Back to back on CBS

Verne and Gary are going to Knoxville.

Aside from the game, it would be fun if somebody tossed in a snarky comment about Junior during the broadcast.


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17 responses to “Back to back on CBS

  1. Baitstand

    I’m ready to stop talking about and hearing about Junior.

  2. Russ

    We need a workmanlike game this Saturday. The Vols will be pumped and we have to avoid the inevitable letdown. All the players are going to hear is how easy the schedule is from here on out. Recipe for disaster if they aren’t paying attention.

    • Will (the other one)

      Monday morning, Richt should show them a few highlights of the 2004 LSU game, then non-highlights of the game against a not-very-good UT the very next week that cost the 2004 team a trip to the SECCG.

  3. SouthGaDawg

    Georgia has several trap situations coming up in the next couple of weeks with UT, Mizzou, and Vandy. Georgia is better than all of ’em but these guys are not push-overs. There can be no letdowns!

    • 20 ninjas

      Effing Vandy. I always feel like they are a kid brother to us – I cheer for them when they do unexpectedly well against someone else, but want to kick them in the face when they mess up our season.

  4. Andrew

    Aside: What’s Verne’s deal taking cheap shots at Joe Cox? Yea he wasn’t great, but c’mon, don’t act like a tv freshman dick, Jim Roming kids during the telecast. I enjoy him sometimes, but prick move.

  5. Erked Russell

    Now Gary can keep talking about this “#5 Swain” player we have on defense

    • Valley Dawg

      Gary was in fine form yesterday. Cam Newton was the offensive coordinator for LSU… LSU was playing Florida… Swain.
      Usually Verne is the weak link but I think Gary equaled him yesterday. Looking forward to another week of these guys.

      • Hobnail_Boot

        Yeah, ol’ Jerry Davidson was off his game yesterday.

        • Russ

          I’d still take them over practically any other duo announcing, except for maybe Nessler and Blackledge. (Can’t believe I said this about a Techster and a guy who broke my heart one night in New Orleans.)

          • Coweta Dawg

            Used to be, I’d just hit mute and listen to Munson. Now I just hit mute (no offense to Zeier, but I could only tough out the de-synchronization between radio & satellite TV with Muson).

  6. Crap, I booked a fishing trip out of Destin because of the supplemental Red Snapper season on Saturday!

    • Russ

      Dude, it’s football season. What were you thinking? It’s not like your wife’s favorite cousin scheduled a wedding or something. You did this to yourself! Better take a satellite radio.

  7. W Cobb Dawg

    CBS wants to get on the AM for heisman bandwagon early.

  8. Scorpio Jones, III

    We are on CBS two weeks in a row, and my buddy who is a Southern Cal fan has Ed Freaking Orgeron as his head coach. Godamighty.