The NCAA, making it up as it goes along.

Can’t say I’m surprised by a single word here.

But don’t you see?  Emmert had to do something!


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  1. Jack Klompus

    Can’t wait to see the emails they sent about us.

    ROTFLMAO. Greg McGarity just called and said they need to report an infraction about Todd Gurley. Yep, Todd Gurley. Who TF does that? Emmert is going die when he hears this…can’t wait to see his McGarity impression again…dude is spot on, although it reminds me a little of Gomer Pile…y’all are probably too young to remember that show.” “Seriously though, they want to come up on Wednesday and present the findings. I’m going to make it a lunch appt and tell them they have to bring lunch. Is there anyone that DOESN’T want to be in the meeting?” “Can you imagine Alabama, Auburn, FSU, LSU or hell even Boise St doing that shit?”

    “I’m in. Let’s have it over drinks and every time McGarity says “It’s the Georgia Way” we have to drink”

    My liver couldn’t take that.

    “All I ask is that you don’t laugh when he says it.

    I wonder if they’ll show up in their Boy Scout uniforms.”


  2. But McGarity doesn’t understand why folks are upset when they’re just trying to do the right thing. Golly gee, Gomer.


  3. Debby Balcer

    People would more upset if we got the death penalty.


    • Sure but there has to be an in between the two extremes. It’s one thing to do things the right way but we go above and beyond to back such an inept and crooked organization and their crooked and input inept rules. Never mind…I forgot we’re talking about UGA here. They currently have no reason to change anything. It’s image, maximizing profits and, then, somewhere further down the list it’s winning.


      • The right way was to call Todd in after they got the call from Bryan Allen, introduce him to William King, then leave the room and not come back for two hours. On return, ask Todd if he signed autographs for money.


        • +1 – this is exactly what should have happened, but that’s not the Georgia Way. I have to agree with Wolken – we act like we’re ashamed to be a big-time football program.

          I read GM’s remarks about the suspension, and, honestly, I think he wanted to make all of us feel proud that we did the right thing. In reality, it made me even more frustrated about the whole thing.


          • Mayor

            We’re not a big-time football program. A big-time football program doesn’t self-inflict injuries to the program.


        • I’m not even that upset over Gurley anymore. I’m upset at how we seem to be in bed with the NCAA. We’re proud about doing the right thing and following the rules. Rules written by who? Doing the right thing according to who? IMO, that’s not at all the right thing unless you love the amateurism model.


        • Derek

          How do you know that the NCAA would believe Todd over Allen and the third (not yet named) person? If the NCAA decides, after we play Todd, that they believe the other guys and we should have too, where does that leave us? The sole difference between our situation and FSU’s is the rat. Nobody is telling FSU or the NCAA that they gave Winston money for signing. If that person came forward, with evidence, like a video and a third party confirming things, then they’d be in the same boat we are. This affair isn’t about anything but the guy coming forward and having a video and a witness. Everything else, including the incessant bitching, is all window dressing.


        • ladies and gentleman we have a winner


    • Will (The Other One)

      You mean the one the NCAA has sworn it’ll never use again?


  4. joe

    Sigh…we are doomed to mediocre because of an inept admin…


  5. AusDawg85

    So the timeline and details are now out on Gurleygate. Those who criticised the admin and especially those who criticised Richt for “making Todd confess” need to read it.


  6. Connor

    Not surprising to see how that turd sausage was made, but still disappointing.


  7. Derek

    I don’t know how many of our fellow bloggers practice law, but this happens everyday in court. If a prosecutor lost his only witness to a car accident over the weekend in a murder case, do you think the first thing he’s going to do is dismiss the case and set the killer free? Hell no. He’s going to make an offer and say “take it or its the needle” knowing he can’t even win the case anymore. Nothing wrong with that in the context of litigation or in this context either. When you have them by the balls their hearts and minds will follow. PSU knew that the NCAA would seek the Death Penalty if they didn’t signed on to the consent. They could play chicken with that, or sign. They signed. Big deal. Now if you think PSU didn’t deserve to be on the NCAA’s radar, or should have been offered a “slap on the wrist” then make that argument. That PSU lost at a game of hardball doesn’t give me any heartburn in the least.


    • Chadwick

      I can’t believe anyone would believe that the NCAA can get ANYTHING right. They, the NCAA, had no business handing down any sanctions against PSU on this….and they knew it. What a cadre of losers. I’m so glad Adams and McGarity are on the Christmas card list for those goobers. It’s the Georgia Way.


    • 81Dog

      and the first time you get talking out of your colon is the last time anyone believes a thing you say, or trusts you. It’s ok to play cards, but if you get a reputation for being a BS artist who can’t back it up, that isn’t going to strike fear in very many hearts. Which, oddly enough, may be about where the NCAA’s reputation is right about now.

      It’s one thing to stick to an arguable, but legitimate, position. It’s another thing to try and con people because you think you’re on the side of the angels and therefore whatever you do to win is ok. I’m not saying you are one of those folks, at all, and I’m not saying you’re wrong that stuff like that happens sometimes. But it doesn’t happen among real professionals, only with people who have a Nancy Grace type mindset.


    • nobodypanic

      “PSU knew that the NCAA would seek the Death Penalty if they didn’t signed on to the consent”

      Except, what fun about this release of emails is that the NCAA was definitely NOT going to do that.


  8. Russ

    Did any of them have to perform community service?


    • Ubiquitous GA Alum

      My assumption on why Todd has community service is because he cannot pay back the 3K he’s alleged to have received over the years … if so, the NCAA gave him some grace. In contrast, AJ had to pay the 1K to a charity before he was reinstated.

      Trust me … I’m no NCAA apologist, but that’s just my read on the deal.


  9. Scorpio Jones, III

    Nah, nah….nope….ain’t gettin into this. 🙂


  10. Come on Scorpio…I love it when get down in the dirt with this stuff.


  11. 69Dawg

    Hey we’re Georgia why would we think our players would be smart enough to cheat and not get caught. Auburn, A&M and FSU have really good cheaters Georgia not so much.