Musical palate cleanser, program theme edition

Gee, I wonder why this Byrds tune popped into my head yesterday – from 1966, enjoy “Psychodrama City”.


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2 responses to “Musical palate cleanser, program theme edition

  1. From the provenance of AJC, FIRST a troll. Just can’t help it.


  2. The Nelson Puppet

    And that song puts me in mind of McGuinn and Crosby going to visit The Beatles at their rental house in LA during the 1965 tour…Lennon, Harrison, McGuinn, Crosby, and Peter Fonda are sitting around a sunken tub, tripping on acid. George said, “I feel like I’m dying.” Fonda responded, “I know what it’s like to be dead.” That set off Lennon, who said, “Who put all that shit in your head?”

    If those phrases sound familiar, they ended up in a song on Revolver called “She Said She Said”.