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Give the people what they want.

For the first time I can remember, I’m going to prefer to listen to a Musburger-Palmer broadcast than the alternative.

You’ll be looking live at Paul Finebaum during the Iron Bowl — at least, you will if you tune into the SEC Network on Saturday night.

In addition to ESPN broadcasting Alabama-Auburn this Saturday night at 7:45 p.m. ET — the first Iron Bowl matchup on ESPN since 2007 — Finebaum will do a version of his popular radio show on the SEC Network during the same window. The special is titled Finebaum Film Room: Iron Bowl Live, with Finebaum hosting a call-in show throughout the game. The call-in show will start after the conclusion of SEC Network’s airing of Vanderbilt-Tennessee, and SEC Network viewers will see both Finebaum’s set and the live game concurrently on their screens. Finebaum, an SEC Network analyst, will be joined by some SEC Network regulars (such as Marcus Spears and Greg McElroy) during the broadcast.

ESPN actually refers to this as “authentically SEC”.  Thanks for insulting millions of us, Mickey.

I told you CBS choosing to broadcast the Alabama-Florida game was a bad idea.



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Speak, dog.

Every Georgia fan’s favorite Tech player reminisces about Hate Week and that infamous fourth down throw away.

Give Reggie credit for having a sense of humor about it.  I guess that’s something he shares with Dawgnation.


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“But given expectations, Tech has had the better season.”

Shorter Jeff Schultz:  The ACC turned out to be a weaker conference than we thought in the preseason, so let’s make some lemonade out of those lemons!


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Boss Hawgs

I mentioned in my SEC Power Poll post that Georgia’s wins against Arkansas and Missouri look better with each passing week.  The computers agree.  Georgia is now second in Sagarin’s rankings, helped by a 5-1 record against teams in his top thirty.  Georgia has also risen to third in Football Perspective’s SRS rankings.

People are just falling over themselves about Arkansas, a team fresh off two straight shutouts of SEC West opponents.  You’d think that would make for a strong perception of Georgia.  After all, the 38 points Georgia scored in the first half against the Razorbacks was a record under Richt.  It was the last game of this season, at least to date, in which Arkansas was dominated.  But if Bruce Feldman is any indication, that’s not how the game is being seen in retrospect. Oh sure, Georgia won… the first half.

After the debacle that was Bielema’s first season at Arkansas, much of the talk was how suspect the defensive personnel was and about how dismal Bobby Petrino’s final couple recruiting classes had been. Enter Smith, who brought with him his quarter-quarter-half D and a premium on tackling fundamentals based on a system his old boss Greg Schiano had devised almost a decade ago at Rutgers. After allowing 45 points in the opener at Auburn, the Hogs started to show progress. In mid-October, they held Alabama to just 2.1 yards per carry and only 227 total yards in a 14-13 Crimson Tide win. Smith, though, says the moment he feels the Hogs turned the corner was earlier this month in a 17-10 loss at No. 1 Miss. State.

“We got back from the Miss. State game and there was a sense, ‘It’s time,'” Smith said. “We tackled the best we had tackled and we communicated really well. We really only had one communication problem, and that had led to a touchdown.”

Smith’s sense was spot on. Since then, they’ve outscored their opponents — LSU and Ole Miss — 47-0. But the defensive transformation had been in the works before the wins started to come. In their last 10 quarters at home in SEC play, Arkansas has outscored three ranked opponents — Georgia, LSU and Ole Miss — 73-7. Even more impressively, in their last 14 quarters in the SEC, facing four ranked teams, the Hogs have allowed just two touchdowns.

That’s some pretty nifty cherry picking going on there.  It’s almost as if that first half in Little Rock – and Nick Chubb’s 202 rushing yards – never happened. Sure, the Dawgs relaxed a little in the second half, but it’s not as if the outcome was ever in doubt.

There’s a certain amount of irony in all this.  It’s great that Arkansas is generating more respect as the season closes out, but what if that doesn’t carry over to the Dawgs in the public eye?  (Note that Feldman doesn’t even mention the Arkansas win in his summary of #9 Georgia.)  If the computers like Georgia more than people do, how does that play in to what the selection committee thinks? Especially if Arkansas beats Missouri Friday?


