Jesse Palmer’s pretty funny when he’s being dead serious.

I don’t think Aaron Murray played badly against Clemson, but he’s certainly not immune from criticism (even he admits there was room for improvement).  And while I don’t necessarily agree with some of the full-throated blame that’s been directed his way for the game’s outcome, I can still understand the frustration.  Because none of it’s been as detached from reality as this:

“I put that game on Aaron,” said Palmer, who played quarterback for the Gators from 1997-2000. “He just left so many huge plays on the field. He’s got to make better throws. He just wasn’t very accurate. He just wasn’t putting the ball in the strike zone. They could have had 800 yards of offense in that game. I’m being dead serious.”  [Emphasis added.]

Just to put that assertion into context, last year was a record year of offensive production for the Dawgs.  Even so, Georgia’s top offensive yardage number was 713.  Against Florida Atlantic.  Georgia ran 70 plays against Clemson.  Murray and Company would have had to average almost 11.5 yards per play to hit 800 total yards – and you have to assume the average would be even higher, since Palmer pointed to several plays that should have picked up big yards, if not touchdowns.

Georgia’s not going to rack up those kinds of numbers against North Texas, let alone Clemson, so it’s kind of hard to take Palmer’s seriousness seriously.


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  1. Bulldog Joe

    Hey, Jesse is Canadian. Cut him some slack with the imperial measures.

  2. Math man

    I’m no math major, nor have I review the “tape”, but it seems that if he is serious, he’s only asking for Murray to complete 3 more passed ( going 23-29) and those passes would’ve gone for an average of 85 yrds per reception. Kinda a big ask, emi right?

  3. Rick

    Big talk for a guy whose career passer rating at florida is a full 20 points below Murray’s performance on Saturday (153 to 133).

    • The Lone Stranger

      This brings the situation all the way back home I think! Palmer couldn’t stick with the Argonauts for the love of Buddha (not literally of course).

  4. Debby Balcer

    He needs a reality check. What a tool.


    Simply a Gator being a Gator. Move along.

  6. I don’t think he’s that far off, though. UGA should have put up 650 and that’s without too much being different.

    • Piper

      i tend to agree with this. had they been able to convert a few more third downs there in the 2nd and 3rd quarter, the yardage (and point) totals could’ve easily been much higher. That being said, it’s hardly on aaron murray.

      • Irwin R Fletcher

        Just so I’m straight on this…we’ve made the definition of ‘should have’ into ‘played almost perfect with no mistakes against a top 5 team on the road.’ He was 20-29 for 323 yards and 1 INT…the only real knock is that he didn’t throw a TD (and that’s only because of a horse collar tackle and a tip toe out of bounds…and that we called zero passes on 3 consecutive shots at the end zone from the 5). You guys and Jesse Palmer go back to playing video games. This is reality.

        • Irwin R Fletcher

          Just as some context, Murray’s completion percentage against Clemson was only the 6th time since 2007 that Clemson has allowed 69% completion percentage or better. Jesse Palmer can eat a bowl.

        • Will (the other one)

          I know 500+ yards against any top 10 team’s D is nice and all, but that doesn’t mean the offense couldn’t have done more. Other than the series vs. Clemson’s prevent D, we had one series where we looked crisp on every play, plus the Gurely drive. The #s were good, but the offense largely looked “off” vs. last year to my eyes. Even the timing on the handoff to the tailbacks seemed a bit out of synch a lot of the time.

          Not hanging all of that on Murray, but just because we had 500+ yards and 30+ points does not mean the offense was functioning at a high level for the entire game, and hopefully the coaches and players realize that, rather than patting themselves on the back over the yards and thinking cutting turnovers alone will fix things.

          • Irwin R Fletcher

            “Other than the series vs. Clemson’s prevent D, we had one series where we looked crisp on every play, plus the Gurely drive.”

            Oh…you mean they played defense? Riiiight.

