Man, that horse is a long way out of the barn.

Jeremy Foley won’t get fooled again.

In what amounts to a Will Muschamp Clause, the University of Florida’s contract with new head coach Jim McElwain contains a provision under which the school will be financially protected if fires McElwain without cause and he takes a job with another Southeastern Conference school within 90 days.

That’s what happened last year when Florida fired Muschamp, who was owed a buyout of more than $6 million and then signed a three-year contract to become Auburn’s defensive coordinator at $1.5 million this season and increases of $100,000 in each of the next two seasons.

After Florida announced Muschamp’s firing Nov. 16, he coached the Gators final two regular season games.

About two weeks later, he moved to Auburn.

The contract provision covering Muschamp’s buyout from Florida did not include language that many coaching deals have regarding a requirement for the coach to make efforts to seek new employment, with the income from that job offsetting the amount he would be owed by Florida in installments over remaining three years of the deal.

And before having to face Muschamp on the field, Florida had to deal with him during a recruiting period in which Muschamp was credited with helping lure several of the Gators’ top high-school recruits to Auburn, including defensive end Byron Cowart from Seffner Armwood in Florida who was rated as the No. 1 overall player in the country.

Well played, Agent Muschamp.  Well played indeed.

You know how in the movies, the CIA will award a spy its highest medal of honor in a secret ceremony and not even allow the medal to be shown publicly?  You think Butts-Mehre does something like that?  If not, in Boom’s case, maybe it should.


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29 responses to “Man, that horse is a long way out of the barn.

  1. Bulldog Joe

    “If not, in Boom’s case, maybe it should.”

    You may recall we honored him enough on November 1, 2014. Our debt is paid.


  2. AthensHomerDawg

    I have never seen it … but it is rumored to exist. I imagine it would follow this format with a bulldog in place of the eagle with DIA inscribed above it. I hope Will is ready for Mission ‘Barner. Is it time to activate Agent Smart? I worry when they are in deep cover for soooooooo long.


    • Uglydawg

      It’s a sad chapter in American History..but that is exactly what our government did to the Sailors of the USS Liberty, that was mistakenly attacked during the Arab/Israeli war years ago. Medals and honors were bestowed in a secret place…with no audience and especially no media present. Reasons? Some legit and some not so much..but it happened. War is hell.
      And to lighten up a little, I’ll add that Agent Muschamp’s contract has been renewed and he has some very important tasks to accomplish on the Plain. Godspeed, Agent Will Muschamp. Lower the Boom on ’em!


      • The USS Liberty clearly identified herself as a US warship when first attacked, but the attack by Israeli air forces continued anyway. I have never read a ligitiment reason for this. If you have any knowledge of what really happened, please share. It’s very interesting.


        • Faulkner

          That’s my understanding as well. I think the Israelis part in all this is why more people don’t know about the event. It’s been well covered up.


  3. reipar

    It always shocks me how with all this money these schools routinely enter such bad contracts. It is not like they cannot afford to actually get it right.


  4. Russ

    How many recruiting ranking services are there? 25 or so? Seems like all the cool schools have a “number 1 ranked overall recruit”.

    Oh, and great job Agent Muschamp.


  5. Athens Dog

    What if it’s a double cross and we get agent Schottenheimer?


    • AthensHomerDawg

      Well Damn! Could McGarity be double agent too then? Has anyone seen him kick a ball???


      • Mayor

        I have been suspicious of the real intentions of McGarity for some time. Biding his time for Foley to retire? Secretly doing his best to undermine CMR? 🙂


        • Bulldog Joe

          No. Just enabling his former boss to skim as much athletic money as possible to the UGA Foundation.

          However, I believe his new boss has priorities more in line with the rest of us.


  6. Tim (Watkinsville)

    I wonder if the nerds over at tech refer to our current baseball coach as Agent Stricklin? Its pretty much the same dynamic..


  7. ClydeBoogie

    Release the Krakken! (Agent Muschamp’s code name around BM) His success is amazing. We, dispatched him to Auburn once and he damned near destroyed it and now he is going in for the kill. After that, he goes BACK to Fla to finish the destruction there. Damn, Dude has traveled all over the SEC to help his beloved GA. Hell, the greatest dawgs ever are Herschel, Agent Muschamp then Vince.


