Have pity on the poor Tide.

Gregg Doyel makes an idiotic argument.

If Alabama knew star offensive tackle D.J. Fluker was on the take, then the NCAA should throw the book at the Crimson Tide. Reduce their scholarships. Put them on probation. Take away, yes, the 2011 and ’12 national championships.

But only if Alabama knew — or should have known — that Fluker had jeopardized his eligibility by accepting money from a middleman.

Otherwise, what are we talking about here? We’re talking about a handful of alleged cheaters in this story, none of them named “Alabama.”

Fluker broke NCAA rules by taking money from a leech trying to get his hooks into a future NFL draft pick, if the allegations in this story are true. And if true, the leech in question — former Crimson Tide defensive end Luther Davis — broke Alabama state law by giving money to a college athlete. So did any agent or financial adviser Davis was representing.

That’s a lot of alleged cheaters and rules-breakers and criminals.

Know who didn’t cheat or break any rules or laws?


I’m not sure why I have to explain this to someone as enlightened as “My opinion on this form of “cheating” has evolved over the years” Doyel, but assuming that he still feels that schools that learn of a student-athlete who accepts payment from an agent while still playing college ball should suspend the player or suffer the consequences, he’s just incentivized the hell out of schools’ making sure they insulate themselves from knowledge of any agent dealings with kids on campus.  Kick the can down the road will become the order of the day – what they don’t learn about players getting paid until they’re gone won’t hurt ’em.

Georgia didn’t cheat or break any rules or laws when A.J. Green got paid for his jersey.  Tennessee didn’t cheat or break any rules or laws when Mo Couch got something from the very same agents who dare to put Alabama in a bad spot.  Funny how I don’t hear Doyel cry out that Couch’s coaches and teammates, who presumably are innocents in this, don’t deserve to be punished.  Yet it’s Tennessee and Georgia, not Alabama, who have lost the services of players.

Do I think the underlying premise behind the rule is hypocritical and illogical?  Sure do.  But that doesn’t justify special treatment for Alabama.  If you don’t like the results – and if ‘Bama gets stripped of a national title or two, I can certainly understand that many won’t – then change the rule.  Don’t pick and choose who has to suffer, especially if by so doing you’ll encourage more blind eyes.



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  1. You are so right. People start to believe what they want and what tickles their ears. So self destructive. A danger to themselves and others.


    • Thing that gets me is how the Bammer fans now expect everyone to believe Saban all of a sudden doesn’t know everything that goes on, with every facet of that program, at all times. Their argument has always been that nothing bad ever happens in Tuscaloosa since no one gets caught and it’s all because of Saban.

      The man IS a hell of a micro manager and i just have a hard time believing no one knew or knows. Maybe they don’t. Maybe I’d just like to see that pompous fan base brought down a couple notches. Well…I know I’d like that, I DO get a good laugh how most of them believe their players don’t cheat, steal, drink, do drugs or fight….since no one gets caught.

      This kinda takes me back to Cam Newton and Chizik, going on about how God was on their side, after winning the NC. Maybe the last few years have been karma for making such dumb statements. Geez! What delusional fan bases. Is my dislike for them that obvious? LOL!


      • JunkYard Dawg '00

        great stuff… Where’s Cojones ya’ll?


      • Baby you are right on. Although the old Alabama Alumni admitted to things openly. It was before the NCAA had any control. My good friend’s Father was a huge supporter and personal friend of Paul Bear. Those old dudes are something else. Bear’s mantra was, ” Give me your hard drinking, womanizing, bar fighters and I got me a team.” He was a good coach and nobody messed with him or questioned his ethics.


  2. Debby Balcer

    Greed and dishonesty destroy programs. Shame on those players and their selfishness.


