If you can afford filet mignon, why shop at McDonalds?

Remember those heady days not so long ago, when Auburn and Tennessee were convinced they’d upended the traditional model for allocating salaries between head coaches and their staffs?  Good times, those.  Me, I kinda wondered what we’d get with all the new money pouring into SEC schools’ coffers if those hires didn’t work out.

Which they di’int.

And so – surprise, surprise – Jay Jacobs announces he’s done with that bullshit.


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4 responses to “If you can afford filet mignon, why shop at McDonalds?

  1. Scorpio Jones, III

    I’m not sure what Jacobs is talking about. I guess he means basketball coaches, because with the exception of Beelzebub, Auburn hardly has a history of hiring inexperienced football coaches…Chizik had experience, after all.

    If I were a long-standing Awbunite, with a modicum of the long view, I would be hoping, that even with the new TV money, no one in the athletic administration thinks Awbun can compete with those unmentionable big brothers to the north dollar for dollar, which is what some seem to suggest.


  2. Cojones

    Inexperience at what level? If they didn’t take HS coaches with winning reps they wouldn’t have Malzahn. His big-time success was etched in one year with the name of “Cam” on it, but his rep was built as a great Arkansas HS coach.

    Using Jacobs’ criteria he wouldn’t have hired Grantham without the college experience, but now that Grantham’s cut his teeth on CFB he’s the guy to go after.

    The bottom line is the bottom line. The coaches we need to go after are reputed to be the best in their experience, not necessarily in the college experience. UGA will pay for better coaches when they are available, won’t we Mac? Like who can we get to replace Bobo? Surely we wouldn’t offer him more money just because he may look elsewhere because we pay him an equitable salary right now, right? Paying all athletic coaches high salaries for sports teams that don’t bring money in the door , but do place your school’s name high in the public’s eye is the new pay scale. Good luck with calculating that on a fan basis. By the way, our equestrian team coach and riders need a hit.


    • Macallanlover

      I am a marketplace guy so we pay what it takes to attract, and maintain, talented coaches. I also believe in paying in the upper percentile of the marketplace scale, so I would raise CMB even though he may not be threatening to leave us every year. When he leaves, I would pay what is necessary for a competent guy to replace him. I don’t think you have to match every offer which means we don’t have to jump off the bridge because some idiot did so, but if 3-4 other SEC programs are averaging 30% more than we pay a successful guy, we have to pony up and ride with the herd.


  3. DawgVegas

    The Brains were underrated – thanks Senator!