Chiz Whiz

I can’t figure out what I find more amusing about Gene Chizik becoming Larry Fedora’s new defensive coordinator – that he’s going to coach defense at school that ran more offensive plays than Malzahn called at Auburn (remember, that’s why Malzahn left Auburn in the first place), or that Andrea Adelson questions the hire because Chizik once had Trooper Taylor working for him.



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11 responses to “Chiz Whiz

  1. heyberto

    If Andrea wanted to question something about the guy, you’d think the whole All-in on Cam Newton thing would be much more ripe for criticism..


  2. Russ

    I learned the sad fate of David Hale…writing for an ESPN blog on the ACC and debating Andrea Addled.


  3. Trooper… what a piece of work.


  4. Go Dawgs!

    Andrea Adelson is an idiot. Whatever she says, mark me down for the opposite.


  5. TNTom

    So, let me get this straight. “Publications” have accussed Chizik, therefore he is guilty?


  6. Parent

    For now, we are cautiously optimistic. If Trooper arrived, the kid would have to transfer. Let me just be blunt; virtually every coach I met throughout the recruiting process is at best a bender/with holder of the truth, and most are blatant liars. Eventually, you just hold your nose and try to ignore a lot.


  7. Governor Milledge

    Was expecting some Chan Gailey-to-the-Jets snark in the comments too