  3. 69Dawg

    I agree with Doyle. The NCAA was correct in slapping USC with the penalties it gave them because they could prove that a coach at USC knew the free rent was going on. Obviously if the NCAA can prove that Alabama knew or even had reason to know that it was going on then the NCAA should get it in the a$$, But this to me is the same as holding the owner of a car responsible criminally for a carjacker killing someone with the guys car. The numbers shown in the article do not add up. I think the Alabama player that funneled the money made most of the money on this. The amounts that could be proven given to the players were no where near the $45,000. The UT player should be suspended until he pays it back to charity, personally I tell the NCAA to go F themselves, he still will be a pro.


    • 69Dawg

      Heck I mean Alabama should get it. I hate the NCAA so much it made sense to write it that way.


    • The other Doug

      The NCAA never proved that anyone at USC knew about the free rent. They ended up going with the position coach should’ve known.

      It sounds like a small difference, but it’s not. The NCAA would love for the standard to be in their opinion something bad was going on instead of the facts dictating the findings.

      Oddly, after the USC decision the NCAA stopped aggressively punishing teams who were proven guilty. UNC and OSU are the best examples.


  4. Hogbody Spradlin

    What? You were expecting intellectual consistency from someone who intentionally antagonizes people for a living?


  5. Bulldog Joe

    Alabama will not be penalized as long as they keep winning.

    See Auburn 2010.


    • UbiquitousGaAlum

      The NCAA will prob retro-active suspend Fluker for all pre-game warmups or half times … that’ll learn him dang it


  6. Always Someone Else's Fault

    If Chip Kelly can write a check to Willie Lyles for $25,000 and orchestrate that lame a cover-up, with ZERO repercussions to Oregon program, then I can bet where the NCAA is heading on the Yahoo story.

    Nowhere except Tennessee, where Couch will face the “AJ or more” treatment.

    The NCAA has zero interest in prosecuting cases like Fluker’s. I’m not agreeing with that sentiment on their part, just pointing it out. But there is no way the NCAA stirs that pot. Not the way things are going for them right now.


  7. MinnesotaDawg

    Nice post, Senator. I’m in complete agreement. Change the rules or enforce the rules in a consistent manner that assumes a level of responsibility and oversight by the coaches and program. The current set of rules, as written and enforced, are absurd. Frequently, they provide the framework for hamstringing and punishing the honest and open program, while advantaging programs, coaches, and players that are skillful in willful blindness or unmitigated cheating and deceit.


  8. NRBQ

    It will be news when Doyel makes an argument that’s NOT idiotic, Bluts.


  9. Otto

    If Bama didn’t know and they can’t prove that they should have known then I don’t think the NCAA should do anything.

    Unfortunately the players have little stake in this especially once their ticket is punched to the NFL. AJ was caught while he was still playing, these guys are gone, unfortunately sometimes you just miss the statute of limitations.


    • Brian Dawg

      Using your logic, UGA did not know anything about AJ until the NCAA knew, and when that happened AJ told the truth and UGA took preemptive action by suspending him before the NCAA slapped him with that absurdly draconian 4 game suspension. Knowing the climate as it exists today, UGA should have lawyered up ala ATM and Manziel. Hindsight is 20/20, but this can of worms will only get more slimy and smelly as long as the NCAA is around. It seems that their defining quality is ZERO CONSISTENCY.
      It is time for a new entity to be formed in college sports and IMHO the SEC should lead the way by leaving the NCAA behind.


  10. 79dawg

    The scary thing is every school is one crazy booster and player away from the same thing happening, no matter how ethical the culture or leadership.
    My reading of the rules is that no culpability on the part of the institution is required for penalties to be levied – obviously, there are plusses and minusses to requiring institutional culpability (or not), but changing the rules in midstream for the Bammers is bogus (and par for the course for the media, who know their bread is buttered by hyping front runners)….


    • Brian Dawg

      Could not agree more. See Auburn and Cammy Cam. See ATM and Johnny Jerk. See TOSU and the Sugar Bowl. You are 100% correct sir.


  11. Nashville West

    You know there is a reason that one of the two law firms that claims to specialize in representing schools against the NCAA is located in Alabama.
    see http://www.lightfootlaw.com/law-resources/File/Lawyering_up_for_the_NCAA.pdf