Now he’s just screwing with us.

I love Phil Steele for the massive amount of data accumulation he bombards us with every year, but there are times when he pushes the analytical envelope a little too far.  This is one of those times.

The Final 14 Teams Who Fit the
National Championship Mold in 2013


Notre Dame


Ohio St

Florida St



South Carolina



North Carolina

Texas A&M



I will eat whatever hat Mr. Steele cares to furnish if Vandy winds up closer to a national title game than Georgia does this season.


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20 responses to “Now he’s just screwing with us.

  1. Go Dawgs!

    To say nothing of Northwestern?! North Carolina?!


    • Go Dawgs!

      And before we lend too much credence to his theory, here’s his list from last year: Alabama, Florida St, LSU, Michigan, Michigan St, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Carolina, Stanford and Texas.

      I don’t see Notre Dame on that list and they played in the BCS Title Game. I also don’t see Georgia, a team that finished five yards or one tipped pass away from taking Alabama’s spot in the national championship game. I also don’t see Texas A&M, the team that beat Alabama or Florida, another SEC team in the national title conversation last year.


    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Yeah. Vandy, Northwestern, North Carolina and for that matter Michigan (which ain’t winning sh!t) plus Oregon (new coach) and Stanford (which is about to fall back to earth). I also do not see ND pulling off the magic act again this year. What’s Steele smoking?


  2. I just read his post on this and cracked up. As you said, sometimes numbers can go too far.


  3. mdcgtp

    its not about numbers going too far….it is confusing causation and correlation. there is a difference between the two.


  4. Ubiquitous Ga Alum

    Vandy & Northwestern … College Quiz Bowl?


    • Cojones

      Vandy may be tougher, but don’t rate the lofty thoughts. Northwestern is different. They are a good hope for clipping Criar’s Weedeaters this year.


  5. DawgPhan

    If you look at specifically why UGA didnt make the cut I think that we would all agree that we need to see huge improvement in that area if the Dawgs are going to make a run.

    UGA was cut due to their run defense. I dont think that anyone would disagree that we sucked at stopping the run.


    • David K

      Agreed. If we give up 180 yards per game on the ground again like last year then most likely we won’t be playing for it all.


    • plcox

      yea but last year alabama was the one everyone was worried about replenishing their defense …maybe..just maybe..this year GA has a rabbit in it’s hat…last year everyone was trying to make the highlight reel instead of working together..maybe this no name defense can pull off what bama did last year..would be nice !!!!


  6. “Lies, Damn Lies & Statistics”


  7. Honey you look fabulous! 🙂