            All I’m saying is that if there are people out there complaining that the offense didn’t do enough against Clemson to win the game, they are wrong. There are only two fair ways of painting the game on Saturday…in my opinion…we played well enough to win, but the sacks and penalties which resulted in turnovers and killed drives doomed us OR we played well enough on offense to win, but the defense couldn’t make the one big tackle/turnover/play that we needed to keep Clemson from scoring 40. Trying to carve up the offense in a completely subjective manner about crispness or ‘could’ve had 800 yards’ is just not rational.

            • Nick

              Way to look only at the end game stats and pay absolutely no attention to the actual play on the field in this game. Typical of our fans, ignore the issues and point to a big number that doesn’t mean anything. It’s “The Georgia Way”.

              Since when do yards win games? Silly me, I’ve always thought it was points and guess how many of those Murray put up? Zero. However, he did cost us points with that horrible INT and he gave points to Clemson with that fumble where he wasn’t protecting the ball.

              Yeah, CU “played defense”, except their D sucks. We made them look good last weekend, watch FSU hang 50 on them and then come back and tell me all about their great defense. This O should have been able to name the score in this game and they didn’t because the OL was soft, scared, and couldn’t block and Murray continued his habit of horrible situational play in big moments.

              Are you another of the fools that thought this young defense was going to go into Clemson, against one of the best offenses in CFB, and hold them to 14 points or something? That was never going to happen and anyone that thought it would is not in touch with reality. The fact we did hold them under 40 (should have been 31 if not for AM’s fumble), is a testament to this defense.

              Also, no “Well, if you have a defense, 21 points should win every game” comments, please…welcome to modern football where you sometimes do have score 40 to win the game. Something we knew we’d have to do coming into this game and the offense FAILED to execute.

              To be clear the OL bears most of the blame for this loss, but Murray is #2 on the list and not that far behind. We returned that entire unit and they went in there last Saturday and look like they had never played football in their lives. That is inexcusable and the offense (OL specifically) is the unit that failed us in this game, not the defense.

              • Technically, AM “put up” seven points. He scored the last TD.

              • IveyLeaguer

                Great post, Nick. And thanks for interjecting the point about total yards and scoring.

                Had Georgia’s offense been firing on all 8 cylinders, as it should have given it’s experience, there would have been 700 to 800 yards of total offense, something like that. I didn’t mention that because it seemed hard enough just to point out some basic realities of the game.

                The rule changes that favor the offense have finally come full bloom, and we are seeing it everywhere. 500 yards today is what 300 yards was 20 years ago. And I believe that to be an accurate comparison. It is good, but not exceptional anymore.

                • Last year, only ten teams averaged 500 yards or more per game on offense. Georgia wasn’t one of those.

                  The most yards Clemson yielded in a game last season was 667, to FSU.

                  You’ve got a basic reality that’s different from basic reality.

                  • IveyLeaguer

                    Fair enough. But the point stands, as do the basic realities of what happened at Clemson. Additionally, 700+ yards is very realistic, because Clemson wasn’t going to be out of it until late.

                    Let me ask you … is 500 yards exceptional anymore? Just curious. It isn’t to me, provided it’s in a GAME LIKE THAT. Or some Big 12 kind of thing. And there’s more and more of that, even for our schedule. Now, I’ll take 542 yards right now against South Carolina Saturday, even though that doesn’t mean we win the game.

                    But the real point here is you can’t look at the stats, and total offense in particular, and draw conclusions about the way Georgia’s offense played, or what happened on the field to determine the game.

                    And this game is perfect example of why.

                    • If you’re talking about 500+ yards in a random, single game, maybe not, at least depending on the opponent. But hitting that mark consistently throughout a season? Yeah, I consider that exceptional.

                      I don’t get your point about the stats. I look at them and see a story that Georgia moved the ball, but had a hard time converting third downs and made several mistakes. Isn’t that the story of the game?

                    • IveyLeaguer

                      Georgia moved the ball well at times. But that is hardly the story of the game. Georgia beat itself by playing sloppy ball and making mistakes. That’s the main story, with a subset of other stories.

                      I’ve watched your appropriation of stats over the years. And you’re very good at it, as good as anybody I’ve seen. Sometimes, applied in the right context, they can be very revealing. But as I’ve said so many times, they often mislead, and even lie.

