“He ain’t ever coached.”

Sounds like Kirk Herbstreit made a new fan yesterday.


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  1. AusDawg85

    We play FCS teams because the tOSU had already taken MAC powerhouse Kent St. (1 – 9) off the available list.

    Wish David Pollack would just punch him in the face sometime.


    • aOSU also thought they were getting a bargain with Va. Tech (5-6)!

      I watched one of those condensed 60 min. hi-lite deals with the Buckeyes vs. Indiana (yup, I’ve got a bit of time on my hands) and for 3 quarters the Hoosiers outplayed aOSU at Columbus. If Indy had anything like a coherrent QB, and not a callow Freshman, it might well have won. But, Corch marches on.

      We can only pray for Wisconsin to deliver some more pizza to Corch in two weeks.


  2. Scorpio Jones, III

    Herbstreit is the worst of the new sports broadcast analysts. For a guy who never coached a down, he is ridiculously quick to second guess coaching decisions made in the heat of the moment. As FOS as I think Butch Jones is, the idea that a broadcaster knows more than Jones does about what to do with his football team would be funny if it were not so problematic for coaches.

    If you turn off the radio broadcast and actually listen to the tv audio, it is no wonder so many fans of college football teams are second guessing their coaches on a regular basis.

    Second guessing coaches is a way of life for the squishy brains in the WWL broadcast booth.

    I guess it sells toilet paper for the WWL or they would not be doing it, but I, personally, hate the trend.


    • Hey Scorp,

      Are you referring to the game in general or to specific parts when you refer to Herbstreit knowing more than Jones?

      Jones really botched the last few minutes of that game last night with his clock management skills, or lack thereof, and I thought the criticism related to that was justified.

      Have a good one,



      • Scorpio Jones, III

        What I am saying, BD, is that I don’t think it is the job of a paid announcer, an announcer who has never coached a football team, to tell a football coach how to run a game.

        I have, for instance, heard Herbstreit question your coach’s decisions, too.

        The point is, to me, anyway, BD, is that Jones gets paid to coach football. It is fine for you to disagree with his game management decisions as a fan, but ultimately the market place will decide if Jones is right or wrong.

        All Herbstreit does is contribute his opinion to the mix, but he never presents it as his opinion. He presents it as fact.

        That, to me, is ridiculous.


        • Scorpio Jones, III

          and futha more 🙂

          If the WWL wants its broadcast teams to present a game in the manner of a talk radio show host, that’s fine…as long as the people the talk show hosts criticize have the benefit of dozens of replays and a rules expert sitting in the booth with them….oh…wait, the coaches are not in the booth…so they don’t have all that?

          The Finebaumization of sports broadcasting may be fine with some folks, but not with me.


          • Outside of all that… Butch Please went full on Less is Best Miles School of Clock Management.
            I know… I sided with BD. But Barners will knock them off and Arky will take care of the Zoo and we will see the Fake Bulldogs and move on.



  3. It was a disgusting segment. Corso did mention that those teams needed those games for the revenue. Last night during the Tennessee game the SEC was said to have become mediocre at best. Not long after that statement I found the mute button.


    • Im not saying I agree with him, but he was actually referring to the SEC east.


      • Why is Florida granted primacy as the baromter of SEC East competence? It went this way in the dying days of Zook, when UGa and others outplayed UF the kneejerks had to formulate the story that the SEC East was DOWN, not that some different squads had recast the power structure of the division.


  4. Timphd

    Herbstreit is beginning the drumbeat to get OSU in the playoffs. Anything to denigrate the SEC works for him now.


    • Cojones

      Yep. I believe it’s done purposefully as a continuation of Delany’s moves to bring the SEC down into the second-rate gutter they have created for themselves in past NC games where they looked like weak sisters. It may be his ploy to dismiss the SEC-Channel influence that he has helped to perpetrate in his hope to get back into the graces of tOSU fans who kicked him out. They both deserve each other..


  5. SouthGaDawg

    Herbstreit is fine on the pregame show, but I’m not impressed with his color work. Last night, he and Fowler called that game like everyone watching were a bunch of dumbasses. They over-explain and are too opinionated.Fellows…I completely understand how illegal touching works…


  6. Russ

    Herbstreit is a dick and he knows better than this.


  7. Ben

    I’m going to go out on a limb here and suggest that WCU’s coach is the only person in the state of Alabama who likes Robert Bentley. Even the Comic Cowboys got after him at Mardi Gras recently with their float stating, “He’s worth every penny we’re paying him.” He’d a doctor turned politician, and he’s a joke. Until we elect someone with disagreeing about, though, he’s all we’ve got.


  8. Gene Simmons

    Herbie went overboard patting Mizzou on the back for winning the SEC east in their 2nd year in the league last year and for being in the driver’s seat this year. He never once mentioned how decimatged UGA and UF both were by injuries last year or that Mizzou lost to Indiana this year and had their collective asses handed to them by UGA. All he did was praise Mizzou and say how great this turn of events was. This was a clear ploy to further insinuate that our division “just aint that good” IMHO. More tOSU pablum from the guy with the silver spoon. Cudos to the coach for calling him out.


    • stuckinred

      “He never once mentioned how decimatged UGA and UF both were by injuries last year or that Mizzou lost to Indiana this year and had their collective asses handed to them by UGA.”

      yes he did


  9. GetRealDawg

    Plus, he failed to mention that UGA,SC, and Fl have all beaten Missouri 3 out of 4 times since they’ve been in the SEC. He makes it sound like they rule supreme in the east. Give me a break pretty boy.


  10. GetRealDawg

    Oh, and if he’s building up an OSU team that lost to VT (a losing team), give me a break. FSU has 0 losses and is behind 2 – 1 loss teams. How in the world would a 1 loss OSU be better than a 2 loss SEC team. Crazy..but the spin has begun.


  11. DawgLink

    All that crap they were spewing about SEC scheduling FCS made me sick to my stomach. Herby blows. He is always anti-SEC.


  12. Sanford222view

    I will have to disagree with the WCU coach on one thing. I am pretty sure Herbie has has a bloodied nose. It occurred in the state of Florida around 1993.


  13. Spike

    Plus Herbie NEVER stops talking during the game. After EVERY play he has to ahem, comment.


  14. Spike

    And GATA Coach!!