Fleeing Tuscaloosa

Wow, the hits just keep on coming for Nick Saban.

The off-season coaching attrition continues at the University of Alabama has BOL has learned that outside linebackers’ coach Lance Thompson will accept a job offer from Auburn coach Gus Malzahn as part of new Tigers’ defensive coordinator Will Muschamp’s defensive staff.

Dude is another helluva recruiter who’s gone.  And to Auburn?  Whoa.

Nick Saban doesn’t have time for that shit, but he’ll have to make some now.

And this last month before signing day just got very interesting indeed.


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39 responses to “Fleeing Tuscaloosa

  1. Dawgfan Will

    Like many others, I won’t believe it until I see it, but could we be seeing the cracks beginning to form that cause the Saban machine to crumble?


  2. DC Weez

    Maybe we could call the Bama offseason “Fear and Loathing in Tuscaloosa.”


  3. PatinDC

    Had to happen eventually. I am sure he can reload, but it will take his focus down a bit this month. 😉


  4. 202dawg

    BOOM! goes the dynamite indeed…


  5. Bulldog Joe

    Learn defense from Saban, make bank.

    Worked for Muschamp, too.


  6. joe

    Seems to me, both on Alabama and the sec in general, that the sense of entitlement that comes with being in the sec has begun to creep in, both in the players and the coaches.

    It was inevitable at some point, as with all dynasties there comes a generation that believes they will be great by virtue of what their predecessors did, but it really appeared to me that the Bama players were shocked at the talent of Ohio st, as if they thought they could just show up and out class them because they were Bama.

    Now we see guys like John Chavis making one last big payday before he retires. His move reeks of a guy who has mailed it in, but is going to use the current system to set his family up for years. I can’t imagine that a&m will be getting anything close to the John Chavis of 1995.

    Unfortunately for guys like mcgarity, there is no way to put the genie back in the bottle.

    Hopefully the new trend of coaches will be like the guy at coastal Carolina, who is a multimillionaire, but quit wall st to get into coaching. He is doing it prove he is a great coach, not to get rich.


  7. Hogbody Spradlin

    The Kiffin Kancer is having it’s subtle effects.


  8. Silver Creek Dawg

    Bama friends in the know tell me that Thompson was basically fired.

    Also, they say he’s a great recruiter, but he isn’t a great position coach. Doesn’t get the most of the player’s ability.

    Auburn people I know were saying it was to be Micheal Barrow; they are a bit flummoxed right now.


    • jollyrogerjay

      Typical BS bammer spin..one thing that wasn’t a problem at bammer was the play of their LB’s. Saban’s DB’s were.


      • jollyrogerjay

        One more thing…I’m sure Saban would tell his ace recruiter to leave 3 weeks prior to signing day, and to his main rival, no less. That makes a whole bunch of sense right there.


  9. jollyrogerjay

    We got another bag man now; the first one came from UGA (Garner) and now the Bag Man in Chief from bammer (Thompson.) Things will get better on defense quickly. We are headed to the TOP and the GUTTER at the same time! War Damn indeed.


    • Macallanlover

      Have to admit I am surprised to see the love Auburn has gotten in 2015 expectations considering the collapse at the end of 2014 and the loss of their heralded QB. Some mentions are the schedule with UGA and Bama at home but still looks like a rough road to me. Not putting that much stock in any pre-season poll but many attribute it to Boom. We will see, perhaps I am not calculating everything into my shallow analysis on AU but I see a fairly formidable schedule and am not an admirer of Muschamp so a difference in expectations is understandable.


      • Scorpio Jones, III

        Nick Marshall’s replacement (Johnson?) is more the size of Newton and the Jones gentleman at TOSU, so I doubt the offense will drop off much, if at all. It will be very interesting to see what Boom does with the Tigers’ defense that Ellis could not do, I agree with you that Boom as a job to do.


      • Athens Dog

        It’s like everyone is drinking BOOM kool aid. Doesn’t make sense


  10. ClydeBoogie

    I there are a lot of folks who don’t agree with me when I say this so it’s just one man’s opinion here. Our program right now is the national champion of integrity and honor we do things the right way. I know that don’t mean jack to our “it’s time to win a national championship now” crowd and that’s cool I know a lot of them are fine folks but if we have to win with a nick or gus and their means. I would take a Mark Richt who never won a national championship over those two mercenaries any day.


  11. Damn! Kirby Smart looks like he’s never gonna be anything more than Saban’s bell boy.


    • Kdawg

      I wonder if that’s why we’re seeing assistants move. They see Kirby not getting a shot and don’t want to be stuck as a guy that is just following Saban’s rules.


      • Good point. I guess it’s also possible that Smart has either heard something or thinks he may be their next HC. His situation is just really weird.


      • Howl&Woof

        I am guessing that Mike Bobo took the CSU job for a similar reason. When you work under a Head Coach that is considered a guru on one side of the ball, there is always going to be doubt as to WHO is responsible for the success. If Kirby wants to be a head coach, he may have to step out and prove himself in a lesser conference than the SEC. I am proud of Bobo for accepting the challenge.


  12. W Cobb Dawg

    I have a feeling saban will land on his feet. There are plenty of good candidates out there, and saban is the kind of coach that will find them. First phone call I’d make would be Warren Belin.


  13. 3rdandGrantham

    As someone else stated, he essentially was fired. I’m frankly surprised Saban added him back to his staff after Thompson’s various comments directed towards Saban when he left to join Kiffin at UT. Including, the infamous, “he (Saban) aint getting any more of my players.”

    Those two had an icy at best relationship that wasn’t meant for anything long term.


  14. Bright Idea

    Thompson didn’t leave Bama for Auburn because he had a choice. Such a move makes no sense. Steele did get DC at LSU but he clearly was not Miles’ first choice. I don’t think Bama will miss either one and they aren’t great hires for Auburn & LSU.


  15. jollyrogerjay

    Completely disagree about the Thompson hire at AU. He is definitely and upgrade over Ellis Johnson as LB coach, and is one helluva recruiter.


  16. 69Dawg

    I just hope all the Bama guys we have been hiring don’t get a call from mama. It’s getting real Crimson in Athens.


  17. truck

    Helluva posse they’re putting together on the Plains. Who’s next, Joe LaFlores? Oh wait, he never leaves Oklahoma. But that sure looks like a white hat. And I think the guy crawling around on the ground is Lord Baltimore.


  18. Bulldog Joe

    Alabama’s defense gave up over 40 points in 2 of its last 3 games.

    Being a coach doesn’t exempt you from being processed.