                      The 542 yards, in this case, mislead, if you allow the number to tease you into thinking the offense played well, or did a good job. Simple as that.
                      Nor do they don’t tell the story of the game, or reveal factors that highly influenced the outcome of the game.

                      For example, they don’t show that the OL was very soft, even wimpy, during the middle third of the game (they were tired, according to Bobo). That one factor alone, like others, very well could have changed the outcome of the game . And so on down the line, with other factors, as we’ve already discussed.

                      This could be a good subject as we go along in the schedule, stats vs. reality, or whatever. Kept in context, and you seem good at that, it could be interesting. Who knows, maybe we both could learn something.

            • Irwin R Fletcher

              Dearest Nick:

              “Way to look only at the end game stats and pay absolutely no attention to the actual play on the field in this game.”

              Now, I appreciate the snark as much as anyone, but here’s the problem.

              “Since when do yards win games? Silly me, I’ve always thought it was points…”

              Hey Sloth, put down the Baby Ruth, stop watching the pirate movies and realize that points are in the box score. They are ‘end game stats’…in fact, as you seem to state, they are the penultimate end game stat. Then you go on some diatribe about Murray not scoring any points and ‘modern football’ and all this bullcrap that completely ignores reality.

              Hey, Goose, they scored 38. In 2012, they scored 26 against Auburn, 37 against FSU, 17 against Carolina, and 25 against LSU. Guess how many of their two losses were in those 4 games? MODERN FOOTBALL, BAY-BEE!!!!

              Get better.

        • piper

          You must have missed the “it’s hardly on aaron murray” part.

  7. Smitty

    Palmer’s tight shirt cut the blood flow off to his brain.

  8. Denver Dawg

    Who’s ever taken Jesse Palmer seriously, even when he’s being serious? What our dawgs needed against Clemson was to tackle.

  9. tbia

    I know the game ends up being different, but we had 560ish yards and had 10 drives that had a TOTAL of 35 TY.

    Suppose we get 20 yards on each of those.

  10. AthensHomerDawg

    Murray threw for more yards in one year ( 2012- 3900) than Palmer did his entire career ->3700. Gee whiz I hope his azz hattery doesn’t rub off on Pollack.

  11. Its ESPN analysis fellas, not a scientific one. What do you expect other than shallow talk radio type analysis in support of an ESPN created narrative?

    Palmer was simply doing his job. He was reasserting in vague terms the ESPN narrative that Murray can’t win the big game because he plays poorly. If the stats don’t support this statement, go ahead and say that you think he could of done better, but don’t back that statement by actually SHOWING plays that AM left on the field. ESPN doesn’t have time for that. It has Johnny Football segments to air.

    Unlike other quarterbacks who can win the big game consistently without playing big, Murray rarely has this luxury. Its just the way it is for a big time college quarterback who’s D gives up a ton of points. Could he of won more big games? He sure could of. Has he lost some? Perhaps. But I also wish his defense, special teams or offensive lines could win a few more games for him too.

  12. That didn’t work.

    The god of small things….

  13. adam

    His statement is stupid, but Murray did miss on some easy plays. Very frustrating. I don’t blame him, but I did think he needed to be great in that game to make sure we won. He wasn’t. Sucks. I had hoped he would be.

    • Irwin R Fletcher

      You’re confusing greatness with perfection.

      Anyway, there are only 8 incompletions. Help me understand which of those 8 were ‘easy plays’ that cost us the game. Break it down for us.

      • Irwin R Fletcher

        I thought the 2nd scoring drive was certainly ‘great.’ You know…getting in a 2nd and 20 hole because your center can’t stop grabbing folks and then getting out of it with a 10 yard run, a nifty completion to Wooten for the 1st down, and then a truly great rollout pass to Wooten to get to the 1 was pretty great, wasn’t it? Or was that Murray being Murray and wetting the bed in big games?

