My, those nachos look tasty.

As I noted last night, that was one weird Iron Bowl.  Auburn was en fuego in the second quarter and to start the third and looked like it might run Alabama out of its own stadium.  Things seemed to be at their worst for the Tide faithful when Sims threw his third interception of the night.

Except for this guy, who was caught on national TV in a zen-like state of bliss over his food.

No worries, mon.  Them belly full.

Turned out Nacho Man was right to keep his cool.  Alabama righted the ship and took control of the game shortly afterwards.

The post game eats were probably delicious, too.


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19 responses to “My, those nachos look tasty.

  1. jeff

    And the guy behind with the requisite “why don’t they just run the ball?” comment. Perfect.


  2. WarD Eagle

    Funniest part was they panned to that guy right after a big AU play.

    My wife and I both cracked up that he was wonderfully oblivious, obviously transcending the moment into another dimension where nachos are the sole source of pleasure.


  3. Bulldog Joe

    Would be nice for our fans to have that kind of confidence again.


  4. @gatriguy

    Going to try to stay level headed, especially since 24 hours ago I posted that I felt great about the direction of he program. Yesterday’s game is why I went ony “emperor has no clothes” rant earlier this year. I look at the 2015 schedule and see Richt’s last stand. I will not at all be surprised if we’re in the market for a coach in 365 days. He spent a lot of good will yesterday.


  5. Um, I can guarantee that wasn’t me. Zen was chased out of my house somewhere in the second quarter.


  6. Nate Dawg

    Senator – I love this blog! The wife and I hit the rewind button several times on that one and got a much needed great laugh. Oh the life of a bammer…must be nice…


    • Gurkha Dawg

      Cool as ice water in the face of disaster. Can we sign him as head coach?


    • Macallanlover

      It is interesting how many of us were struck by the exact camera shot. I remember thinking that he has to have left his seat and taken time to get the damned nachos in the midst of a very exciting game. I didn’t even want to go to the bathroom in my own house, and there was no line at all. Of course, I had Bama and had given 10 points to AU so things were a little more tense for me. Let’s just say this guy doesn’t spend hours on CFB message boards or catch every nuance. He might lose his Tide fan card though, or have to sit with Tech folks at parties.


  7. Congratulations BD. 🎉 I know what this will mean to you for The next year.


  8. Macallanlover

    The announcers made a point of going into how Bama had enough depth to have a defensive front built for heavy, power running teams, and one with speed for spread teams. (Not that you would know it form last night. Bama boards were ripping Saban for his stubbornness to adapt to new defensive strategies to stop option and spread teams. Said Georgia and K State had given him the blue print but he insisted on doing it his way [where is Kirby?])

    It made me think about us giving up weight along the front to be capable of stopping Auburn, and zone read teams. Where does that leave us next year with Auburn, Mizzou, and TN on the schedule along with power running teams like Bama, Tech, Ga Southern, and who knows what from Florida.? We need some heft in the middle to stop that A Dive play for sure, we were gashed and our ILBs were too deep to help.


    • Good questions regarding your team, Mac.

      Related to your first paragraph (now that my sanity has somewhat returned), I would add that Saban’s approach to solving spread offenses is a good one, but even his 5-star-laden defense has trouble executing it. The plan is basically to play man on the edges and let the front seven eat up the run. There have been two main problems, though. In 2013, the DL and corners stunk and in 2014, the corners have struggled at times.

      I think this is a fantastic game plan, but like we’ve seen, there’s trouble in the execution.

      As much as I hate to say it, you have to give Malzahn credit. He rang up some huge numbers on the master.


      • Macallanlover

        Specifically, some of the comments I read was about the Tide using a read and react technique (which we used under Grantham) and needed to be more aggressive and attacking to make Marshall commit early. We blitzed up the middle to penetrate and flush him while containing through gap integrity and folks controlling the perimeter. That looked like more of what I saw from Bama in the last 20 minutes or so.

        On the other hand, we seemed to go back to a more passive way of defending GT yesterday and initial contact was too deep to slow them down, and then we simply wore down. Triple option is different due to the absolute need to stuff the initial dive option on almost every single play. That is where the “big uglies” are needed, imo.


  9. Uglydawg

    We went down field so quickly..twice…that the D didn’t have time to catch their breath…and fumbled after the trips to boot. Go up 21 zip and the rout would have been on. As I stated in an earlier post..the perfect storm came together for this GT win…turnovers, tired legs, and bad coaching decisions coupled with a GT team that was hitting on all cylinders and there you have it. Give the defense this, though..they gave us a chance to win it in the end of regulation but the pooch kick screwed the Dawg.
    And I didn’t even get any nachos.


    • Bulldog Joe

      GT was still playing for a conference championship and a possible spot in the playoff. Despite being the higher ranked team, Georgia was only playing for pride.

      Like the Florida game, Georgia got some very bad news leading up to the game and the intangibles were on the opponent’s side.

      But unlike the Florida game, the team maintained its composure and put itself in position to win the game.

      This one was on incorrect tactical decisions made late by the head coach, defensive, and offensive coordinators, not on the effort or motivation put forward by the team.

      No need to blow up the coaching staff or the team at this point. Focus on the fixing the program’s off-field issues and policies which weaken the roster and the reputation of the program.

      Georgia cannot continue to lose the off-season and expect to make it up in August and September. It is the equivalent spotting the opponent a touchdown before kickoff.

      This is about swallowing pride and coming to terms that many of the assumptions made about The Georgia Way are false. It is about showing the courage to make the necessary changes to legitimately compete for a championship. Don’t worry about what the media will say when the program properly aligns its policies with its competitors. Do what is best for Georgia.