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Gettin’ your Hate Week hate on, a continuing series

I’ve posted this clip before, but it bears repeating this week.  It’s a one-hour look at every point Georgia’s scored against Tech (except for one TD in the 2005 game) during the Richt era.

You know you want to make the time to watch, so do it.  It’s a classic.


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“It’s definitely going to be heated. Whenever we get together on the field, it’s going to be a brawl.”

I know there’s a risk of a letdown against Tech if Missouri clinches the East on Friday, but I think hate trumps that.  Just ask Chris Conley.

“So much hangs on this game. It’s a true rivalry, one that people talk about all year and that we hear about all year. There is 100 percent focus on Tech now. There is no looking past them. This is our opponent. In order to get where we want to go, we’ve got to go through Tech. Our mind is set and ready for another war. We don’t want any drama.

“It’s always a game that is brutal. It’s literally brutal. It’s heart-pounding, pads clashing. I don’t expect anything less this year. I expect it to be a bloody war.”

Now that’s what I’m talking about.  Prepare to get medieval on their asses.


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Paul Johnson resorts to another food analogy.

He’s gone from frying fish to making dessert.

“It’s a big game,” Georgia Tech coach Paul Johnson said. “Our fans definitely want to win the game. I think everybody involved wants to win. It’s a rival game. I tend to try to stay away from saying one game defines a program in a season. To this point we’ve had a really nice season. Probably better than most of you guys expected or thought we were going to have. And it would be the icing on the cake if we could find a way to go to Athens and win a game.”

Notice he can never quite bring himself to say he wants to win the game.

I guess it’s time for a new nickname.  The Baker?


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Fabris Invitational results, Week 13

Another outright winner this week.  Maybe it’s a trend.

Selection Name
Tie Breaker Game
1 txkap Adj 9-1 9   21-19
2 captainbc Adj 8-2 8   14-17**
2 etdawgfan Adj 8-2 8   17-18
2 Emory Warren Adj 8-2 8   28-13
2 siskey Adj 8-2 8   24-19
2 CoachSpurlock Adj 8-2 8   24-21
2 spurrierthebigcock Adj 8-2 8   20-27
2 Gen. Stoopnagle Adj 8-2 8   30-20
2 SouthGaDawg10 Adj 8-2 8   24-27
2 Second String Secondary Adj 8-2 8   27-31
2 DawgVegas Adj 8-2 8   42-23

On the season, here’s what it’s looking like now:

SEASON STANDINGS through Week 13
Selection Name
1 Second String Secondary 78-52 78
2 jtalbert2 77-53 77
3 txkap 76-54 76
3 Valley Dawg 76-54 76
3 BR Dawg 76-54 76

Still a tight race, in other words.

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SEC Power Poll, Week 13

It’s getting late in the season, and that means some teams are due to start fading.  One school’s fall is another school’s rise, though.

  1. Alabama.  The Iron Bowl is all that stands in the way of another trip to the SECCG.  I don’t expect any clock management jokes this year.
  2. Mississippi State.  Powerhouse SEC teams mop the floor with Vanderbilt.  Way to pass that test, fellas.
  3. Georgia.  Some of Georgia’s wins (Arkansas, Missouri) look even stronger now.  Unfortunately, that isn’t the case for the two losses.
  4. Auburn.  One last chance to redeem the season, coming up.
  5. Missouri.  Missouri is laughing at the concept of game control.
  6. Arkansas.  The best last place team in America?
  7. Mississippi.  Man, what’s happened to these guys?
  8. LSU.  Florida has scored more points on the season than LSU.  And in one less game, to boot.
  9. Texas A&M.  Spent the week taking questions about a bowl game they won’t play in.
  10. South Carolina.  It only took the ‘Cocks eleven games to become bowl eligible.
  11. Florida.  Jeff Driskel, you’ll always have Eastern Kentucky.
  12. Tennessee.  I’m sorry, what were you saying about the Volunteers?
  13. Kentucky.  All you have to do to become bowl eligible, ‘Cats, is beat Louisville on the road.  Er, have a nice Christmas.
  14. Vanderbilt.  The bad dream is almost over… except for the part about helping Tennessee become bowl eligible.


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