appear that in the short run at least, the nine game schedule is about all the SEC has left to offer that ESPN doesn’t already own.


  4. SouthGaDawg

    8 games, 9 games, whatever…just remember that the Worldwide Leader is now calling the shots. Can you imagine CBS telling the Masters what to do? In the words of Uncle Si…Naw. But this deal with the 4 letter sounds like is the opposite. Be careful what you wish for SEC.


  5. Coastal Dawg

    A nine game conference schedule with a 4 home, 4 away and one neutral site game would be great for us since we already have the traditional game in Jax. The host cities will pony up big bucks, it is good pr for the conference and a good trip for the fans. Jax, Charlotte, Houston or Dallas, Little Rock, Memphis, Bham or Alt would work.


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