        • Irwin R Fletcher

          Maybe it was when the offense was ‘bogging’ down in the 2nd quarter. You know when Murray got put in a 2nd and 15 because of an illegal block, hit Rome for 10 yards, and then got his clocked cleaned on 3rd down because Gates didn’t even touch the end and yet somehow managed to hang onto the ball (ball security only counts on turnovers committed…not on turnovers prevented, it seems). Or maybe he wasn’t ‘great’ on the next drive when we telegraphed the screen on 1st down, ran the ball on 2nd down, and then on 3rd and 9, he got his clocked cleaned for a 2nd time and this time he coughed it up.

          If you want to pin the loss on a few plays…well, I think that is folly. Pinning the loss on a player is just stupid. The short field TD and the missed FG hurt more than any of the 8 incompletions or the interception.

          • Will (the other one)

            And hey, during all that, the D kept the team in the game.

            Sometimes I fear some of our fans would rather us lose a game than win a Big12-style shootout where 40-50 points are what’s needed to win.

            Of course, particularly after last year’s UT game, I also fear Richt and Bobo don’t understand that sometimes the best thing for a D when you have a 1-2 TD lead is to score another TD, not milk the clock via overly predicable run plays.

          • IveyLeaguer

            [“If you want to pin the loss on a few plays…well, I think that is folly.”]

            So there is no misunderstanding, neither I nor my friend is doing that. It was a team loss, in that there were enough mistakes that were made in all three phases to lose the game. It was a sloppy performance, for sure.

            That said, Murray did enough alone to lose the game with turnovers. The turnovers were a 7 to 14 point swing. There was a lot of other stuff, delay of game x 2, etc..

            That doesn’t mean the loss is pinned on Murray. I don’t think that’s fair. But had Murray been real solid the whole game, with his throws and everything else, would Georgia have won? That’s a distinct possibility. I’d say it’s dang likely.

            Personally, the defense doesn’t get a pass. But I was most disappointed in the offense as a whole.

            • Irwin R Fletcher

              Whatever. If you hadn’t seen the game and looked at the box score … Georgia scored 35 points, Murray threw for 300 yards at a 69% clip, with the defense giving up 468 yards, almost 10 yards per pass play, forcing zero fumbles, zero int’s, and zero sacks….this wouldn’t even be a discussion.

              Some folks refuse to judge the game outside of their preconceived opinions. They are looking to justify their opinions vs. discover the truth. The only qualm I have with the offense is that if they had been perfect (which to me goes not to Murray’s performance but that of the O-line…see sacks and penalties), Georgia would have won. I’ve never seen a great team that tells one unit to be perfect in order to carry the other two…but that seems to be the criticism of some fans and commentators.

              • IveyLeaguer

                Stats rarely tell the real story, Irwin, and often lie. And you can question my judgment, but you don’t know what you are talking about.

                As I’ve tried to explain here, in Football 101 terms, Georgia beat itself last Saturday night. And all three phases of the game contributed. The biggest contribution, however, came from the offense, because they did the most to get us beat.

                That’s a simple as I can explain it. No, you don’t look for the reality of what happened on the field in stats. You look for that on the film. Because that is the only place it can be found.

                • Irwin R Fletcher

                  Frankly, I’m not sure you’ve tried to explain anything except how to make a 1L justification for supporting one’s opinion. That’s all good…but to my point, ignores reality and tends to reveal the shine of arrogance that has yet to be torn apart by better orators.

                  So again I say, whatever.

      • adam

        I’m not trying to attack him.

        But, for example, it really sucked to go 3 and out after our D opened with a 3 and out.

        He still played very well overall. And I don’t think that I’m using “great” in place of “perfect”. The offensive line and all the penalties definitely hurt us.

        And ya know, I saw Clemson getting away with a LOT of holding. Especially against Jordan Jenkins. Or a block in the back that led to Toby missing that sack. Were the refs too tired to catch Clemson’s penalties or something?

