Speak, dog.

Every Georgia fan’s favorite Tech player reminisces about Hate Week and that infamous fourth down throw away.

Give Reggie credit for having a sense of humor about it.  I guess that’s something he shares with Dawgnation.


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16 responses to “Speak, dog.

  1. Normaltown Mike

    Reggie knows in his heart of hearts that he would’ve been a great DB at Georgia and could’ve played on some great teams.


  2. Dawg in Beaumont

    Reggie comes across pretty well there. I give him credit for the way he can discuss his career. But he was a sophomore for that “freshman mistake” he referenced in 2004.


  3. Seems like a good dude that’s had some time to mature and chill out a little. Still one of my favorite Dawgs of all time! #RETIREBALLSJERSEY


  4. Cojones

    Correct. A freshman mistake in his Sophomore year. I kinda like how he threw the team, coaches and even the scoreboard under the bus. Nice.

    How many think that the laughter drowned out our victory cheer at the ending of that game?


  5. watcher16

    If he had played against Tennessee this year, no way he could have forgotten what down it was #thirddownforwhat


  6. Vince Dooley's Combover

    Went back and watched the video. Reggie still doesn’t know what happened. He didn’t spike it on first down. Dial it up to 1:01:11. The following play is first down. Screen pass for no gain. Second down was a sack. Third down he spiked it. Fourth down Reggie added his name to the history books of the UGA tech series in chantastic fashion.


  7. I wish you hadn’t shown me that…. It’s easier to hate him as a bee if I hadn’t seen how well he has learned to move on…. still going to wear my #1 MVP jersey


  8. AusDawg85

    I thought he made a couple of throw away comments there.


  9. 81Dog

    the AJC misspelled Reggie’s name. It’s “BaLLLL” now and forever. But, props to him for having a sense of humor about it.


    • 81Dog

      and to be fair to Reggie, it’s not as though he didn’t have some big wins for the pencil necks. It’s just that none of them came against UGA. You’d think his ungrateful douchebag fan base would at least give him credit for the big wins, but all they remember is that Tech never beat UGA (a set of circumstances which, I’m happy to note for the math geniuses on North Avenue, has existed for 12 of the last 13 years.)

      Could have been worse. He could have quick kicked it on third down.