Moving up from momma’s basement

It’s nice to see that Stewart Mandel’s attitude about bloggers has evolved from this

But I’m afraid you give me far too much credit in terms of my clout in the realm of cyberspace. Have you read some of the bloggers out there? Here’s a little sampling from the first few pages of a Google search involving my name: “SI’s Stewart Mandel: I get paid to write 2+2=4” (, “Stewart Mandel is an idiot and I hope UGA bites him in the rear end” ( and “Stewart Mandel needs a long vacation” ( I’m guessing you’d have a better chance getting these guys to actually shave and shower on consecutive days than participate in any idea that originated from me.

… to leading off with a quote from MGoBlog’s Brian Cook in today’s piece.

Either that, or he’s confirmed that Cook showers and shaves every day.



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6 responses to “Moving up from momma’s basement

  1. Monday Night Frotteur

    Michigan fan site “

    Doesn’t want to call it a blog, though.


    • but he calls out the Ohio State blog as a blog.

      “Ohio State fans in particular are sick of having to defend the league after winning 24 straight [2012 and ’13] and still not getting the respect it deserves,” said Luke Zimmermann, founder of the Buckeyes blog Land Grant Holy Land.

      he also quotes “Random Twitter User”



      • Monday Night Frotteur

        Yeah, not sure what he’s doing there.

        Snickered at this though:

        “And in football the Terps will renew a rivalry with Penn State, which they played 31 times from 1960 through ’93 (going 1-29-1).

        Very excited to see that “rivalry” renewed. Strong rebuttal to the “adding another Indiana or Purdue” argument.


  2. Dog in Fla

    Bluto, Fain and Hoppy already tricked Big Sky Mandel into thinking that they shower and shave almost every day


  3. Mayor

    Remind me. Why does anyone pay attention to anything Mandel says? He’s just another ignorant blowhard with an ax to grind. How did he even get his job in the first place?