        • Irwin R Fletcher

          Agree on the missed penalties. Toby got pushed in the back. There was a block in the back in the end zone on that botched punt in the 4th Q that should have been a safety. IMO

    • Steven Gibbs

      You guys seem to forget that our O-line was soft to say the least. Murray did the best he could with Houston and Gates gettinv beat all night. The run game was helped by Hicks and gurley, the line barely opened up space. Not saying some throws couldnt have been more accurate, but when you constantly have guys in your face, it’s hard to make a perfect throw. Gotta be realistic

  14. D.N. Nation

    “Even so, Georgia’s top offensive yardage number was 713. Against Florida Atlantic.”

    IIRC, there were people who were yelling at Bobo/Richt over that one, too. Because we dared to take the starters out of a blowout and weren’t instilling a winning attitude and would never win a championship doing that and, and, and

  15. Biggity Ben

    I’m not totally on board with Palmer, however, I rewatched the game last night and Murray threw several passes (granted most of the time under pressure) low or behind a wide open receiver that could have reeled off a large chunk of yardage after the catch.

    • adam

      This is what I was talking about.

      I think Murray is very good, but you gotta be able to hit open receivers. Especially on plays when you’re not pressured. I don’t care how loud it is. Those are throws that really great QBs make.

  16. Gravidy

    You can call me “old school” (or Old Fart) if you want to. But if an offense scores 35 points, I’m not going to blame them for losing a game. Period.

    • Russ

      Yep. It’s pretty simple. 35 on the road against a top 10 team should win every time.

    • Dawg19

      This. A lot of people point to Herschel as the reason we won the natty in 1980. He was a big part, no doubt. But our defense allowed only 11.4 points per game that year, which put us in the top ten in the nation. If we had a defense even close to that, Aaron Murray wouldn’t have to deal with all the finger-pointing.

      • Will (the other one)

        Please also compare the offenses Erk’s boys went up with to the pro-style and spread attacks now.
        Offenses are better now. Expecting to go an entire season without giving up 30+ in at least once game is impossible unless you have nothing but NFL talent (so, Bama…and that’s about it.)

        • Gravidy

          I merely stated that I won’t blame an offense for losing a game after they scored 35 points. Whether or not it is realistic to expect the defense to hold the opponent under 30 points every time is not germane to the point I was making. If the defense gives up 38 points, and the team lost because the offense “only” scored 35 points, the loss is the fault of the defense – in my opinion, of course. Others obviously disagree with me, but there’s nothing new about that. 😉

  17. IveyLeaguer

    Palmer is exactly right. He is dead on. Here’s what a buddy of mine said about an hour ago (and with which I totally agree):

    “I mean, I love the guy (Murray), but Palmer is exactly right. agree 100%. you could easily pick 3 more examples. but that is just Murray, especially in big games. when he is on the money for a whole day, which isn’t often, and doesn’t otherwise screw up, he is deadly.

    I agree with some other Georgia friends that this game is IT for Murray. If he doesn’t play well, and be solid for 60 minutes, we could easily lose. If both those things happen, any chance of a pro career for Murray is OVER. because he won’t play in another big game with genuine postseason consequences (regardless of what Georgia, quite naturally, will be saying).

    playing well and winning doesn’t get it done, either, in terms of a NFL career. but it keeps his NFL chances alive and gives him a possible 3 or 4 more shots to prove he can get it done under pressure.

    HATE saying that. but I believe it.”

    I hate it too. I so want Murray to take that last step forward. We’ve been looking forward to it for 3 years now. But it has to be this Saturday, or it’ll just never be. Because he’s run out of time.

    • D.N. Nation

      “If he doesn’t play well, and be solid for 60 minutes, we could easily lose. If both those things happen, any chance of a pro career for Murray is OVER.”


      This guy: is an NFL starter, and thus has a “pro career.” Same for this guy:

      The Falcons’ starter, who they just gave a monster contract to, has the same BCS pedigree as Murray, which is to say he reached the conference championship game and didn’t read it.

      What is your buddy talking about?

      • D.N. Nation

        WIN it, that is. Who knows where “read” came from.

      • Will (the other one)

        They’re all over 6’3 too though (not saying that makes them good, but NFL scouts are short-QB averse. And Russell Wilson had over 70% of his passes completed his final year.)

      • IveyLeaguer

        [“What is your buddy talking about?”]

