Beer is coming, a continuing series.

SMU made “a six-figure windfall” on beer sales for its athletic department this past season.  From only 12 basketball games.


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7 responses to “Beer is coming, a continuing series.

  1. Tatum

    No alcohol related events in over two years at Cincinnati? No way. Not that I’m against sales, just sayin.


  2. The Senator is correct: Beer is coming eventually. The primary/only reason for that is: Cash is King.


    • Mr. Sanchez

      Except it’s not an easy thing for us (sorry for the lateness of this reply). There is a lot of alcohol money around Georgia. Having beer inside reduces liquor sales getting snuck into the game, which hits at Georgia Crown and the Leeburn family. And if you’re selecting a beer partner, who do you choose, because there are some pretty strong supporters of the program in the Budweiser, Miller, and Coors distributorships and there could easily be political/donation fall out by giving one of them that cash cow vs. another.


  3. 69Dawg

    I am not now nor have I ever been a non-drinker. That being said selling beer at Sanford is like pouring gas on a fire. Now I grant you a lot has to do with the time of the kick-off. If you can buy beer at a noon kick-off then that’s probably ok. The night games are already about a 100 proof. I know people sneak it in and keep the buzz going but I still think that being able to buy beer will cause a lot of fans with children to stop coming. I know the WLOCP got to be less fun when the younger fans started to puke their guts out in my section. If and it’s a big if, you think the fans can drink in moderation then I’m ok with it but I doubt it happens because of public safety concerns. Additionally, the sky box tenants tend to police their own. My son’s friend lost his seat in a corporate box because he can’t stop once he starts. He is also very obnoxious when drunk so the corporate owner banned him for life. If the school starts to take away the season tickets of the owner based on the actions of the user that would help clean it up. A guy in front of me got called into the AD ticket office after he was reported by another person in our section for drinking. The AD said if it happened again his four season tickets would be revoked. The guy would come in drunk but he was never ever loud or obnoxious. We never found out who turned him in either.


  4. CreswellKing

    I really it would actually be safer if they sold beer at the stadiums. You never have to worry about the people being responsible. The people who get so drunk before the game so that they’re still drunk after the game are the ones who are an issue.

    If they sold beer at the game, you’d have no need to get beligerent before the game to still “enjoy” the 4th quarter all “toasty”.