“I think it’s best he leaves the state.”

And this is the only non-Georgia signing story I’ll follow today, for obvious reasons.  I hope the kid signs with Michigan State, both because it sounds like that’s where his heart is and because it’s likely to make his parents go ballistic.

I don’t know what I’m more curious about after reading about it – how the mom knows enough about defensive line coaching to fault Michigan State’s coach or how the social life in East Lansing got to be so good/worrisome, depending on your point of view.


UPDATE:  The verdict is in.

Good on ‘ya, Malik.  Mom will come around.


UPDATE #2:  She ain’t come around just yet, though.



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11 responses to ““I think it’s best he leaves the state.”

  1. Timphd

    Poor kid. How must he feel to have to defy his parents or miss the school experience he wants. Tough choice. Hope he takes the Spartans and loves it there.


  2. Brandon

    What’s hilarious to me is that the parents seem to have the notion that there’s more trouble to be gotten into at Michigan State than there is at the other schools he’s considering. If an 18 year old is trying to find some trouble to get into there is no short supply of it no matter where you are. Its like a chuckle to myself anytime I hear a parent taking solace in the fact that there kid is heading to Valdosta State or Statesboro on the theory that there is less trouble to be had there than in Athens.


    • Governor Milledge

      Even if the kid ends up in Valdosta or Statesboro, they always end up coming to Athens regularly for weekend trips, football games, or just ultiamtely transferring.


  3. reipar

    I think mom is missing the obvious choice….BYU.


  4. Russ

    Well it is probably a case of helicopter parenting, but the fact that both parents want him to leave the state tells me they are worried about an existing problem at home or with “friends”.

    Of course he can just as easily get into trouble elsewhere with new “friends” so I think the parents are pissing in the wind.


  5. Scorpio Jones, III

    I am sure the educational experience at Florida State is far superior to the one at Michigan State…no trouble in Tallahassee.

    At least the parents are interested.


  6. Will Trane

    If he needs a good education and degree, UGA would be my choice. Never regretted not going to University of Tennessee or FSU. Georgia is a solid university. And I think the current football coaching staff is very good. Very good combo. But you gotta go where your heart is at. Can’t let mom’s apron strings set the course.


  7. Always Someone Else's Fault

    Well, that’s sure believing in your kid. It does sound like they are worried about a specific set of “friends” and the possibility that going in-state just extends the high school experience rather than starting something new.

    But, we have a family rule when it comes to picking where to go out to eat. You can’t say “no” to anyone else’s suggestion. You have to sell your own preference instead of just picking out all the faults of others’.

    Questionable relationships with friends is parents are to be believed. Questionable relationship with parents if they are talking to their own son through the press. What are the odds this isn’t going to end well?


  8. The parents really don’t like Michigan State. They were originally pushing Michigan, but Malik didn’t really like UM, a feeling that was cemented by Michigan’s shitty season. The parents were then trying to push Florida State and Ohio State. What’s unique about this situation is that the parents are so public about their feelings.

    By the way, there are a host of rumors floating around about the source of the beef between the parents and MSU, but the best one that I heard yesterday (and it comes from a credible source) is that Mark Dantonio accused the mom of taking $5,000 from FSU (or at least being offered that sum).