“As the second hour of the show began, Finebaum went to “Kellen” on Line 1.”

Sooner or later, everybody calls PAWWWLLL.

Kellen Williams was on his way to Birmingham for a job interview Monday when he simply couldn’t take it anymore.

The former Alabama offensive lineman was tuned in to the Paul Finebaum Show and heard multiple callers take shots at Nick Saban for his stance on the now-tabled 10-second proposal. So, Williams did something about it.

Yeah, he gave a half-assed defense of his coach.

“I think he’s just lobbying for the no-huddle offense to be kind of cut out but then again he also game-planned for it,” Williams said. “He knows better than anyone in the country how to stop it…”

That’s the kind of incoherent bullshit we’ve all come to know and love from Finebaum’s audience.  Williams fits right in.  Maybe he’ll become a regular with Tammy and the rest of ’em.



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3 responses to ““As the second hour of the show began, Finebaum went to “Kellen” on Line 1.”

  1. Moe Pritchett

    all hail Saint Nick!


  2. The Cardinal would disagree. But don’t try and convince anyone on his show that there are teams on the west coast.


  3. Mayor of Dawgtown

    Has it occurred to anybody that Nick might be right? Everybody on this blog is jumping him because they consider his position to be taken because of self-interest. Maybe it is. But what if he’s also right? You can’t tell me that playing 90 offensive plays per game rather than 45 isn’t going to increase the chances of getting hurt over the course of a full season. Hell, that’s like doubling the season from 11 to 22 games. But hey, when did rational thought ever count?