Envy and jealousy, criminal justice division

What Charlie Pierce lacks in predictive ability, he more than makes up in stylish fury:

I mention all of this because, in the opening round of the inaugural Cash Drop in college football this year, Mariota will go up against last year’s winner, the curiously unindicted Jameis Winston, who (I suspect) will lead the Tallahassee Conspiracy To Obstruct Justice to a whopping win that will make the Heisman voting this year look even worse.

“Curiously unindicted” is a mere drop in the bucket.  Do read it.


UPDATE:  If you liked that, don’t miss Pierce’s Sugar Bowl piece.  Especially the opener.

We should pause now, before the trumpets really start to sound, and the luxury suites begin to ring with barely disguised corporate corruption and plutocratic deceit, and before the entire shiny new circus of the College Football Playoff (presented by Gigantocorp, a Monstro company) descends on Jerry Jones’s monument to Freudian overcompensation in the vast real estate desert outside of Dallas.


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15 responses to “Envy and jealousy, criminal justice division

  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    “Selling tarantulas as oven mitts” Nice.


  2. A lovely girl who is a Junior at FSU was part of the group watching the game here. The media has blown this situation way out of proportion. She says J. W. Is a good guy who is aware of the mistakes he has made and is working hard to be the Man he needs to be in order to succeed.🗻


    • Cousin Eddie

      so y’all drink heavy at your game watching?


      • Some do, but not Moi. At my new home on the beach, the folks are pretty sophisticated. Great food, Moët Chandon, Bourbon, and good Scotch were the libations of the day. I was the only Dawg present with Alabama, Auburn, FSU, GT and one FU guy, who we ran off before the food was served, made for a great New Years Day!🚢


    • 69Dawg

      FSU has that Group Delusion thing going. You have to give them the fact that they back their guy and so does the hold Accessories after the Fact police force.


    • I guess she hasn’t been raped by J.W. yet.


    • Poot Elliot

      Damn. Just damn. I thought I’d heard it all from you. Now you’re defending the biggest thug in college football just because you watched a game with a naive fsu coed who undoubtably sees this situation through Garnett colored glasses, and you take her opinion as gold. This piece of crap is in no way “a good guy”. He is a sociopath who has gotten away with everything at fsu because of his athletic ability. Many NFL teams don’t even have him on their draft board because he is kryptonite. You’ve taken up for many of the common enemies of UGA fans; Bama, Saban, Tech, Herbstreit, Furman Bisher among others. Now you want to defend this piece of human garbage. For goodness sakes, please keep seeing that therapist you are always touting joyridingloon!


      • Speak for yourself, AH. Why don’t you get off me and try to form some thoughts of your own. I suspect you have NO Friends. You draw conclusions on people and subjects you know nothing about. Can’t imagine how fowl your living conditions are, you big fat loser.


  3. DugLite

    That is gold.


  4. Scorpio Jones, III

    “I distrust media frenzies almost as deeply as I distrust anything, because I’ve seen, in a craft I value, how easy it is to gin one up. ”

    Charlie has, apparently, been reading Mark Bradley.


  5. Russ

    Good stuff. That FSU article was dead on. Thanks for pointing him out, Senator. I’ll have to read more of his stuff.


  6. Scorpio Jones, III

    “Obscured by the circus parade” Ok, I will admit I find that college football has sold itself to the devils of commerce so openly, with so little regard for the actual fan that I allowed this distract me from the fact the Sugar Bowl was a helluva football game.

    Forget I hate Dickhead and all his puny soul represents, forget Bama is, to some of us the thing that turns our brown eyes green with envy, forget all that, this was a helluva football game between two teams that are at least as good as anybody else in the country.

    The thing there in Jonestown, Texas is an anticlimax. Unless you pull for either of the two schools left standing, of course.

    And as we Oregon fans are want to say: “Yea tho our uniforms look like guacamole, we run like the wind through the valley of Dickhead.”

    Go you hairy Ducks.