Gettin’ your Hate Week hate on, a continuing series

I’ve posted this clip before, but it bears repeating this week.  It’s a one-hour look at every point Georgia’s scored against Tech (except for one TD in the 2005 game) during the Richt era.

You know you want to make the time to watch, so do it.  It’s a classic.


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12 responses to “Gettin’ your Hate Week hate on, a continuing series

  1. Jeff Sanchez

    Just tell me where the Hines Ward (?) score is in the Tech endzone where he comes face to face with a kid whipping the double birds in his face.



  2. JT Wall at 11:05…WOW.


  3. correction …JT Wall at 10:11…WOW…then right after it…wow again…kid was a stud.


  4. Silver Britches

    Still chuckling about Stafford’s 31-yd draw in 2007.


  5. Yo

    Billy Bennett DGD


  6. GaskillDawg

    It is the Billy Bennett highlight tape . . . . . . and the Andy Bailey lowlight tape.


  7. Some names we haven’t heard in a while. Lots of guys we will never forget.

    Thanks, Senator


  8. Man, Gurley owned them in OT last year. Let’s hope Chubb has that same will to beat the bugs.


  9. Spike

    Classic CPJ screw up when he calls a time out to ice Blair Walsh, who misses the field goal. Then gets a mulligan because of the Tech time out, then Walsh drills it! BWHAHHAHAHA


  10. Coondawg

    This never gets old…neither does Brennan’s double block to spring Thomas for the TD down in the projects.


  11. DugLite

    Brings back a lot of memories. Some Dam.Good.Dawgs!!


  12. G-Man

    I’m probably late to the party, but I haven’t heard anyone mention that in the last 13 years, Aubarn has lost to Tech more times than the Dawgs.