“Only one quarterback can be on the field at one time, and they all want to play.”

Who’da thunk that Georgia Tech would make a list of quarterback transfers before Georgia would?

Seriously, that’s an issue that doesn’t resonate in the land of “he’s waited patiently for his turn”.  Under Richt, Georgia’s had, what, four quarterbacks who waited until their last year to get a chance to start?

Looking at the current roster, you wonder how long that trend will continue after this season.



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14 responses to ““Only one quarterback can be on the field at one time, and they all want to play.”

  1. GoldenDome

    2013 was the first time in 4 years a qb at UGA didn’t transfer.

    We had Logan Gray bolt
    then the next year, Mettenberger left, ended up at LSU
    then Nick Marshall left, ended up leading Auburn to a Natl Champ

    So true, UGA hasn’t had a qb transfer in a while.


  2. Go Dawgs!

    Georgia will almost certainly lose at least one of its bumper crop of quarterbacks over the next few years. They’re too highly touted not to jump ship if they don’t win the job.

    But I don’t think it will be the kind of thing that has a negative impact. Certainly nothing like watching #17 throw another interception while the guy in front of my bellows, “WHERE’S COBB?? WHERE’S HYBL?!”

    But Tech’s QB troubles just make me laugh. What. Did. They. Expect?


    • Go Dawgs!

      Tech doesn’t really belong on that list anyway. The article is about blue-chip quarterbacks transferring because they’re impatient for playing time. Vad Lee was the starter and presumed savior of the program and already the starting quarterback and he transferred because… he never really liked the offense? I know all of you are already aware of this, but I think it’s hilarious and should be noted in writing at every opportunity.


    • Where’s COBB? At Auburn. Came off the bench to help them beat a #1 Florida and had a big day against our Dawgs in Richts first year. I believe that was the game that Tubberville counseled Coach Richt to learn to run the ball. Tough love? or Snark?


  3. When was the last time we had so much qb talent at Georgia? After Bobo’s graduation. I thought Nate Hbyl was gonna fill his spot but Coach Donnan picked Quicey “throw it over their heads” Carter and he quickly became the golden boy for the program. By mid-season Hybl had decided to take his talents somewhere else. So did a few other disgruntled qb hopefuls. It’s off to Oklahoma and the Pirate for Nate where he would later win a national championship there. Happy ending. Nate’s younger brother would remain at UGa to play some very good golf for the Dawgs. Walk on Cory Phillips is promoted to backup. And in his first start throws for 400 yards against the Pilsbury Throw Boy and the Cats. That football does bounce funny at times.


  4. mdcgtp

    I guess Christian LeMay is not notable.