Spurrier never misses an opportunity.

You gotta give him credit for being fast on his feet.

Although it may just be a reflex at this point.


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  1. JAX

    I was at UGA when Davis was playing, or not playing. Not sure why he didn’t see more action. Rumor was Goff didn’t like him, another was that he was often injured.

    • 3rdandGrantham

      He was injured at times but plenty healthy most of the time. From what I was always told, McDuffie liked Davis (and wanted to use him more) but Goff did not, as Goff/TD basically had a hate-hate relationship.

      Speaking of McDuffie, imagine just how terrible Goff’s tenure would have been if it weren’t for him? (and a select few offensive stars to boot) McDuffie was a brilliant, albeit borderline nuts, OC. Just a terribly sad ending regarding him.

      • Also, let’s not forget who was ahead of Davis on the depth chart for at least some of the time he was here.

        Davis led the team in rushing the year after Hearst left. But, yeah, if the stories are true about Goff not letting pro scouts see Davis’ tape, there was something definitely going on between the two.

        • hassan

          Off topic…but when Knowshon was going through the combine, some idiot announcer made the comment that he was the first back since Herschel to have a real shot in the NFL. The other announcer quickly referenced TD. But neither mentioned Rodney Hampton, much less Robert Edwards, Garrison Hearst, and Musa Smith. The latter of that list had injuries cut their careers short, but were high hopefuls nonetheless.

      • TD had a really, really bad time with migraines. I think Goff may have thought he was soft, wussing out, trying to get out of practice, etc.

  2. 3rdandGrantham

    Only Spurrier can essentially chide a former rival coach (rival being used very loosely), who was fired and has been out of football for almost 20 years…yet it still comes off as funny to even UGA fans.

    TD absolutely hated Goff, no surprise.

  3. Billdawgs



    I like how he always has UGA on his mind.

  5. Irishdawg

    If I could steal from “True Detective”; Spurrier is the Michael Jordan of being a son of a bitch

  6. Spike

    Still a Dick after all these years.

    • Kevin

      Amen brotha. There are two teams that we must beat each year (1) gators and (2) any team coached by Sprurrier.

      • Studawg

        I agree; born and raised in SC as a Dawg fan my whole life, the cocks are a close second to the gaytors in my most hated list.

  7. DawgPhan

    I really do love the SOS jabs. It makes beating him so much more fun.

  8. SOS finished #4 in the country with a loss Between the Hedges. So there’s that.

  9. Mayor of Dawgtown

    You know, how bad was Ray Goof as a coach? Look at all the players who went through his program and how he mishandled them. TD, a Super Bowl MVP, was just one of them.

  10. mdcgtp

    There was a time when Spurrier’s humor was good natured, but this comes across as yet another indication that Spurrier has become less funny and more bitter in his old age. I really think not winning with Clowney/Shaw/Davis this season really sticks in his craw.

    • Macallanlover

      It should, that was his best chance. I can attest to his bitterness and increasingly fast dive into shallowness. He has basically become a sound bite, a shell of his former self. Hanging around Columbia will do that, ask Granny.

  11. JAX

    Who is this Ray Goff person you all keep referring to? Oh yes, our former qb who led the team to the 1976 SEC title. Great player. Kid out of Moultrie, GA.

    Nothing more to add to that bio.

  12. I Wanna Red Cup

    I remember the Citrus Bowl game we played oSu and they had Robert Smith at tailback. We had 2 better than him- Hearst and Davis. Nice team

    • I’ll go to my grave thinking the ’92 team should have played for a national title. Two losses by a total of five points. Thanks, Richard Bell!

      • DawgVegas

        Agreed. That team was loaded, explosive, and overlooked by history.

        I might never get over the Hastings fumble in the UTK game that year. After watching Shuler bring the Vols back to take the lead late, it sure looked like we were going to pull out a win, or at least tie it. Goff (and UGA) bad luck that typified the era.

