Mamas, let your lacrosse players grow up to be offensive linemen.

Now I know that two kids hardly constitutes a trend, but I still find it interesting that this tidbit pops up on Georgia’s latest commit for the class of 2015:

The big man, who also plays lacrosse, can get to the second level in a hurry and while he needs to improve angles, he can be an effective second-level blocker.  [Emphasis added.]

Along with Greg Pyke, that makes for two big lacrosse players potentially suiting up for Will Friend.  Coincidence, an appreciation for kids who are generally good athletes, or do you think the Georgia coaches see something specifically useful in having a background in that other sport?


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  1. Ghost of Dawgs Past

    My son plays both. To him it is a natural fit. Football in the fall, lacrosse in the spring/summer. He loves any sport where there is contact involved. Hated baseball, to boring. What I find interesting is there is an offensive lineman at our local high school who is a App State, Naval Academy, Ga Southern football recruit who has played one year of lacrosse and the lacrosse coach is telling him he is a guaranteed D1 lacrosse recruit (defender) at a top 20 lacrosse school. Tough call.

    • Agreed, Ghost of Dawgs Past. The lack of overlap between seasons makes playing football and lacrosse a more natural combination than playing football and basketball or baseball and lacrosse. As a fan of both college football and college lacrosse, I hope this is a trend, but I suspect it’s more coincidental than anything else.

    • Porter Osborne Jr.

      If that young man is from Ga, he may want to look up how many kids from Ga have gone on to play at top 20 DI lacrosse schools. Especially after only one year of playing.

  2. Scorpio Jones, III

    Does this mean when greed finally kills college football we can watch lacrosse? That’s the thing with the sticks, right?

  3. Coincidence, an appreciation for kids who are generally good athletes, or do you think the Georgia coaches see something specifically useful in having a background in that other sport?
    Patrick Kerney from Bluto’s ole stomping grounds was a big time lacrosse player. So much so that the football coach went after him and he ended up playing D end for them and later the Atlanta Falcons. He gave Quicey”throw it over their heads and one time baseball player”Carter fits in the first part of that Peach Bowl. Wore Stinchcomb out! Wore him out that is until Donnan left Orlando (h/t Mr. Sanchez &DIF- don’t know why I keep calling him Orlandis!) Gary in to chip on him. By half time you would find Mr Kerney sitting on the bench with a helmet sized ice pack on his bruised and battered thigh. Latter I saw that tactic applied to Mr. Pollack. Results may vary.

  4. These guys are quick and athletic for their size to play lacrosse. It seems like a great combination for a future offensive lineman.

  5. Leigh Goldman

    They should start recruiting those with rugby prop experience as well, big men who can move.

  6. Class A

    You should have seen Merritt Hall play lacrosse at Wesleyan his senior year. It was fun to watch.

  7. 69Dawg

    If the guys played football at the high school level that’s fine. If not that’s a damn big project to teach OL to someone that hasn’t played the game.

    Never understood why some of the FB teams that recruit the Pacific players Guam etc don’t go all the way and recruit Japan. Those Sumo wrestlers would make damn great Olinemen. They have great balance and can hold as good as an Auburn Olineman they’re quick for their size too.

  8. Haywood Jablome

    Well if we can’t bring in five star offensive lineman on a consistent basis I guess the next best thing is to bring in five star lacrosse players to take their place.

    • DawgPhan

      at least we have a back up plan for when the actual football players decide to take their talents to the plains.

      #brightside ?

  9. Cousin Eddie

    Speaking of Pyke, that kid has a punch. At the youth camp a few weeks ago I happened to walk by when the OL was doing a few drills and Pyke came out of his stance and punched a pad that another OL was holding hard enough to move him back several feet. The other OL, who will not be named, threw the pad at Pyke and said a few well placed choice words about him hitting so hard and “showing out for all the moms and dads.”
    That is unless seeing that is a NCAA violation and if it is I made all that stuff up. 😉

  10. Lacrosse, basketball … those kind of sports are very good for linemen. Tennis would be great as well. Any sport that increases athleticism is good, and most sports fit that category.

    • Dog in Fla

      I had a martial arts instructor in San Francisco who said he was taking ballet to help with his footwork. I laughed. It was not a good idea. What I thought was just good clean dojo humor, he said was worthy of a special kind of love. He called it thug love. It’s hard-core love. But it’s all love. It’s 100 percent love. If you ask everyone it’s love. But it’s hard love. Shortly thereafter because of deep bone bruises, body shots and powdered teeth, I hung up my catcher’s cup to become a specialist in contra dancing where there’s always more ladies than dudes

  11. uglydawg

    A lot of those martial arts guys are faries. Tough faries.

  12. “Lacrosse…isn’t that like Hockey…without the horses?”