Pity the poor conference leading rusher.

Are we supposed to assume since Cameron Artis-Payne is not a “me” guy, that Todd Gurley and Nick Chubb are?

Artis-Payne is one of the best backs in the conference, no doubt, and is definitely a work horse, as he leads the SEC in carries.  But if you’re spinning stats to make a story, note that he’s well behind the pack in yards per carry.  (Georgia’s two selfish bastards rank ahead of him.)

If he’s longing for recognition, CFN has some advice:

There’s no hotter running back in the country than Auburn senior Cameron Artis-Payne, who was one of the big bright spots against Texas A&M, tearing off 221 yards and two touchdowns averaging 7.37 yards per try. With a good mix of speed and power, he’s doing a great job of being the new Tiger running star, with seven 100-yard running games in the last nine outings. With WR D’haquille Williams out with a leg injury, Artis-Payne will have to do even more.

If Auburn wins, he’s likely to play a big part in that.  The acclaim will follow.  Sorry if that’s not good enough.


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19 responses to “Pity the poor conference leading rusher.

  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    Yeah yeah yeah. He works charities in his sleep and goes to church nightly.

    Substitute Mike Davis for Cameron Artis-Payne in that story and you’ve got the same motivational column we heard earlier this season.


  2. Scorpio Jones, III

    I am just glad my little university’s football team will have an opportunity to be on the very same field as Cameron Artis-Payne Saturday evening.

    Hopefully our little slow defenders will announce their presence to Mr. Artis-Payne.

    Now, Homes?


  3. 1)First link is bad.

    2) I heard Andre Ware make the same sneaky, back handed comparison between Gurley and Chubb. Yeah…Gurley knew the rules blah bad but I don’t see what he did as being “me first”. I’ve also heard/read back handed comments about how Chubb isn’t gonna hurt the team on the field like Gurley’s fire hurtful to the team. Certain media people seem to just want him to be another thug so they make something out of nothing.


  4. Irwin R Fletcher


    I’m sorry, but this is just dumb.
    “Normally, Artis-Payne would be a shoo-in to attend the Heisman Trophy ceremony in New York City.”

    Lumping him in with Tre Mason(who basically got invited thanks to putting up 600 yards against UGA, Bama and Mizzou, Johnny Manziel, Trent Richardson, Cam Newton, and Mark Ingram because he is leading the SEC in rushing after week 10? Artis-Payne is a very good running back…but there is no need to try to sell your article with the ‘no respect’ stuff.

    I mean…it’s like he’s got an axe to grind or something…

    Oh, right.


    • Irwin R Fletcher

      BTW…between the San Jose St game and November 1st, Ostendorf, who is the AUBURN DEDICATED REPORTER mind you, tweeted about Artis Payne ZERO times. Nothing.

      So I guess this “What’s it going to take for Artis-Payne to start getting some recognition?” is either some sort of brilliant self-reflection of his own failings to recognize Artis-Payne’s ‘greatness’ or it is probably the worst ‘game week hype’ piece I’ve read in a while.


  5. Russ

    Fuck Auburn.


  6. ripjdj

    I like ridin in my truck


  7. Cojones

    A good dose of Defensive Lineitis will give him lots of pub – on the wrong end.


  8. Well, after the UF DL debacle, we gotta hit the throttle offensively. If Bobo goes on his habitual walkabout bender for a quarter – we are toast.


  9. I don’t think Payne is that good at all. I think he is a system back


    • .Dash

      I’m not impressed either. That’s not to say he won’t drop a hundred plus on our D…I just think any AU back would do the same.


  10. Americus Dawg

    Ostendorf is a homer … and not too good of one, to boot.
    Statistics can support any point … and I have numbers to prove it 😉


  11. Chopdawg

    Adding Michel’s totals…our Big 3 have a combined 266 rushes for 1,975 yds, a very cool 7.42 ypc