        What he means, in terms of the NFL, is twofold: 1) not being able to win the big game for his team, and 2) not being able to handle the pressure of the big game. Would you pay a QB millions of dollars who had started 4 years in college and had never overcome those things?

        The things Palmer talks about are related to that, as well.

        • D.N. Nation

          “Would you pay a QB millions of dollars who had started 4 years in college and had never overcome those things?”

          There are NFL teams RIGHT NOW that are doing that.

          • IveyLeaguer

            [“There are NFL teams RIGHT NOW that are doing that.”]

            That are paying QB’s who were something like 0-15, or whatever it is, in handling the pressure of big games in college?

            Whatever. Wouldn’t be paid by me. If there really are guys like that playing in the NFL, it doesn’t change what I think about Murray’s chances to play in the League, and what he has to do .. starting Saturday.

            • DawgPhan

              Wait, you are an NFL GM? Which team..that is awesome to have such an experienced professional commenting on this blog.

              • IveyLeaguer

                I know it’s harsh. And it’s an emotional thing. For me, too. We love the guy. But sometimes the truth is harsh, and sometimes it hurts.

                That’s the case here. We’re pulling for hard Murray. He knows better than any of us what his past 3 years of film shows, and how big this game is for him. He knows, and his coaches know, how he’s handled himself in these big games.

                Clemson was a great opportunity for him to get off to a good start, and have the kind of year he’s capable of, but hasn’t had yet, the kind of year that would slay the monster that’s been on his back for so long now in these games. But he couldn’t do it, for whatever reasons.

                Because of that, the ante is upped big-time for this one, as big as it gets. And now it’s win the pot, or you’re out of the game. I feel for him. That’s an awful lot of pressure. It’d be great for him to be successful Saturday, to have a solid game that enabled his team to win, or win the dang thing himself.

                That would be tremendous. It wouldn’t be over for him, but it would certainly give him some breathing room, and relieve a lot of built up pressure.

                Lord knows, he deserves it.

            • So you wouldn’t have Peyton Manning as your QB?

              • D.N. Nation

                Shhhhh, he’s on a roll!

              • IveyLeaguer

                Now, do you really want to compare Murray to Peyton Manning?

                • Do you know how many big games PM lost in college? He never beat Florida and the one SEC championship he won was overshadowed by a Nebraska blowout in the Orange Bowl.

                  AM is going to wind up passing PM in a lot of career passing stats, too.

                  My point here isn’t that AM is better than PM. It’s that your metric is pretty silly.

                  • IveyLeaguer

                    Like I said, I could be wrong about the NFL. That’s not my field of expertise. I know I wouldn’t want a QB who did what Murray has done in the biggest games he’s played. And there’s what, 28 teams, and we know that a lot of NFL people are not competent.

                    Shoot, I’d love it is Murray has a great NFL career. I love the guy. But as it stands today, I don’t think so. We’ll see.

                    But I’m not wrong about his college career, to date. The record, on film and otherwise, speaks for itself.

                    • I have no idea what AM’s NFL future is. Nor do I really care.

                      But I think we’re far more warped out about AM’s “big game” record than anyone else is. Which makes sense, since we’re fans of the program.

                    • IveyLeaguer

                      [“But I think we’re far more warped out about AM’s “big game” record than anyone else is. Which makes sense, since we’re fans of the program.”]

                      “Warped out” is putting it mildly. I’ve never been angry over it. ‘Sick’ and ‘depressed’ a lot? Sure. But more than anything else, it just seems unreal, and even unfair, that a QB as good as Murray seems to turn into somebody else in big moments. I’ve never seen anything like it.

                      The first half in Jacksonville last year is a prime example. I mean, what IS THAT? I have thoughts, but IDK. Whatever it is, I’m pulling as hard as I can for him to overcome it. Starting tomorrow.

    • Biggus Rickus

      I mean to be rude here, and you and your buddy are full of shit.

