Give the people what they want.

For the first time I can remember, I’m going to prefer to listen to a Musburger-Palmer broadcast than the alternative.

You’ll be looking live at Paul Finebaum during the Iron Bowl — at least, you will if you tune into the SEC Network on Saturday night.

In addition to ESPN broadcasting Alabama-Auburn this Saturday night at 7:45 p.m. ET — the first Iron Bowl matchup on ESPN since 2007 — Finebaum will do a version of his popular radio show on the SEC Network during the same window. The special is titled Finebaum Film Room: Iron Bowl Live, with Finebaum hosting a call-in show throughout the game. The call-in show will start after the conclusion of SEC Network’s airing of Vanderbilt-Tennessee, and SEC Network viewers will see both Finebaum’s set and the live game concurrently on their screens. Finebaum, an SEC Network analyst, will be joined by some SEC Network regulars (such as Marcus Spears and Greg McElroy) during the broadcast.

ESPN actually refers to this as “authentically SEC”.  Thanks for insulting millions of us, Mickey.

I told you CBS choosing to broadcast the Alabama-Florida game was a bad idea.


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12 responses to “Give the people what they want.

  1. BMan

    Will we have to keep putting coins into the sterotype-meter, or can we just prepay for four hours of Phyllis and Tammy?


  2. Dog in Fla

    “I do not hate Auburn,” Phyllis from Mulga said authentically


  3. Cousin Eddie

    Really, this is the best they got. I wish they would bring the Chiz and Debose in to do the show with him, if you want to put a train wreck on TV then get more trains.


  4. Dog in Fla

    In addition to the sheer awesomeness of the Paul reality show, now that they’re finally allowing Brent back on to do another Alabama game to check out the co-eds including but not limited to the quarterbacks’ girlfriends , University of Alabama at Birmingham medical students interested in performing an acting internship or a 1 day to 1 month rotation to gain better exposure to the area of urology are invited to be on stand-by somewhere in
    the vicinity of the Bryant-Denny press box because “[t]he first treatment for ischemic priapism is ‘therapeutic aspiration.’ The urologist sticks a needle into the side of the [unmentionable] and draws blood directly from the cavernosa. The same needle is sometimes used to inject saline solution into the [unmentionable], which can help flush out the remaining blood.”

    It is hoped by all concerned that Jesse will be able to be at least half the partner to Brent that Herbie was in case of any co-ed induced emergency procedures.



    what.the fuck.?


  6. This will all be fine until somebody kills somebody.