Do as he says, Nick, not as he did.

Todd Gurley’s got a suggestion for his successor.

The extra motivation for Georgia’s Nick Chubb arrived via text messages from Todd Gurley last season. When Gurley began a four-game suspension in October for accepting money in exchange for autographs, he peppered Chubb with messages of support. Those continued after Gurley suffered a season-ending knee injury in mid-November against Auburn, in his first game back.

By then, Chubb had emerged as one of the nation’s most dynamic backs, and eventually he was named SEC Freshman of the Year. He rushed for 1,547 yards with 14 touchdowns. Even with Gurley gone to the NFL—the St. Louis Rams drafted him with the 10th overall pick in the 2015 draft—he is still motivating Chubb. These days, Gurley is challenging Chubb to win the Heisman Trophy, an award Gurley was the frontrunner for last season before his suspension and injury. “It meant a lot,” Chubb told The Inside Read.

Which is not to say Chubb hasn’t picked up a few ideas of his own, based on last season’s experience.

Chubb has made it a point to learn from the off-the-field woes of Gurley and other former Bulldogs tailbacks in recent years. He refuses to answer his phone when he doesn’t recognize the number. In fact, Chubb spends most of his time with his girlfriend, Lacey, whom he admits keeps him in line. The couple’s idea of a big night is dinner and a movie.

And no Sharpies.


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14 responses to “Do as he says, Nick, not as he did.

  1. Debby Balcer

    I really like this kid. He seems very centered. Praying he stays injury free.





  3. AthensHomerDawg

    How cool would it be at Tennessee’s 16 yard line and call a time out…man would the Georgia crowd get loud or what? 🙂


  4. Hoping for a great and healthy season for this young level headed kind of a person. Bless your heart son.


  5. Ben

    Nick Chubb is just the best. I’d have a hard time cheering against, so I’m glad he’s one of our guys.


  6. Coach Bobby Finstock

    Who pays for his fancy schmancy dinner and a movie date nights? Hmmmm?


  7. truck

    Is it just me or is this kid too good to be true? Nick has a very, very bright future.


  8. TMC dawg

    I have to believe if nick stays injury free he will become the second best running back in UGA history. And if for some strange reason he helps us get to the promised land he will be talked about in the same conversation as Hershel. Go DAWGS,,,,,


  9. Will

    Nick Chubb: Professional Spokesperson for Netflix and Chill.


  10. Jax

    Amazing that we had last year’s front runner and one of this year’s top 3. No, we are not talent deprived or “under” recruiting.