  18. Skeptic Dawg

    While we are on Murray, have been asking myself a question this week: When has Murray stepped up and carried the team in a big game? I am not knocking the kid, nor am I saying he can not win a big game. I just can not think of a big time, star performance in a big game from Murray. As for Palmer, he is right. Murray was off last week and could have thrown for more yards against a weak Clemson secondary.

    • Will (the other one)

      The 2nd halves of the past 2 Florida games (though sadly not a full game) and against Nebraska last year.

      • adam

        And didn’t he still have a pick 6 in the Nebraska game?

        I love the kid, but he’s a head case sometimes.

        • D.N. Nation

          The pick 6 wasn’t Murray’s fault. The pass was intended for Keith Marshall and he tripped and fell as it was released.

          • adam

            Ah. Yeah, I’m not in the habit of placing blame where it is undeserved. Just didn’t remember how it happened.

            Historically he has has those moments. I think that’s where his big game rep has come from. Costly mistakes at the worst time against the biggest opponents. Sucks.

      • Skeptic Dawg

        Other than Nebraska I come up blank.

  19. Jesse is way off on 800 yds, but right on about AM’s accuracy. AM plays scared! Just like someone else said, just like a deer in the headlights! JC is licking his chops now!

  20. hinesword

    This is just typical simplistic sensationalism we come to expect from that Doofus Palmer and everyone at ESPN.

    In reality, if Murray improves a little, line improves a little, tackling improves a little, and everyone cuts out the penalties then we win big against SC. I keep hearing everyone say there are no exhibition games, but guys, that was the best kind of exhibition game there is. A true test that showed us what we need to work on that come December will have zero effect on our rankings or SEC record.

  21. fuelk2

    Here’s the problem with this season. Nearly everyone has said “the offense has to carry us.” By that, they mean “the offense needs to be perfect,” or at least far better than a reasonable standard of what’s acceptable. That’s just not going to happen – Murray is not, and never has been, a “perfect” type player. We’re just going to have to have the D get some key stops and big turnovers to win big games. Hopefully starting with this weekend.

  22. 69Dawg

    The Murray won’t get drafted meme is starting a bit early. He certainly won’t be a first round pick since he is too short but he will get drafted. There are too many rag armed QB’s in the NFL to let a QB like Murray not at least have a chance. He might end up like David Greene the Great that turned out in his NFL HC’s words “he has the slowest release I have ever seen”. Maybe he will end up like DJ Shockley and hang on as 3rd string for a while but he will get a shot and he will be drafted. Both the aforementioned QB’s won and won big but they still could not make it in the NFL. I don’t think your college won lost record matters to the NFL at all otherwise all the Alabama QB’s would have been drafted number 1.

  23. IveyLeaguer

    Oh, I think he’ll be drafted, unless he just tanks the rest of the year. But IMHO, he won’t be a high pick, or have a NFL career, unless he puts himself on another level .. starting Saturday night.

  24. georgiajeepn

    Even my wife made the comment that if Murray would quit throwing the ball at their feet they would 100 more yards. I think that is part of what Palmer is talking about. Plus the throws the receivers could not catch at all.

  25. AusDawg85

    There are MANY Heisman trophy winning QB’s that did not cut it in the NFL. This whole thread of criticism about Murray is ludacris. Kid could possibly be on an NFL squad now but chose to come back for one more try at UGA. Nit-pick his performance from your sofa and DVR all you want, but to infer that his level of play better be perfect or his pro career is over before it starts is just inane.

    Let’s just get back to blaming Bobo please.

    P.S. the final drive vs Alabama was legendary. Ask Saban. With a less bizarre outcome, all this BS about Murray goes away.

    • IveyLeaguer

      [“to infer that (Murray’s) level of play better be perfect or his pro career is over before it starts is just insane.”]

      I didn’t say that. We’ll see about what I did say. Right or wrong, you can be certain they are not the words of some couch-potato fan.

    • Skeptic Dawg

      Are your referring to the “pick” Murray threw on that final drive that almost ended the game as legendary? Or are you referring to the “yet another tipped ball” that actually ended the game as legendary? The kid is always close, but he can not cross the finish line. And I actually like the kid as a QB.

  26. Sparrow

    Y’all are insane…