  8. Chadwick

    Has anyone benefit as much from the “head coach in waiting” tag as Boom? I’d love to go to Vegas with that jackass.


  9. Tim (Watkinsville)

    I’ll give a few examples of the penurious nature of the AD’s approach to our baseball program. I could go on for a long time with this but will limit my comments to several examples that are public already. Many other examples that are not public I will not discuss. Note, I do not claim to be an ‘insider’ whatever that may mean, but I have been a baseball fan since I was a 4th grader up at Barrow Elementary up the hill from Foley ( I am in my 60s now). I know some players and player’s parents. I love UGA baseball and support the program as much as I can, even if our AD doesn’t. OK, on to specifics.

    SEC baseball and NCAA rules permit schools to pay their players $50 per day per diem on road trips. All other SEC teams do just that. We pay our baseball team members $5.00 per day per diem. The rationale behind this is that we provide ‘team dinners’ on the road and therefore they don’t need $50.00 per day. One recent (last season) road trip, this ‘team dinner’ consisted of a box of Moe’s take out that sat on the bus for 3 hours and was inedible.
    Other SEC programs (Arkansas, Miss St., LSU) fly charters into Athens for weekend series. They fly in on Thursday afternoon. In the rare event that we fly anywhere, we fly commercial and sometimes on Friday morning. Day of game 1 of a conference series. We stay at crappier hotels than other SEC teams frequently. You think high school prospects don’t know this or don’t care? The word is out in Cobb and Gwinnett and has been for some time now.
    Compare our fan experience at UGA baseball to that of Ole Miss, Arkansas, Miss. St., LSU, Texas A&M, hell, even UK and you will quickly see that there is no fan game day experience at UGA. Its just a damned parking lot. Our AD won’t even provide basic sanitary services for baseball fans. No portapotties, nothing. Just a damned parking lot. Do you know how embarrassing it is for me to have to tell visiting fans who ask where the nearest bathroom facilities are, ‘well you walk up the hill past Butts-Meher and down the hill to the Kangaroo convenience store’. Its about 1/4 mile. As an alumnus of UGA (class of 81) I am embarrassed to see the reaction of visiting fans and hear their comments, accurate though they are. We won’t even spend the money to rent one damned portapottie. That, my friends, is cheap and bush league. I could go on and on about our low balling the program but I don’t want to betray any confidences.
    Concerning the facility, yes, we just renovated Foley (using OPM). As a part of the fund raising efforts for that renovation promotional material was disseminated that listed Foley as a ‘jewel of the SEC, a true neighborhood ball park’. So what does our AD do last season? While the team was on a two week road trip, he had three large oak trees planted in order to block the view from the deck on the Green House. How is that in keeping with a ‘neighborhood ballpark’?
    I won’t continue my diatribe, but boy could I. In summary, suffice it to say that we have the well earned reputation as a lower tier baseball program based on the lack of support from our AD. The numbers don’t lie friends, as linked above, go see for yourself.
    Our AD wouldn’t know about the fan experience at other SEC ballparks because he has never been on a road trip with our team. Doesn’t that pretty much sum up the shoddy and low rent nature of his approach to our baseball program? I think it does.
    And to think that some folks want Richt fired. Think about this, do you trust the AD to make a good hire? I don’t. Look at his baseball coach hire.


  10. Aladawg

    Amen to Tim. I’m a season ticket holder and he is spot on. McGarity has continued to be McGarity where the sun(media) doesn’t sine as brightly. It is disgraceful that bathrooms are not available outside the stadium. The stadium staff ABSOLUTELY requires a ticket for infants (<1 year old) when the stadium is half full discouraging young couples.

    The new coach has done nothing. The offensive production has disappeared. While Perno may not have been popular and the last few years were down, there were two major tragedies. The fact that we made the world series several times and were runners up should say something compared to our performances lately, but you get what you pay for. Disgusting! And then they ask us to donate like GEEF to keep our season’s tickets………………


    • Faulkner

      I didn’t go to UGA but I’m a big Dawg fan. Based on what I just read, you won’t being seeing me at a baseball game any time soon. No bathrooms??? Is that even allowed under code for a public location?


  11. Tim (Watkinsville)

    The stadium has bathrooms. I was referring to the tailgate ‘scene’, no sanitary facilities for the tailgaters in the parking lot. Just a dirty parking lot.