      • My Father (84) detested Bell. He once remarked after the LSU game (2013) that Granthams failure to defend 3rd and long reminded him of Bell. Of course his grandsons had no idea what he was talking about.
        “The saying at Georgia during the Bell years was “Bill Lewis invented the soft defense and Richard Bell perfected it.” During his tenure at Georgia, Bell’s defenses allowed 19.90 points per game. However, Georgia fans will always remember him for the “what if’s.” In 1992, Tennessee converted on a 4th-and-long on the way to a game-winning touchdown. Later that year in the Florida game, Gator quarterback Shane Matthews scrambled for a first down on 3rd-and-12 late in the game. The Bulldogs had mounted a fierce comeback and had pulled within striking distance at 28-26 when the Gator conversion occurred, driving a nail through the coffin and leaving the Bulldog Nation heartbroken. Richard Bell played the scapegoat and bore the brunt of the blame. Goff stuck with him one more year and then proceeded to make bad things worse.”

  13. Joe Randall

    If Spurrier was our coach we would LOVE him. He’s always funny

    • If he was our coach he would not be funny…he would lose all his material.

    • I agree. I like him anyway. I hope he never leaves the SEC. He’s taken some shots at us, but that’s just him. And if you can step back and look at it, he’s almost always right.

      Steve’s a straight shooter. That’s what I love about him. There’s no filter, it just comes out. But he’s straight, and he’s an honest coach.

      Here’s a good example of what I mean …


      • +1 Good Stuff.
        “He was enemy No. 1 for the Georgia fan base, which had to suffer 11 beatings in 12 seasons against Spurrier’s Gators, with nine of those setbacks by double digits. Now in his ninth season coaching the South Carolina Gamecocks, Spurrier believes the vitriol that once existed has subsided significantly.

        “I don’t get near the hate from the Georgia side that I used to,” Spurrier said this week. “It’s hard for Georgia to really get mad at South Carolina. They’ve got so many teams that they’re mad at or are mad at them that it’s hard to get another rival. They’ve got Georgia Tech, Florida and Auburn, and they almost had a fight with Vanderbilt a couple of years ago — some of their coaches, that is.

        “We haven’t beaten them enough for them to circle South Carolina.”

        He might have miscalculated. I got the Game Cocks circled and I have plenty of vitriol to go around. 😉

        • Yeah, I agree.

          I got the Game Cocks circled …

          Me too. It’s the key game of the year, in one sense. The loser of this game is playing out of a hole. They certainly get sky high for us, as they should, and they’re always well-prepared. And Spurrier loves beating us, just like we love beating him.

          • Reservoir Dawg

            Spot on, Ivey. Losing to USCe feels like the season is over. Winning against SOS makes it feel like anything is possible. In terms of importance over the last 5 years, the chickens are our biggest rival.

            I don’t think that SOS is nearly as intolerable as he was at FU. Corch Irvin Myers made me realize what hate really is.

      • charlottedawg

        This. Maybe I just don’t hate the guy as much after watching Murray carve them up like a bunch of well, chickens. But I always thought the guy was kind of funny and definitely a straight shooter. It always stung a little though because there was usually some if not a lot of truth to his little jabs.

  14. Was at every home game he played. Never would have dreamed we would name him HC in the future.

    • LorenzoDawgriquez

      He was tough wasn’t he? A lot of guys writing stuff about him still wouldn’t do it to his face even today. He was big and fast, but not prepared to be a HC at all.

      • He was gorgeous to watch. I was in love with him. Not so much years later.

      • Tlkdawg

        Agreed. Slurrier wouldn’t have dared run his mouth about Goff the way he did if Goff had the temperment of a Bobby Knight. Had the threat of being dragged outside and beaten like a bad dog been present, I believe Spurrier would have shown a bit more sportsmanship.

  15. I think the old ball coach is reeling from his days in the NFL …. Why would a coach that has seen so much success in a program that until he came was at best a ” non event” spend his time taking shots at anyone and everyone he comes across… If his hair color was different and longer I would swear that was my ex wife… Stay classy Gamecocks…