Wednesday morning buffet

Dig in, peeps.

  • From his new role as H-Back, Quayvon Hicks vows that this year will be different.  “I fell off and it won’t happen again,” the junior said. “I’m going to do what I’ve got to do to make sure I’m on the field all season this coming fall.”  I’ll leave it to you to ask the obvious follow-up question.
  • Football Study Hall looks at how sack rates affect point production.
  • Barrett Sallee argues that SEC teams have a track record of thriving with inexperienced quarterbacks.
  • Division III is struggling financially, but is is likely opposed to the easiest way to cut costs, limiting the number of teams in the NCAA championships.  Typical.
  • Man, it hurts a little reading this.  What could have been.
  • The NCAA is looking at adding parties other than college presidents and giving them voting rights to its Board of Directors, while reserving an option go into a president-only executive session when desired.  Accountability without effect – it’s the NCAA way!
  • Another Mark Richt has lost control incident.  You think he’ll make a crack about it?
  • Dr Pepper spends the money to have its name plastered on the CFP championship trophy.


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16 responses to “Wednesday morning buffet

  1. Timphd

    Superior’s history (see Garcia, Steven) is to forgive and forget quickly, so don’t expect Rodgers to miss any game time if he has talent. Richt won’t have a chance to be snarky. And boy would Tunsil have looked good on the left side. Big miss. Still have suspicions about that one. He was reportedly solid to UGA till the very last second.


  2. gastr1

    Have to admit, I still don’t really understand the Tunsil thing. Why in the world did he switch to a school in that state that’s not a real player for titles? At the last minute, yet.


  3. Ginny

    How do you pronounce Na’Ty? I saw it and said “natty” in my head.


  4. Scorpio Jones, III

    South Carolina has guidelines that affect football players? Who knew?


    • Bulldog Joe

      An automatic indefinite suspension is the same as double secret probation.

      The coaching staff still remains in control of the disciplinary responsibility, just like they do in every SEC town, except Athens.


  5. Scorpio Jones, III

    So when is Condy going to be added to the voting members of the NCAA?

    The Emmert sure knows how to make something seem like something, then slide in a qualifier that means it is nothing.


    • Don’t miss this bit, either.

      The committee members also discussed extensively the areas of legislative autonomy for the Atlantic Coast Conference, Big Ten Conference, Big 12 Conference, Pacific-12 Conference and Southeastern Conference under the proposed model. The members of the steering committee, all of them Division I university presidents, are working closely with the conferences to ensure that the areas of autonomy are driven by the values and principles of student-athlete welfare and not competitive advantage.

      All very highfalutin’ and noble. Except they haven’t defined what those values and principles are.

      Committee members acknowledged that the full Division I membership will need time to explore the implications of legislative autonomy in specific areas before the board can approve any proposals, and expressed hope that those conversations can take place during the upcoming spring conference meetings.


      • Scorpio Jones, III

        Oh, so that means D 1 gets to figure out what it is, its own self…guess most of us won’t be around when that is completed. 🙂


      • Macallanlover

        I wish the NCAA had the wisdom, balls, and stripes to enforce some leveling of the playing field. There needs to be consistency in the over signing area and punishments for like offenses. Even Delany makes the SEC look weak concerning the NSD fiasco every year, and some schools do not even test for weed. Yet many fans judge programs by how many titles they hold, let’s all play be the same rules.


  6. Nate Dawg

    Tunsil makes me sick – I smell a rat.
    Guess Herbstreit is just too damn busy to worry with Na’Ty. I’m still boycottin’ that dude (Herbie I mean, of course).
    So is the trophy gonna be one of those huge bottles of DP they throw the footballs through during the halftime competition for a million bucks or what? Just curious…


  7. Slaw Dawg

    Na’Ty Rodgers is an offensive lineman. Mark Richt coaches a team with offensive linemen. Clearly he should set a stronger example for offensive linemen everywhere to follow, and his failure to do so is further evidence that he is too forgiving and easygoing as a coach, which is why not only his own team’s players, but players across the country, at all levels, are being arrested every year, maybe every month, putting at risk their careers, their teams, the future of college football, Hell, the future of college athletics and funding of public and private universities everywhere, and therefore of the republic itself. How long are we going to tolerate this man’s treason?



    An 18+ year old having a drink….shocking…another law that does nothing but generate revenue.


  9. adam

    I have to assume that Freeze will continue to lose lots of games and be fired this year or next. He MAY last the entirety of Tunsil’s career, but I wouldn’t count on it. Such a shame we somehow lost him to Ole Miss. Some really iffy stuff has been going on with their recruiting since Freeze got to town. I know that several staffs reported them to the NCAA after that recruiting cycle.