Is the SEC a quarterbacks’ league this season?

A lot of talent done left Dodge City, podnah.

Never has the SEC had as much quarterback talent as it had in 2013 and never has the league lost as much quarterback talent after a season.

Seven quarterbacks who combined for 20,298 passing yards and 167 touchdowns last season have departed. Included in the group were a two-time national champion (Alabama’s A.J. McCarron), the SEC’s all-time leading passer (Georgia’s Aaron Murray) and a Heisman Trophy winner (Texas A&M’s Johnny Manziel).

This is prodded by an observation I saw on Twitter today.  I’m wondering who’s on your list of first- and second-team 2014 preseason All-SEC quarterbacks.

I assume Nick Marshall will be the likely lead pick for first-team.  He was tenth in passer rating last season.  What, if anything, does that say about (1) how much we can expect Marshall to improve as a passer; (2) how deep this year’s bunch is overall; (3) how important the passing game is in competing for a conference title in 2014.

Of course, the second-team choice may offer an even more illuminating answer to the above.  What say you guys?



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34 responses to “Is the SEC a quarterbacks’ league this season?

  1. Cosmic Dawg

    I think Dylan Thompson is a tiger hiding in the grass for South Carolina.


  2. The other Doug

    I’d have to go with Bo Wallace. I’m not saying he is all wporld, but he is the second best of the returning QBs.


  3. Rocket Dawg

    Dak Prescott and Bo Wallace will most likely be on there somewhere.


  4. JAX

    No bold statement here – but the Dawgs will experience the biggest dropoff of anyone. Watch for Driscoll at Florida, Thompson at USC.


    • You don’t think the SC-Missouri game was a bit of a tell about what’s gonna happen at QB in Columbia this year?


    • Ginny

      I just can’t get too scared over the thought of Driskel as Florida’s QB next year. Maybe I’m in the minority, but his previous work has not shown me anything to be concerned about. Not to mention, he’ll be learning another offensive system. Thompson, Prescott, Wallace and even Maty Mauk would get my votes before Driskel.


      • Dog in Fla

        Expectations in Hogtown are that Mr. Roper will have Driskel on Heisman short-lists by the time they go to Dreamland


    • Macallanlover

      Based on what, exactly JAX? I appreciate that everyone is speculating here and one opinion is as good as another, but that is most certainly a “bold statement” by any definition. Fall off in most cases, some more severe than others, but given Richt and Bobo’s track record with QB’s it would be an upset if UGA suffers the most. But that is why they play the game. I just prefer to think like a fan and have some degree of cautious optimism about a QB that has been on campus for four years. But then, I don’t even know who the QB will be a few of the SEC teams.


  5. Ginny

    Dak Prescott was pretty impressive from what I saw.


  6. Since the Gator Bowl, everyone seems to think we’re in deep trouble at QB. I don’t think Mason is going to be Murray, but I trust Bobo/Richt to get Mason ready to run the show. He is clearly a better choice than JTIII and the Ginger Ninja were when they started. I also understand that he’s not going to be DJ Shockley either. If he plays like he did the last 35 minutes against Tech, we’ll be ok especially if we’re able to run the ball and stretch the field with Mitchell and Scott-Wesley.


    • Will (the other one)

      Interesting parallel to consider here (that doesn’t totally mesh up, but let’s go with it anyway): lots of people were worried in the 2005 off-season about Shockley taking over for Greene. We’d needed an injury-but-able-to-play Greene to beat Tech in ’04, and people were quite worried about the drop-off. Then in his first game in ’05, Shock scored more TDs in a game than Greene ever did.
      More often than not, Bobo and Richt are really good and getting QBs ready. Greene, Shockley, Stafford, Murray outweighs Cox/JTIII (and even Cox had the game-winning drive vs. Colorado and that epic night vs. Arky as plusses on the resume.)


  7. Ol Dawg

    Damn. Mason barely registered on the survey. I say if he can get through the first two games (Clemson and South Carolina) on the positive side, he could be in for a good season. Hope he’s found some remedy for the strange delivery motion he was showing in the bowl game.


  8. Go Dawgs!

    Other than Nick Marshall, Bo Wallace, and Hutson Mason, and Maty Mauk from Mizzou, I don’t think I could tell you who is starting at any other SEC school. Is Driskell still at Florida? If he is, I guess I can name 5 of the 12. That’s remarkable.


  9. Krautdawg

    Biggest dropoff: USCe. Shaw made that offense work primarily by feeling no pain despite being used as a battering ram 4x per drive.

    Least dropoff: Bama. Anyone–the cheer squad, a midget, or an alpaca–could hand off twice, then hit a tight end standing still after a curl route for 3 yards.


  10. The SEC lost an INSANE amount of talent at QB. It’s a big part of why the defensive numbers were as bad as they were across the board. It’s a great question to ask in regards to 1st and 2nd team all SEC. Mason will throw it often, but so will Maty Mauk and Thompson. UT and Uk don’t have options, and Driskell is the wild card in the East.

    In the West, A&M has a new guy with new skill players (same for LSU), Bama has Coker, ARK has no one. Miss and Miss St are interesting. Wallace and Prescott are going to be at the center of both teams. Then you have Marshall who will lead the Tigers.

    If I had to guess, I’d say Marshall and Mason will be in the mix with Coker.


  11. Derek

    Maty Mauk probably looked like the best of the back ups in 2013. (The two trips to Columbia probably detremine our fate in ’14.) Dylan Thompson can sling around it but doesn’t have the physical and mental toughness of Shaw, or his leadership qualities, but who does? (BTW he was faster at the combine than Johnny Football.)

    I have to say I was underwhelmed by Hutson in his two outtings. Nothing horrible, but the arm strength was very questionable. Not sure he’s gonna keep the safeties honest. Can’t throw the back shoulder if they know you can’t air it out either. I hope that can get Faton 15 to 25 effective snaps a game so that the other team has to spend time on it.

    The conference has never been so wide open because of the QB position.


  12. uglydawg

    We need to look at several other factors (other than the particular QB’s skills). Receivers…who has the best corps?
    Running game….who has the balance to keep the defenses honest?
    Offensive line…..helps with the balance and is essential to a pure drop back guy…and makes a scrambler even better.
    (Another factor would be coaching).
    Mason….skill wise adequate…may be a good runner too.
    Receivers…..Georgia has them.
    O line….I’m always worried.
    Coaching…Bobo and CMR have my confidence.
    Other factors such as game experience should also be considered. It was a big deal getting Mason in for those last two games. And the come-back against GT was really pretty impressive..


    • Cojones

      And that was without rose-colored glasses. Point on, Ug, when you present outright chunks of UGA’s O that are on a tier above the rest of the SEC. Mason has the best set of tools to fit his talents of any SEC team.

      His game experience let us see Mason plus nerves. He had to experience it and we had to feel it to get the idea of Mason and team. Give Mason the benefit of the doubt or you factor nervousness as the overriding factor. Your choice. My choice would be that Mason could make some of us poor judges before the season is over. My bet is that he will run and ,when warmed up, pass his way to a great year for the Dawgs. There is no reason to think otherwise.


  13. Hogbody Spradlin

    The little unknown twit at Bama gets 17% because why?


    • Will (the other one)

      Handing off to 5-star runningbacks behind a line where at least 4 of the linemen will get some NFL time, with possible draft picks to throw to and a Top 10 at WORST national D to get the ball back for you means you get judged by “wins” instead of mediocre passing numbers and are therefore good?


    • Always Someone Else's Fault

      Didn’t you read the articles? He’s better than Winston. (Dang, I need a sarcasm font).